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Wrong: All Religion is .....edit
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Published: 12 years ago
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Wrong: All Religion is .....edit


All believers are terrorists. All belief is terrorism of the mind,even when it is self inflicted.

All proselytizing is terrorism.

Terrorism comes in various forms.

There is the subtle terrorism of brain washing you to believe something.

There is the terrorism that you will not go to heaven.

There is the terrorism of group coercion.

There is the terrorism of being expelled from the group, or excommunicated.

There is the open terrorism that has been practiced by all religious groups. This includes threats of torture and murder and actual torture and murder.

Throughout most of its histrory the christian church has been a terrorist organization waging war on those who did not conform to its beliefs.

When a single person believes in imaginary unproveable things they are called mad. When a group believes in such it is called a religion.

The religious terrorist must convince you to believe the same things he does or else he becomes disturbed  at your rejection of his ideas.

The religious terrorists calls the non believer a blaspemer. The blasphemer is then subject to torture and death.

There are no peaceful religions,no peaceful christians, no peaceful muslims. The act of proselytizing is one of war on your mind. A  religion that actively promotes conversion by force is not peaceful. A religion that  promotes barbaric laws:death to adulterers,death to homesexuals,cutting off hands and feet of petty theives,beheading of blasphemers is not a peaceful religion.

Jesus was not a religious person or religious teacher. Jesus was a Spiritual person who taught the self transcendence of the ego through the sacrifice of the heart or practice of love.

Spirituality is not Religion. Spirituality is the science of altering ones consciousness to subtler states for the goal of achieving oneness or enlightenment.

Atheism is a form of religion. Dostoevsky,"The atheist is closer to God than the agnostic because disbelief is a form of belief.

Religion is just paganism,which is a set of beliefs and rituals, including the sacrifice of living animals and people that are supposed to please an imaginary supreme being who will then grant you favors.


The two main problems of civilization are greed (capitalism) as the idea that your society has the right to make war and enslave all other societies and the religious idea that anyone who doesnt accept your ideas may be enslaved or killed.

Those who take religious terrorism lightly are making a big mistake. It will not stop until you are dead or converted.

This of course creates a problematic conflict in a democratic society,particularly one in which there is guarantee of religious freedom.

When the religious terrorists says they will convert the entire population to their beliefs ,their way of life, their customs, their laws they should be taken seriously.

Appeasement doesnt work. Freedom of religion may be something that spells the destruction of itself. A religion based on ACTIVE terrorism should be banned.

Its as simple as that. Religion may keep the sheeple contented but it serves no economic purpose other than the transfer of wealth to so called religious leaders.




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