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This is how I got rid of kidney stones...
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Published: 16 years ago

This is how I got rid of kidney stones...

1) Reduce Protein

a) Vegetarian Diet - eliminated almost all meat (I occasionally eat chicken but again this is also high in animal protein.)

b) Reduced Milk Products (I will put skim milk on my cereal but I don't drink up the milk afterwards). The rest of the time I drink water

3) Water with freshly squeezed lemons - I also add 1/4 tsp of Vitamin C crystals (1200 mg ) in 2 of my glasses with the day. I don't drink any other juice because depending on the stone you have Cranberry juice and Apple juices contain oxalate which have been associated in higher risk of calcium or oxalate stones. Also grapefruit juice will increase your risk of stones by 44%. I also avoid carbonated waters or mineral water.

4) No Salt (or Sugar) - I tend to get enough salt that has been added in the foods we eat. I try not to eat Chinese foods too much because they are high in salt. Also, don't eat any canned soups or vegetables because they contain a lot of sodium. Broth has a very high amount of sodium. I always read the ingredients on every item I buy!

5) Increased Fiber - I use freshly ground flaxseed (omega 3 fatty acids are noted to reduce the risk for calcium stones) everyday in my cereal & salads. I have also increased my consumption of fruits. I try to juice a lot of different fruits too. Flax oil is great too to use!

6) Vitamin B6 - increases urinary discretion. kidney stones has been associated with a deficiency of Vitamin B6. It also works well with magnesium (which I also take). I actually take the B-complex because folic acid helps break down stones as well.

7) Vitamin C - can help dissolve kidney stones. I take approx. 2,000mg/day

8) Magnesium supplement - helps reduce stone production. Magnesium deficiency increases the risk of calcium stones (the most common type of kidney stones). "Research has shown this effect in a high percentage of people who form kidney stones regularly. It is thought that calcium oxalate stones are most likely to form in people who are magnesium deficient."

9) Zinc supplement - guards or blocks against crystallization of minerals that are taken into the urine. Zinc guards against kidney stones.

10) Vitamin A - helps protect against kidney stones. It's thought to discourage the formation of kidney stones.

11) Stress Management - I try to make sure I laugh everyday. I also do deep breathing exercises a couple of times during the day.

12) I also limit or eliminate my intake of chocolate, spinach, rhubarb, coke, beets, coffee and cranberries (helps for UTI's but it's also high in oxalate which promote kidney stones). "People who consumed caffeine in amounts equal to two cups of coffee showed elevated levels of calcium in their urine, which can increase the risk of developing stones, especially for people prone to stones. Caffeine consumption may modestly increase risk of calcium oxalate stone formation."

13) I have also been using Castor Oil packs too which is powerful in reducing inflammation anywhere in your body!

14) Aloe Vera Juice - can be used to prevent stone formation or to reduce the size of kidney stones. I take only 2 tbsp. a day. It's anti-inflammatory, anti-viral and anti-bacterial.

15) Exercise! Well, at least I try to walk a lot each day but somedays I get lazy!


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