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+ Female issue & colon --Re: unyquity, juicing
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Published: 12 years ago
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+ Female issue & colon --Re: unyquity, juicing

I am a true believer in juicing raw vegetables Awesome!  But don't forget that fruit is wonderful, too!  but had to stop several times on and off over the last 5 years or so because it seems that there was a correlation (sometimes) between drinking the juice and heavy menstrual cycles. Always remember, "correlation" never proves "causation" in just because two events are correlated, doesn't mean one causes the other.  In the case of juicing (particularly juice fasting), the body immediately goes to work using the extra nutrition (and energy it doesn't have to waste digesting food) to start detoxifying and healing.  You don't mention whether or not you were ensuring 3-5 bms daily (which is natural, and what we should all be having...but it's particularly important when juice/water fasting, to make sure all the channels of elimination are open and flowing to remove the vast amount of toxins being released by the fasting.

The lower colon wraps directly around the uterus and ovaries.  Anytime the lower colon is compromised, swollen, stressed, engorged or in anyway "bigger" than it should be (and that is ALWAYS the case with adults that have never done thorough colon cleansing and regular maintenance cleansing), the uterus and ovaries are "squished" out of shape and normal 'working order'.  The number of stories of women healed from all variety of female disorders, tumors, masses, hormone imbalances, (and cramps, abnormal flow, acne, hot flashes, water retention, etc etc)...increases every time a woman does a thorough colon cleanse (see my story below***).  SO, there's two distinct possibilities where the juicing may have caused period issues - 1) if when juicing you were having even FEWER bms than you were before, this may have cramped/squished your uterus even more - hence causing a more difficult period.  2) if when juicing your body was  dislodging the mucoid plaque and various "chunks & hunks" of old fecal matter (or your colon was generally 'swelling' for any cause - or 'tightening' from dehydration), then that could impacted your uterus negatively, too.

***When we  first started our healing journey, we knew to start with colon cleansing...and because of our Dr. Schulze research, we used IF#1 & IF#2.  At the time, Rocky53 (my husband) was having basically 1 bm daily (occasionally he'd skip a day) - I was having 3-8 (or more) bms daily as I had some type of IBS/spastic colon (but for most of my life, I'd been a one-a-day pooper).

(Many times IBS/colon spasticity is caused by various clogs, impactions and build-up in the colon...which swells the colon, but actually narrows the passageway of the slushy fecal matter - this can cause various blends of diarrhea and consipation, due to pressure behind the constricted tubing).

I also had PCOS and extremely harsh period & early menopausal issues (I was 45/46)...and extreme acid-reflux.  Every month (this all encompassed 2 weeks of every month) - I'd gain 6-10 pounds of water weight; I had hot flashes and night sweats constantly; I'd been infertile my entire life; swollen breasts; mood swings that would have made a rabid drill sargeant jealous; obvious hormone im balances; cyclic acne...and horrendous cramps & clotting (I have an extremely high pain tolerance, but had to take 4 ibuprofen every two hours around the clock for 2 1/2 days monthly to be able to function).  For those 2 1/2-3 days I had to use two super-plus tampons at one time and I had to change them every 2-3 hours. 

I did the colon cleanse 7-10 days, and didn't think much of it.  The acid-reflux was gone (yay!) and I felt MUCH better (yay!)...but I attributed that, at least in part, to our change from toxic foods to organic.  Then one day I went to the potty, and lo & behold, I'd started my period.  HUH?  That's just not even POSSIBLE!  I've had a "week's worth of warning" and a full day of cramping before my period started for years!   The flow (instead of being brownish and full of clots) was brilliant red, healthy, with only little tiny clots...and I had virtually NO cramps (I took no ibuprofen, had only about a pound of fluid gain, virtually no mood swings, no   Oh yes, the IBS went away, too.   I actually had no idea what had happened, I was just 'blissed out' (and of course, so was my husband).  It wasn't until months later that I learned how the lower colon wraps around the uterus & ovaries...and likely all my life, they'd been squished out of shape. This compression also causes a lack of blood flow/oxygen and can be responsible for all variety of female diseases, fibroid tumors and even cancer.  (my cramps were so bad in high school that you could see my uterus squeezing/cramping - and sometimes it even caused vomiting).

So, if you had a decrease in bowel movements when juicing/juice fasting, then it's likely your colon being slightly enlarged had more to do with the period issues than the wonderful nutrients you were getting from the juice.  'Sorry for the long explanation, but I really needed to get this 'into print'.

Now I have gallstones to deal with and have done two LF (Hulda Clark protocol) and did pass stones. I've been reading a lot on curezone and see that you too encourage juicing. My juices consisted of a full beet (with leaves), a carrot, 1-2 leaves of kale, broccoli, sometimes cabbage, sometimes parsley, sometimes celery, and 1/2 yellow apple. Is it possible that some of these ingredients could contribute to thinning the blood?   If you're like the largest majority of people on this planet, your blood is WAY too thick & sluggish (it should be like water, but most have blood like syrup/molasses).  So unless you have an issue with abnormally thin blood, thinning the blood is what all of us are trying to accomplish!  I have had no health issues other than this (and the newly discovered gallstones) and don't take any medicines.  Fantastic! (that you're not taking poisons - not that you have gallstones)  But all of us have liver/gallstones that we need to expell.

I felt great after drinking my juices and would like to start again but don't want to cause a problem. It may even help the gallstones.  Beet juice is particularly good for the liver :) 

The three greatest natural healers that have ever practiced in this century (Dr. Schulze, Dr. Christopher and Dr. Gerson) all had EVERY patient juice-fasting.  There is no way to harm your body by juice fasting.  You'll feel much better after you've read this: JUICE-FASTING: The POWERFUL healing therapy!

Also, it is IMPERATIVE to ensure you're having 3 bms daily when juice fasting (something that won't happen unless you help it along).  Since juice-fasting is THE perfect time to be colon cleansing (and since the IF#2 fiber blend contains both bentonite clay and activated charcoal that will pull toxins out of the bloodstream and adsorb the toxins in the bowel), I recommend doing what Dr. Schulze did with all his patients, and that's juice fasting along with colon cleansing.

I'm doing my 3rd LF tomorrow -- wish me luck! Good luck - let us know how it turned out :)

Thanks Uniquity  You're more than welcome :)  Healthiest of blessings!


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