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Published: 12 years ago
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Below are various testimonials & stories of people...(compiled from from various Dr. Christopher/Schulze publications & Healthview Newsletter)...that utilized Dr. Christopher/Schulze Eyebright Formula to heal their eyes naturally. 


History & Information: Dr. Christopher formulated this blend of herbs, to be used as an eyewash & internally. The formula used by Christopher: One part each bayberry bark, eyebright herb, golden seal root, red raspberry leaves, and 1/8 part cayenne (Dr. Schulze used 1 full part cayenne - which may/not be more effective - because most people use less because it's so hot...use less = less effective).  It has been made/sold/used in every form (tea from dried herbs, tea from powdered herbs, tea from tincture/extract, tincture & capsules).  As many of you are aware, since Dr. Christopher's children have taken over this company, they now use cheap/toxic/imported herbs, so I do not recommend you purchase those products.  Dr. Schulze & Health Freedom Resources make/offer an Eyebright tincture (HFR also offers a tea blend)...but they are NOT the original formula (they now contain add Rue flower, Mullein flower & Fennel...which neither Dr. Schulze or Dr. Christopher used while in clinical practice - that I can find).  I have no idea why Dr. Schulze altered the formula after being forced out of clinical practice.


The tincture available in our Herbal Apothecary IS the original formula (you would use 1-10 drops per 'eyecup of distilled water' for the eyewash 3-6x daily and 2-4 droppersful of the tincture in water/juice 2-4x daily) - it is available in either 1/8 part cayenne (Christopher), or 1 full part cayenne (Schulze).  I suggest starting with one 2oz bottle of 1/8 part cayenne (for doing the eye wash), and one 4 oz bottle with the full part cayenne for internal usage (the 4oz bottle will last 2 weeks for internal usage).  The reason Dr. Schulze made it into a tincture is because people no longer have the time to soak herbs, macerate them, brew them into a tea, strain it, refrigerate it, and rewarm it for an eyewash several times a day.  The tincture is just as effective, and MUCH easier.  However, if you'd prefer to buy the herbs and make the tea, then I applaud you (keeping in mind that Goldenseal root runs around $75-$90 per pound).   The hotter solution seems more effective to both Rocky53 & myself, but the 1/8 part cayenne (as you will read below) is obviously very effective.


When Dr. Christopher was asked "what can I do to speed up the healing of my eyes when using the Eyebright formula, this is what he said:

In order for any herbal combination to be effective, the body must be in good working condition.  This would include using the lower bowel combinationand strictly following the mucusless diet.  In addition it is also important to improve the circulation to the head area.  This can be accomplished by laying your head down on a slant board each day.  Gradually work up to 20 minutes twice a day.  There is also a tendency for the eyesight to seem to worsen for a while.  This is due to the toxins being released from the system and coming to the surface of the eye to be washed away.  This also indicates that the lower bowel formula should be used as a means for keeping the eliminative channels open

This confirms/coincides with what Dr. Schulze said in this post/excerpt:  This post also addresses the use of BF&C, but please read everything regarding the Eyebright formula (especially before asking questions)- it's very important information, and you may find your questions have already been answered. 


Okay already (enough with the 'details'!) - ON TO THE TESTIMONIES!!!!


An elderly man in Fort Worth, Texas, suffered from both glaucoma and cataracts­and was healed completely with the formula. A Michigan woman used it for ten days and removed cataracts on both eyes. A woman in Kentucky, who had lost 80 percent of her sight due to a sub retinal hemorrhage, had her sight completely restored. A California woman had the beginnings of cataracts when the gel broke in both her eyes. Her vision failed) and her eyes were so dry that she had to lift her eyelids with her fingers each morning. With Herbal Eyebright, both eyes healed and the cataracts dissolved.

And, most dramatically, an elderly woman had lived in blindness for many years; with the formula, her sight was restored. A young man who had suffered an eye injury and had gone without sight for ten years was able to see again. Two young adults, blind since birth, used the formula and were able to see!

One Missouri baby had been born with Coloboma; one eye was smaller than the other. Three leading specialists proclaimed the blindness to be permanent. The mother began patiently using Herbal Eyebright with a dropper in each of his eyes. Within three months, this supposedly blind baby was reaching for objects. By the age of three, he ran freely, his vision perfect.

Another couple had a baby born without optic nerves. Dr. Christopher knew that giving sight to such a child was almost impossible. But he knew that the formula could cause no harm, so he recommended Herbal Eyebright in the eyes and given internally, and B&B tincture dropped in the ears and given internally. Six months later, the same couple brought the child to a lecture. He chased balls across the room and picked them up; he had normal sight.



Amazing results are being obtained by Dr. Christopher's herbal eyewash formula.  A couple of years ago Healthview Newsletter had an interview with Dr. Christopher on the formula and questions and answers with readers and some testimonials.  Also, a 106 page special report on the eyewash was published by Healthview Newsletter.  This Special Report and the interview in Healthview Newsletter #19 are available from Healthview Newsletter, Box 6670, Charlottesville, VA 22906.  Also, in Dr. Christopher's Newsletter, Vol. 2, No. 8, there is a large number of testimonials from Dr. Christopher's personal correspondence plus a brief explanation of the formula and how to use it.  This is available for $2.75 plus 25¢ shipping and handling for those who wish to obtain a copy for themselves or friends.  This is no longer available.

Following are some additional testimonials on the eyewash formula, more recent than some of the others and showing results and improved eyesight are being obtained constantly by people throughout the country and in other parts of the world.

I have had glaucoma for twelve years now.  The eye pressure was so high, I had to have surgery to rechannel the waterway.  I have had a little sight, not any the last years, in my left eye, due to kidney stone surgery years ago.

I have been using the Herbal Eyebright capsules internally, from another company in Utah that a friend told me about.  I had not heard about Dr. Christopher's herbs, health newsletters, etc. until this winter while visiting in Southern California.

Now I have been using Dr. Christopher's Eyebright combination eyewash formula.  And I can see a little more light.  To my amazement, the other night, I looked at the typewriter keyboard, and was able to distinguish each letter on the keys.  Newspaper headlines, the letters are too close together, I can not see them, but I'm going to keep on using the Herbal Eyewash and hope for good results in the future.  If anymore suggestions on what to do for better results, I am willing to try.

--Oceanside, CA

Dr. Christopher has spoken several times in Cincinnati and my wife and I have been privileged to hear him.  By way of personal testimony, I have had a staph infection in my eyes for at least four years and have tried many different treatments.  But I have now found that taking two tablets per day of your Herbal Eyebright formula has greatly relieved the situation.  I am now in the middle of my second bottle and with the improvement that I have noted already I expect that in a short period of time this infection will be completely eliminated.

--Cincinnati, OH

Your Herbal Eyewash really works miracles! After reading Healthview Newsletter's report about it, I sent some to an elderly friend who was told she must have a cataract operation.  She used it religiously and noticed a change quickly.  When she told the surgeon she was postponing the operation he said she was crazy, but if it happened to work, she should let him know, and they'd both make a fortune.  Her reply to that was, "What do you mean, 'we'?"

After only ten days on the capsules and the eyewash, her vision improved sufficiently for her to drive without glasses--for the first time in 25 years! She's thrilled and is confident that she's beaten the surgeon.

--Beverly Hills, CA

Thank you for the Healthview Newsletter on Dr. Christopher's Herbal Eyebright combination.  I have been getting the Newsletter ever since it started and Dr. Christopher's herbal formula is one of my favorites.

I went on it just as a preventative against Glaucoma and Cataracts, and I have bought about 10 copies for friends.

It really works--A friend, age 81, had Glaucoma for years and was getting no better--after just six months no more Glaucoma and her Cataracts are almost gone.  She just can't praise the formula enough--but most of her friends just don't believe it as their doctor didn't recommend it.

My husband and I also got rid of skin cancer with his black salve and brandy--in six weeks it was all gone.

May the Lord bless you double and keep on telling others about God's natural healing.

--Hershey, PA

I used Herbal Eyewash twice a day for a year now.  My eyes are so bright and clear.  I never use glasses, only close up.  When they sting, I just wait and continue.

--Los Angeles, CA

"After using your (eyewash) drops, from not being able to dial a phone without my glasses I can now read the newspaper without them and I am 85.

--Paradise, CA



Newsletter Volume 2  Number 8





"You do not appreciate the water until the well runs dry", is a very ancient saying that we might use to explain the regret one feels upon losing sight in one or both eyes.  A malfunction of this type will never be fully understood until one has once more enjoyed the pleasures and the benefits and the use of eyesight restored.  Good eyesight is something that most people generally take too much for granted.  The loss of the ability to hear music to the musician, paralysis to an athlete, or the loss of eyesight to the beholder of beauty, is most certainly a tragedy.




A young couple came up to the podium after one of my lectures to find if it had been a "slip of the tongue" or did I actually mean a statement I had made, namely, "There are no incurable diseases, only incurable patients."  My answer was "Yes, this is correct."  A diseased or malfunctioning condition of the body can usually be made whole again, if the program is followed faithfully.




The question was then asked me, "We know of cases wherein eyesight has been restored (one individual we know had their sight restored) but how about our little child?"  This small toddler was born blind.  Medical science tells us that the child was born without any optic nerves.  The baby, according to them, will remain blind all of its life, as there is no way man knows of giving sight to one who was born without the optic nerve. It would be like telling a person to listen to beautiful music, yet born without hearing organs, or for one to run when born without legs.




With pleading in their voices, they asked if I believed the child could see.  I told the parents that up until this time, I had never seen an infant born blind receive vision, but have had reports on several others who had been born blind, and receive their sight later on in life, such as in their twenties.




The advice given to this couple was as follows: I can guarantee nothing, as it is a new problem to me, but if you will apply our "eyebright formula" as external application, give the child some of this formula to drink, as well, and then several times a day, give orally (by mouth) and also put into the ears the formula we call our B & B Tincture.  This procedure they were told, can do no harm in any way, but are made from good herbal foods for the areas mentioned and therefore, can do nothing but good. (Remember, the baby they told me about was an infant at the crawling stage, and had been pronounced by eye doctors "legally blind").




Just about six months later, in another state, just before going out to the podium, as assistant who was traveling with me came back stage where I was sitting and told me a lady asked to say a few words to me before the lecture started.  They had explained to her that I had a question and answer period toward the end of the evening and she could ask any question of me at that time.  But she insisted she must talk to me first, and she knew I would appreciate hearing what she had to say.  And was I ever pleased to find out who she was.  She had tears of joy in her eyes when she told me about the little "now toddling" child she and her husband had brought to me earlier.  He was now able to follow a rolling ball across the floor and pick it up.  He could now even see and pick up small colored bits of paper that had been scattered around the room!


We have here the case of a child born blind who would be able to see the wonders of sight that most of us just take for granted.  We have reports of two other cases who have used our eyebright formula.  They are adults, past twenty years of age, who were born blind, and yet can now see; one at last report can see daylight, the other one can see to read.




Following is a group of testimonials from various parts of the country.  We have signed only the initials, for the writers' protection.  If you wish to contact our Dr. Christopher's Newsletter, or the Healthview Newsletter (through us) we can get you the name and address if necessary.


Optometrist Notes Clearness in Eyes


Optometrist Notes Clearness in Eyes




"I mailed a comment letter to you yesterday about the herbal eyewash and omitted the following comment of importance.




Recently I had my eyes checked for new glasses, if necessary.  The optometrist said a new prescription was not necessary, but mentioned several times how clear and good my eyes looked."




--M. R., Honolulu, Hawaii


Eyewash Got Results in Denmark


Eyewash Got Results in Denmark




"As I have very fine results with the eyewash, until now tested on about 100 persons in Denmark, I should like to ask if you have ever tested it on welders who have been troubled from looking at the welding light from the arc.




You know, it is very painful, and the doctors' help is not very successful in general.




I have analyzed the eyewash tea and found it very rich in trace minerals, and I have also noticed that it improved considerably if I waited 24 hours before straining through the cloth.




Looking forward to helping thousands of Danes with your splendid herbal remedies."




V. B., Chemist, Hellerup, Denmark






Eyewash Helps Retinal Hemorrhage Condition




Dear Dr. Christopher:




"My right eye went bad last January, diagnosed as "sub-retinal hemorrhage" which left me with probably 20-30% vision.




Since using eyebright combination,  I now have 70 or 80% vision.  Miracle medicines--God's wonderful herbs."




--B. L. S., Covington, Kentucky


Glaucoma Pressure Almost Normal


Glaucoma Pressure Almost Normal




"In response to your #19 issue, I began using the eyewash last December, plus continuing use of my doctor's eye drops.  The drops alone were very annoying and practically useless.  With the eyewash, the aqueous flow was stimulated and my eyes began to drain.  Now, although I still need my glasses, on my last visit to the doctor, he announced my pressure was normal.  'Very normal', he said.






Mr. B.


New York, New York


Cataracts Disappear--Can Now Read Fine Print


Cataracts Disappear--Can Now Read Fine Print




"I began using Dr. Christopher's herbal eyewash after getting the Healthview Newsletter.  In a few weeks I could read fine print without glasses, even though two years ago I had been told I had cataracts on both eyes.




I had them tested again in January, and the cataract on my right eye was gone.  The doctor OK'd the paper for my driver's license.  I am eighty-two."




--M. D., Lakeland, Florida


Eyewash Helps Cataract Condition




Eyewash Helps Cataract Condition




"My husband was told that he would have to have a cataract operation, and he used the eyewash for a year and a half and when he was checked at Will's Eye Hospital, he was told that he did not have cataracts."




--E. C. D., Elkton, Maryland


Eye Doctor Amazed st Improved Cataract Condition


Eye Doctor Amazed at Improved Cataract Condition




"I don't know if my testimony will mean the same to others as it does to me, but it really is of great importance to me.




A gracious lady friend in her 50's, whom we've known for over 25 years, told us about your deep muscle therapy which was working! Then when she told us of the eyewash, we could hardly doubt her, so we sent away for Dr. John Christopher's herbal eyebright.  I have cataracts in both eyes, and my wife has one in one eye.




Since I have been using it by eyecup and orally by capsules, I can now see all the license plate numbers equally in both eyes! (I could not see license plate numbers or highway signs with my left eye.  They looked 'foggy'.  Also, at night, all lights had 'halos' around them as a fog.  Now the left eye has equally as good vision as my right eye.) Further, without my glasses, I can see each individual brick in condos across our green belt, approximately 250 feet away, which I never could before.  My eye doctor, a year ago, said I had cataracts in both eyes, and the worst in my left eye.  Six months ago, on a check-up, they were no worse, but I had to come back in six months.




Two days ago, the doctor was amazed and delighted how my cataracts had shrunk (VERY RARE, he said) and he said my eyes were so good I need not come back for a whole year.




I'm nearsighted normally, and had slightly more negative corrections every change.  Now I can see as good with my older (less strong) glasses, and my eyes feel great.  The herbal eyewash still smarts for a few seconds, but my eyes feel so good afterward.  I use the eyecup 3 times a day, and 3 capsules.  I'm 62 years old.  My wife, 61 years old, does not take the capsules saying they cause a slight diarrhea which I had not experienced.  She's using the eyecup twice daily.  We've been on Dr. Christopher's Herbal Eyebright now for over 3 months, and will stick on it for the next year, and let you know then."




--W. S., Dearborn, Michigan




Reader Says Eyes Now Feel Like They Did When He Was Twenty




"I have been bothered with dry eyes for a long time.  My eyes were tired most of the time.  I always felt like there was something in my eyes that I couldn't see.




The only thing that helped them was the eyebright combination.  I have been using the eyewash for two weeks.  After the first complete day my eyes felt clear for the first time in years.  They felt clear and bright like they did when I was twenty.  I can't praise the eyewash enough."




--J. E. C., Oregon City, Oregon




"On November 15, 1978, I began the herbal eyewash formula according to the directions on the package, and by November 24, and November 25, 1978, both cataracts were removed.  First, I thanked our Heavenly Father for this favor and now I am thanking you for making this formula available to us.  I do plan on continuing the herbal eyewash until most of my vision is restored."




--S. M., Southgate, Michigan




"Recently I had my eyes checked for new glasses, if necessary.  The optometrist said a new prescription was not necessary, but mentioned several times how clear and good my eyes looked.  So I told him about the eyewash.  He hadn't heard of it, but said to go on and use it.  He said the mucus that was coming from the eye was from the eye gland, not the muscle or cornea."




--M. R., Honolulu, Hawaii






"Healthview interviews have cleared up the fine line between true or false, good and evil for me.  I love being brainwashed as long as it's good or true.  In less than 3 months, thanks to Dr. Christopher, I received my best Christmas present ever.  On December 23rd 1978, after using eyewash since 10-10-78, 5 to 8 times daily and enjoying it burning and running down my face, I took off my glasses after 40 plus years, never to put them on again.  When I looked in the telephone book and realized I could see names and numbers, I started calling some friends.  They had said that when I started using Dr. Christopher's eye mix with cayenne, that within 4 months, if I was not blind using a white stick and a lead dog, they would consider using it also.  Already, five have started.  This time I cannot say thank you, but I sure can say thank you to Healthview for allowing as my Savior said many times, those with ears let them hear.  Praise God and I believe that Jesus has already proved what Dr. Christopher said: "there are no incurable diseases, but many incurable people." I am 68 years old and on 10-21-78, when I had my glaucoma test ... the Dr. said ... no glaucoma but have your eyes treated soon. 1/10/79 the pus and mucus continues coming out in hunks and the more that comes out the better my eyes are."




--J. K. S., Lake Geneva, Wisconsin




"My husband has had a great deal of improvement in his eyes since using the herbal eyebright formula, both internally and as an eyewash.  He formerly had a lot of pain in his eyes, and mentioned a "squishy feeling" around the eyeballs.  Lots of mucus has come out of his eyes in the mornings after using the eyewash the previous night.  He can see better now and has no more pain.  He took the eyebright capsules, 2 at breakfast and 2 before retiring."




--K. R. S., O'Brien, Oregon


Ten Patients on Eye Program--Ten Successes


Ten Patients on Eye Program--Ten Successes




"Yes, that's what happened when I suggested to ten of my patients with chronic eye problems to try it, and see what happens.




By the way, one of them happens to be my own mother of 79, she was on the eyewash and the capsule for three days and then left for Florida to visit her sister.  Oh yes, she also has cataracts.  Three others do also, but I must tell you about my mother.  I called her in Florida about a week after she had left and asked her how her eyes were coming along, and she said to me I think I am going blind.  Blind I said, what do you mean?  Isn't your eyesight a little brighter at least?  Oh yes, she replied, but sometimes I cannot read the paper at all and everything gets blurry and my eyes are always watering.




I asked her if she had taken her old glasses along with her, as I told her to do and she said yes.  I said to her, lay the phone down and get them and a newspaper and come back to the phone which she did, but before she came back, I could hear her scream "I can see myself in the mirror".  When she came back to the phone, she didn't bother to bring a newspaper with her, all I heard was that she could see herself clear in the mirror.




I told her before she left if there is a change in her eyesight to try one of her old glasses, which she forgot to do.  Meantime, her eyes had gotten stronger and her present glasses were the wrong prescription.




Well, she sure knows now that she isn't going blind.




I have four other patients on the program for hearing loss and all are making fine progress.  One, however, is really amazing.




This patient has been getting a new pair of hearing aids every year for the last twelve years, they're always giving her a stronger pair.  The right one she has full blast and hears nothing--she has been diagnosed as nerve deafness.




After only five days she has turned this right hearing aid almost completely off and can hear the radio.  She is the happiest woman I have ever seen. by the way, she drives to my office in Chicago twice a week nearly fifty miles each way, even in blizzards and could hardly hear the horns blow on the other cars.  She is an amazed woman today."




--H. G. (D.N), Chicago, Illinois




I am 67 ½ years old and have started with the eye wash of Dr. Christopher's.  It seems to be going to be very helpful.  I will report again after a few weeks of eye rinsing and taking the capsules.  Am in the stage now of much strings of yellow pus--blood shot eyes, etc. 




--C. S., Daytona Beach, Florida




"My recent letter to Healthview telling of throwing my eye glasses away, having used Dr. Christopher's eyewash, has brought numerous phone calls asking how I use eyebright.




It is imperative that issues 19, 20, and 21 be read, and re-read, regarding Dr. Christopher's interview.  These issues contain vital information to understand the use and benefits rendered by using eyebright.  My doubts and questions were answered in these issues, as Dr. Christopher answered inquiries made by Healthview readers.




Here is my quick and easy method of making the eyewash for the day.  Three minutes to boil the distilled water, three minutes to strain the eyebright mixture, and three minutes to use it.




I put one teaspoon of eyebright into a tea pot.  Boil 10 oz. of distilled water.  Then pour the water into the tea pot to steep.  At my convenience, after the eyebright mixture has cooled, I strain it and use as follows.




Using the eye cup, I blink the eye seven times into the eyebright mixture.  Remove the eye cup.  Than I must blink twelve more times waiting for the sting to lessen. (The stinging is quite normal, don't be alarmed.) At this point, I wash the same eye with running tap water until the eye is clear; as there is usually mucus in the eye.  Alternate to the other eye, and repeat this procedure three times.  On the final use, I do not rinse the eyebright mixture from the eyes.




When away from home, I take the eyebright mixture in a capped bottle to be used throughout the day; up to ten times.  If I awaken during the night, and find my eyelids stuck together from toxins being drawn from the eyes, I again wash them with running tap water till clear.




I again want to thank you, Mr. Biser, for your Healthview Newsletter. It is my answer to renewed sight, and life the natural healthy way."




--J. K. S., Lake Geneva, Wisconsin




I have been using Dr. John R. Christopher's eyewash for seven going on eight weeks now.  My eyes at first were so bad I couldn't even see my own face in the mirror clearly, without standing three inches from it.  Now I can sit and watch TV and its clear across the room, and I can see clearly enough now, I can tell who the actors are!  I also found at the beginning a cold washrag put to the eye, after it is washed, helps relieve the stinging.  And it took me up to now to have any of my mucus or pus come out, and it pours out.  I surely say it is worth every effort, because I know it works."




--R. N., Portland, Oregon




"My husband has glaucoma and lost no time in sending for Dr. Christopher's herbal eyewash and is having excellent results.  The pain is gone from his eyes and he says his eyeballs feel softer and normal now.  He says he thinks he can sec better too.  He goes back to the doctor in a couple weeks and is anxious to see if the pressure has gone down, etc.  Anyway, he is much more comfortable.  He is also in the treatment for deafness but as yet has no results from that, but it is too soon to tell.  But being quite deaf, he is hoping this will help."




--J. H., Eastsound, Washington




"The eyewash has helped me a lot.  I can see at night better than I can ever remember, so I can drive at night without being so scared.




Also, I can see to read, and thread needles. (I was putting off getting reading glasses).  My contacts don't hurt me as much.  They were getting so I could hardly wear them."




--Mrs. B., Spring Valley, California




"Last March I lost 7 extra pounds after a thorough colon cleaning of Mr. V. E. Irons.  This too, was almost unbelievable.  That was Newsletter No. 10.




Now I am determined I am going to get rid of these trifocals under Dr. Christopher's Herb Program.  I am having much success and after about 8-9 weeks of treatment and eyewashing, I can almost read the whole eye chart without glasses after 30+ years with glasses.




I keep waiting for the next issue of the Newsletter.  Keep up the good work."




--S. M. B., Traverse City, Michigan




Dear Newsletter:




"I am using Dr. Christopher's eyebright herbal eye wash for three weeks now.  I used to use my glasses to drive my car, now I can see plainly for a half a mile that before was hazy.  The larger print of the newspaper I can now read without glasses.  The fine print is clearing and I hope to read in sixty or ninety days."




--R. N. J., La Pine, Oregon




"I have been using your Eyebright 3-5 times daily.  Before using eyebright, my lids hurt when I tried to open them in the morning.  Now it does not take as long for the pain to vanish.  This is a great help and comfort and I thank you.  The "floater" in my left eye has vanished.




--Mrs. H. J. H., Utica, Michigan




One of the most simple ways of preparing the "eyebright formula tea" is to use a teaspoon of the eyebright formula powder and cover it with a teacup of distilled water, that has just been brought to a boil.  Cover the container (cup) with the saucer, or use a small enamel or stainless steel pan (no aluminum ware).  Then let the tea steep in the closed container for fifteen or twenty minutes.  Afterwards, strain the tea through a piece of white cotton, wool, linen or silk cloth. (Do not use synthetic or colored cloth).




When cool enough to use, take a glass eyecup of the tea and bath the eye in the cup, exercising the eye as long as possible.  This can be done to start a few counts and gradually five-ten minutes or more.  Pour another eye cupful for the other eye and repeat the procedures as with the first one.  Also, drink a teacup of the eyebright tea and repeat three or more times per day, six days a week.  Do this each week until results you desire are reached.




This herbal formula feels hot and the effort of using it takes some time each day--but the question is, "is your better eyesight worth the time and effort to you?"  There are many thousands who have requested and used this help.




May the light of day be always kind to you.




--Dr. John R. Christopher



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