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Re: will hydrogen peroxide cure cardiomyopathy?

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christina58 Views: 7,552
Published: 15 years ago
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Re: will hydrogen peroxide cure cardiomyopathy?

thank you all for your advise and your research on LBBB and the cardiomyopathy.  I have only know of this and the cardiomyopathy  since april first 2009, and I wish it was a joke.   I feel pretty good, but have some "weird" days as I don't even know if what I'm feeling is bad for me or normal for having this condition. 

I don't know how old you are but I am a very healthy and active 58 yr. old female with 3 grown children, lots of grandkids, and we also adopted 2 more at one day old.  Not related to us or each other and they are 4 years apart.( 7 and4 )  I homeschool and Christian and keep busy.  With that said, I don't need this heart problem!!  But I am slowly dealing with it and feeling alittle better about it.

My EF if between 35-44 depending on what test.  Cardiac cath said 44 and I was happy.  I have no edema anywhere.  My bp is raising so I'm on lipitor 5 mg. and for heart Coreg 3.125 2 times a day.  It makes my heart jumpy about an hour later and feel crapy the rest of the time.  Without it, I feel great.

I too am looking for a "cure" for LBBB.  They have an ICD that will pace both sides of the heart and sometimes the left ventricle will get smaller and more normal.  So why aren't they doing it?  Ther're
must be some reason I guess.  My heart is "slightly" enlarged they say.  All this scares me as I want to know more.  On a scale of  1-10 with 10 being the worst, how bad or stretched out is my left ventricle?  Is it ready to pop?  ugh
How did you find out about the cayanne pepper not being good with cardiomyopathy?  Also, have you seen any heart pictures with the l. ventricle in different stages or an moving animation?

I also want to know if I can take hawthorn with what I'm taking .  My dr. doesn't know about supplements and said the coq10 was a waste of money and don't bother.

I asked him if I could swim in the springs which is 72 degrees and will make your heart race when entering the water.  He said I could and no problem.  Hey, I thought the coreg was to keep pulse lower so why would raising it be OK?

Haven't asked if I can continue to hang upside down on my inversion table for my back, but I'd bet he'd say it was fine.  How can you let all you blood rush to your head and torso.  wouldn't that put a
strain on the heart upon returning upright to normal even slowly?

He is a good dr. and board certified in 3 areas or cardiology.  Another dr. said that my dr. could "fix" the lbbb with surgery. Just plain fix it!!  so I need to discuss this with him.

I know any heart surgery is dangerous and maybe that's why.

What is cardiomyopathy?  some worse than others?  what does it look like?  How did I get it?  I have collodial silver I make with a machine that makes Nanoparticles from and I'll take that for a month or so and see.  I also have H202 and have taken it in the years past and wouldn't be without it.  I take coQ10.
I like liquids that are for the heart and are good.  I have "mega cardio health" that I just ran out of.  Maybe I'll get that and some hawthorn syrup.  Any other suggestions that's an "all in one"?

I get pains above my left breast and over under the left armpit that just aches.  What is that?  After taking the coreg my heart has a big roll and thump and puts a lump in my throat for a split second where I grab my chest.  Then it's gone.

At the mall, I get either "anxiety" or what, but sometimes SOB, alittle scary, then after awhile it's gone and tons of energy is back.  Go figure.

I have another appt. this thursday for an echo and I sure hope things are at least the same.  Pray for me.

sorry I'm venting as I'm trying to learn and adapt.  I have the kids to take care of, their homeschooling and I take care of my mother in law with alheimers and my father in law is ok but frail.
My husband is only 50 and now has a pacemaker because of a low heart rate.  I really don't think of all of it as stressfull because it's my life and I just deal with it.

Oh,, need to ask.  coreg helps you not make alot of adrenaline so you aren't suppost to freak out and make your heart go nuts.  But my mom lives by herself and when she passes, or my husband, or my father in law, I will try to cope but is there something the Dr. can give to calm me to keep for such an emergency? didn't know of my heart condition 2 yrs. ago, but my son in law, only 30, died in the line of duty as a firefighter.  My daughter and grandson 5 yr. are just now getting alittle better but it's been a long haul.

also, with lab work.  What are the most important tests that says how your heart is doing and working to get, along with keeping inflamation down too....and keeping track of that.  Even the kidney and liver I guess.

lots and lots of questions and any answers of what to expect, ask, do, or take will help.  I need answers to calm me.  I'm a Need to know person in order to cope. 

thanks for the ear,


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