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Day 36, mucus, mucus, mucus
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Published: 12 years ago

Day 36, mucus, mucus, mucus

It's my 36th day of mostly Master-Cleanse fast/cleanse, and i'm getting a bit ticked that this thing isn't over yet.

I'm doing SWF, enemas, and colonics (11 so far). Making sure i go out on fresh air every day and really everything that i can to speed up the process, and still, it's so much mucous even the lady that does my colonics said she was puzzeled (and she doesn't even know about all the stuff i pass when i'm at home doing SWF (Salt-Water-Flush) in the morning and an enema in the evening - i only have colonics 2 or 3 times a week, starting from week 2 of the fast). Did a few castor oil packs as well.

I used to drink wheatgrass juice on some days, essp. early in the fast, but in the last 10 days i'm out as i wasn't in the mood to grow it. I also take organic spirulina somedays (in powder form). So really nothing that could actually produce mucous. I did a series or 3 enemas today and there was mucous in every one (each was 1.5 liters), and of course SWF (Salt-Water-Flush) in the morning had mucous as well.

So what gives? How much more can there possibly be? Sure i expelled a good deal of old impacted fecal matter, esspecialy between days 20 and 26, but mostly it's mucous. And while i can understand brown and dark yellow/yello mucous, where is the white mucous coming from in these late days of the fast? Can old old mucous still be white? I know it's not candidca, btw.

Is all this mucous from my bowels? I was thinking maybe it's being dumped there by my body, but surely then it would be to small to be so plainly visible, and it woulnd't be in threads and so on.

On day 38th i'll be having my final colonic and i really hope that will be the end of all the mucous...if not, i really don't know what to do. It's not like i didn't do a lot of cleansing and Liver Flushing before this

I feel good, esspecialy when i get a lot of fresh air. As far as my body is concerned i could go on another month, but mentaly i'm getting really tired of this routine...just need someone to tell me that the mucous actually does end at a certain point.

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