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How to effectively prevent liver cancer

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Published: 12 years ago

How to effectively prevent liver cancer

Method one prevent liver cancer, hepatitis B vaccination: the occurrence of liver cancer and hepatitis B because of the close relationship between, especially in developing countries, liver cancer in patients with serum hepatitis B surface antigen positive rate of more than 50%. It was noted that the World Health Organization to prevent liver cancer, hepatitis B virus and hepatocellular carcinoma is as high as 80%. Therefore, the hepatitis B vaccine is seen as the first "anti-cancer vaccine." Therefore, the inoculation of hepatitis B vaccine is an important measure to prevent liver cancer.

Method 2 liver cancer prevention and control of hepatitis C: epidemiology survey shows that in developed countries, liver cancer in patients with hepatitis B surface antigen positive rate of more than 50%, but HCV antibody positive rate of more than 50%, The alcoholic liver cirrhosis were HCV antibody positive rate as high as 76%. Therefore, that the hepatitis C virus may be a major cause of liver cancer in developed countries. China also has information reported, hepatitis B surface antigen yin of liver cancer in 28.5% patients with hepatitis C antibody positive, which shows that hepatitis C virus is an important factor in causing liver cancer.

80% -90% of Hepatitis C is spread through blood and blood products, so to minimize blood transfusion or use of blood products is to reduce hepatitis C, control liver cancer another effective measure.

Prevention of liver cancer means 3, do not eat moldy food: food is easy to produce aflatoxin after mildew, while the carcinogenic effects of aflatoxin poisoning than 75 times as large nitrosamine, it can happen all the animals induce liver cancer, although the problem of human-induced liver cancer remains uncertain, scholars believe that it is the start of liver cancer one of the factors. Therefore, do not eat moldy food has occurred, suspected moldy food that is unfit for human consumption.

Method 4 to prevent liver cancer, non-alcoholics: data show that the incidence of alcoholism and liver cancer associated with alcoholic liver cirrhosis patients with a high risk of occurrence of liver cancer, so do not alcohol. In general, healthy people in order better to drink less, while those Taboo alcohol liver disease.

Prevention of liver cancer side 5, and other aspects of water pollution, drug poisoning, smoking, nitrosamines, trace element deficiency and genetic factors have a synergistic carcinogenic effects. And they should do a good job of environmental protection, pay attention to health, improve nutrition, prevent drug abuse and removal of bad health habits and other comprehensive measures to effectively prevent liver cancer.

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