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Cat and colloidal silver

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Published: 13 years ago
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Cat and colloidal silver

I'm so grateful that once upon a time I came across Trapper's posts about colloidal silver, and have since started taking and making it myself.

About 1.5 weeks ago, the kitty you see that I use as my avatar, Dutchess, a sweet, blue-eyed, fluffy, white tabby, was so sick I thought she was going to die. Dutch used to be overweight for a cat with her bone structure (12 lbs.), but after the start of this year she lost a lot of the weight. We didn't think she was sick because she was energetic and happy. Dutch did regularly "gak" up furballs, but has always done that ... just seemed to have a delicate digestive system, and purring seemed to trigger a gak fest (I always thought maybe she had a throat issue that the purring stimulated the gag reflex. She always seemed hungry, but either wouldn't eat despite that or would immediately gak it up. I was starting to think I had a bulemic cat.

About 2 months ago, Dutch's weight DRASTICALLY dropped and she developed two huge, fast growing tumors on her sides. There was one on her right side that was about 3" wide x 4" long x 1" deep, and one on her left side was 4" wide x 6" long x 1.5" deep (there's no telling how deep these went inside, like the way two-thirds of an iceberg is BELOW the surface). I'm guessing that these tumors must have been pushing in on her organs, stomach and intestines, so that even if she ate it could not go anywhere but back up. So the tumors were causing her to starve to death. She was down from 12 lbs. to 5.8 lbs., all skin and bones ... you could feel every vertebrae in her back, her shoulder blades and hip bones.

She's 12 years old, and has such huge agoraphobia, that after nearly dying five years ago from fatty liver disease and the emotional trauma she felt from the constant vet visits to get over it, I promised at that time if Dutch ever got deathly ill I would first think of her quality of life. IF I though the vet could cure her, I'd take her to the doc. But IF I thought the vet would not do anything, we'd make do with home remedies and just try to keep Dutch happy and content.

After much discussion with my sister who is very experienced with cats and had volunteered many years with veterinarians and the Humane Society (and who by the way also had a cat of the same age and was facing similar health issues as Dutch, we decided the vet would not do my cat any good. My sister's cat was probably a couple weeks more advanced in her illness, and she had gone the vet route and all the vet wanted to do was exploratory surgery, which would have probably killed the cat because she was wasted away to nothing at this point, and was no guarantee they would find what the problem was or that it was even curable by conventional medicine. We live in different states, so it was just an odd coincidence that our two cats were facing similar health issues at the same time.

I suggested my sister should try colloidal silver with her cat. I also told her how to make it. She never got around to making any to give her cat.

As for my cat, I started giving Dutch some. It was a bit of a challenge getting her to ingest it because she wasn't really eating or drinking. I started with trying to get her to drink it in just water, but no go. Then I tried wetting down some of her food. She'd try some, but still couldn't get enough down. I also worried over the silver reacting to ingredients in the food (e.g., maybe there was salt in the ingredients) and thus being less effective. I resorted to putting about 1 inch of colloidal silver in a custard dish and adding enough milk to tempt her to drink it allóit usually wound up being 1/2 to 1/3 colloidal silver. I know milk isn't good for cats, but it was enough of a temptation to get her to take her medicine ... a lesser evil for the greater good. I figured the silver would be OK in the milk because pioneers put silver coins in their milk to keep it from spoiling and was still effective.

The first week, I gave it to Dutch this way 2Ė3 times a day. By the end of week 1, the smaller of the tumors was golf ball sized, and the larger was noticeably smaller. Week 2 was the same dosage, and the tumors continued to get smaller. I had to give Dutch a few days off then, as she got really glassy eyed and lethargic ... either the starvation she'd been going through was taking its toll or there had been too much organ damage from the starvation or maybe her illness was something colloidal silver couldn't fix, or she was having a Herxheimer reaction and needed a little time to eliminate whatever the colloidal silver killed off.

After a few days, Dutch's energy levels picked up some and I resumed giving her colloidal silver, but just once a day, and she started eating some better. Week 3 and 4 the smaller of the tumors was maybe like a large mosquito bite, and the larger one, on the left, was golf ball sized. After week 4, Dutchess again got really lethargic and glassy eyed, and we had to go out of town for the weekend to take our oldest child off to college for the first timeówe had no choice and had to deal with the human child first over the feline "child" and it was breaking our hearts.

Dutch was so lethargic she'd walk half way to her food or water dish, stop and sit for a while, then lay down, until she got the energy to go the rest of the way. Then she'd have to rest again before being able to eat or drink. I did my best to make her comfortable and made sure her food and water were right next to her so that she wouldn't have to exert herself too much. So for the weekend, because we were out of town, she didn't have any medicine. I was so scared the whole time that we'd return and she'd be gone. But when we got back she was perkier. I decided again it was a Herx reaction and she needed a little time off to let her liver and kidneys catch up.

I had her on the colloidal silver through week 5, and this week she's been off (I ran out of distilled water ... will pick up more tomorrow to make another batch of colloidal silver). Both her tumors are as small as mosquito bites now, but I suspect there is more inside her body. She's gakking less than our other indoor cats now (I haven't caught her at it at all), is eating much better, but is still always hungry. She's got lots more energy and is following me around the house, and is purring vigorously. I'm going to continue until I am sure the tumors are 100% gone, and plan on giving all our cats a "maintenance" dose of colloidal silver on a regular basis. I think Dutchess is starting to gain a little weight now, too. I think it's going to take a while for her to regain weight to a healthy level, so will probably be hungry all the time for a good while, but she is definitely on the road to full recovery!

Sadly, my sister's cat, who went the vet route instead of trying the colloidal silver, died two weeks ago. I think next time one of my sister's cats gets seriously ill she'll give the colloidal silver a try. And I, myself, won't wait so long to treat my kitties with itóand hopefully won't have to since I plan on supplementing their diet with some.

My teen son, who is a self-proclaimed budding scientist has always bashed me for taking colloidal silver and iodine myself, telling me I'm poisoning myself. But he's seen the improvement in Dutch, and it was DRASTIC with how the tumors shrunk ... there's no denying that. It's a case of seeing is believing, and he definitely saw it. He greatly respects his science teacher, and they're very good friends and he and his wife are friends of the family, and bases his opinions on whether my alternative therapies are "poison" on what the teacher saysówell, he was greatly surprised to find out when we had the teacher and his wife over for dinner that the wife uses colloidal silver in her netti potti. Hah! If it were poison, I doubt he'd be letting his wife use it. (She didn't know about taking it internally, and I told her all about how I do and how I've been giving it to our sick cat and it was helping Dutch.)

On a side note, while I was treating Dutch, I had gotten badly sunburned a few times while I had to do some yard work. I spritzed my sunburn with colloidal silver a few times before going to bed on those days I got the burns, and they were tans the next day with NO blistering or peeling or pain as I normally wouldóand my husband saw that and was surprised (I think he's been a bit of a doubter with my alternative medicine therapies, but let's me do my thing without being vocal about it the way my son is). At least with the colloidal silver, I may have at least 3 converts in my family now.

So, I think my sweet, blue-eyed fluff is here with me a little longer :)

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