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Video Embedded Re: Academic Freedom: Cornell agenda dictated by dairy industry?
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Published: 12 years ago
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Re: Academic Freedom: Cornell agenda dictated by dairy industry?

It is not part of a medical curriculum. The group of doctors and professors who are disseminating this information are usually retired and are free from the reigns of the pharmaecutical industry.

One of the general criticisms that comes across on the course - and in similar articles - is that the medical profession receive virtually zero training in nutrition. Curezone users will also be aware that the law is geared up to preventing any medical claims about anything that is not artificially made. Here is one recent example
Generally speaking, the pharmaecutical industry and the food industry have it sewn up. It takes a brave person to step out of line. To quote Dr Campbell from a rough transcript I made a while back in my old blog, here's the video, drag the slider along to to one hour and play the video...

Text summary:
The nutritional effect is greater than the sum of its parts. It's like a symphony.
* Involves INTEGRATED effects of COUNTLESS food products.
"You don't go to a symphony to hear one person banging away on one note. That's not a symphony. But that's how we study nutrition. We might add another note, or so. But we are not looking at the symphony"
The symphony is marvellous. The integration of it all. This is why Esselstyn and other physicians have had such great results. You can take diet and do marvellous things with it, NOT THROUGH SUPPLEMENTS. Whole grains, whole veg, whole fruits. Not plant parts, like Sugar and white flour, whole foods. Don't add back salt, sugar, fat and dairy. [1 hr 0 mins]

So why is this information so invisible? I will share ideas, I have been involved in national policy. Really troubling... I get excited about the information we are working on. I KNOW it's there, and my colleagues, but it is DANGEROUS to talk about this in the current climate. They could lose funding, reputation, be kicked out of research, school... I am serious about that. But I am recently retired so... (audience laughs). [1 hr 1 mins]

2 committees set food policy. One is the Food Nutrition Board (FNB), they get the data, set the numbers, RDA etc. Then they give this report to 2nd committee (IOM?) on food who make pretty shapes with it such as pyramids. He completely trashes the report, words like "ludicrous", "absolutely nuts" 25% of calories from candy!! When US body was deciding, Sugar industry got word and influenced the UN to raise this bar from 10% to 25%, and threatened to use "friends" in congress to withhold UN funding. BUT, the UN guy was Welsh [Hurrah] and the research institute was in Scotland, tough people there. They stood their ground at 10% max. He then shows a diet full of crap that complies with the governments recommendation and the audience laugh. The government say this is what you eat to stay disease free, no wonder people are confused. We are going nowhere with this kind of diet. [1 hr 2 mins]

IOM Funding
1. Dannon institute. Represent dairy industry. Want protein increased to justify their products.
2. International Life Sciences Institute. Fancy name, but this is the coalition of soft drinks companies. Coca cola, Pepsi etc. They want to get Sugar up there.
The first two - almost seems as if they want to promote sickness, then the next can put out the drugs to make us well:
3. Corporate Donor's Fund (bunch of food and drug companies)
4. Roche vitamins Inc.
5. Mead Johnson Nutrition Group.
6. M&MRs??
7. Academic people, who he calls charlatans
This is where the problem is. The committees are put together by someone in Academia (charlatan) who is a consultant to industry, and there is financial interest, not the interests of health. The individuals are generally honest and hard working, but the system is at fault, and just a few individuals, these charlatans. This is why much of the information we get is confusing, troubling, and damaging, because of the way policy is set. [1 hr 9 mins]

I am doing the full certification course, thank god it is now back on the agenda, I paid for it myself and I am passionate about it. It's worth every penny, or cent as you say on your side of the pond.

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