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Re: been taking goldenseale and vitamin E lately

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Published: 12 years ago
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Re: been taking goldenseale and vitamin E lately

First of all I am a nursing student, and the person who was rude to you shouldn't have been, they have rude people out there (I know they are in the hospitals too) but that is every where you go. I've worked at the hospital for 7 years and it has not been easy. (I've gone through my situation for more than twenty years,) When people would look at me on the train I would ignore them and read my Bible or a magazine.  Some of the doctors would stare but I would just continue doing my work and pray for God's grace. The hospital job I have now was the longest job I had.  In the past I had a lot of jobs as a  PCT.  I just didn't think others would be kind to me at a new place so I stayed and I was tired of going from place to place. But I also have friends at the hospital who seemed to understand. 

Yes there has been isolation and years of tears and depression( and being misunderstood by family) The lord told someone in church, a pastor to tell me that he was going to heal me but that was a few years ago so you can imagine how let down I felt when it didn't happen right away, I had even limited my church going because I felt embarassed being around people, and then I realized I would have to do something in order for God to move, and I did. I prayed and asked for guidance as what to use. But even getting these things I would still have my doubts because it  took longer than I thought. I knew if God said it it was going to Happen! That what kept me going and to  not give up. That was also why I said I would keep everyone posted on my progress as I went along.

I started looking into enzymes and supplements that I felt could help me. Everyone in this forum knows my fight and how desperate I have been in trying new things. Some worked and some didn't.  If I sound like my walk has been a light one it's only because of God's grace, he said he was going to take it away and he did. I was talked about behind my back at work but,after learning about different things I would tell the nurses and that I couldn't eat certain things, I had a problem in my gut that needed to be fixed, and they seemed to understand. We would get patients who had ailments that made them smell so they seemed to understand. It was hard for me because I was always smiling on the outside but crying in the inside. I never really thought this was a problem that wouldn't go away until I stumbled upon the TMAU forum after seeing  it on Tyra Banks and then I started doing more investigating. No one ever would talk to me in the TMAU forum or answer my questions  so I came to the this forum.

What  Finally Helped Me:

I took Mitamins for body odor.  They send you enough for 3 months.They have the regular formula for BODY ODOR and the ADVANCED FORMULA for FECAL BODY ODOR. regular BO formula contains: Goldenseal (100mg), Lactabacillus Acidolphilus(100mg) 100mg Bromelian and 100mg of Chlorphyll. The advanced formula has a little more of the ingredients of each: Bromelian (500mg) (250mg)goldenseal,(200mg) lactobacillus acidolphilus,)and (chlorophyll(300mg) when I ran out of the regular formula I just purchased all the ingredients seperate but I didn't really use the chlorphyll much and that's how I got rid of my fecal body odor. I also purchase digestive enzymes. When the guy said that he had taken goldenseal I knew I was on the right track.

While taking the mitamins  I purchased other things but  I still kept taking the Mitamins because I was able to tolerate other foods but not much meat and sweets. I learned that Chlorphyll : Detoxes the liver, Bromelian: helps break down meat and other proteins in the body, Lactobacillus Acidolphilis: help the digestive flora, and the Goldenseal:  helped strengthen the immune system and does something for the stomach. Some have taken goldenseal and stoped because of the odor, I never took it by itself, I always took either the Mitamins or a probiotic with it.

The odor is gone, in my body and  I no longer have bad breath. I still take the Bromelian,the Lactobacillus Acidolphilis,and the digestive enzymes, but no goldenseal. So if you think I'm making it sound glorified I don't mean too. When I was going through this I just chose to keep my suffering personal that's all,  When I cried I would do it at home in prayer to God or when I was by myself. I didn't want to add to some of what the others  were already sharing about themselves.  I prayed that God would too show them what to do  too. Some may say what if the smell comes back? Well I doubt it but if it does then I'll know what to take then. While taking mitamins and the other things I still would use colon cleanse about 4 days a month for cleansing.

 If you are interested here is the website: They go by the name Vitanic now.
For those with high blood pressure you may want tobe careful taking the advanced Mitamins (I could only take a couple a day)You go there and click on  ALL for the ailments and check Body Odor and both formulas will come up, pick the advanced and you will see them. I just went for straight BO because I felt other ingredients would lessen the ingredients. These ingredients can be purchased seperately but I saved money getting the  formula. I just hope I am able to help someone else with their problem too. I'm not saying this will help everyone, but  there were no Naturapaths in my insurance group to help me or any in my area. That was going to my next step if this didn't help.  You can pay with monthly payments but need a debit or credit card. I'm sorry to write so much but when I was  told that I'm making fecal odor sound gloried I felt compelled to tell my story.


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