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Eyebright Testimony!
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Published: 12 years ago
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Eyebright Testimony!

Okay, I've debated with myself all day long as to whether or not to post this.  The reason?  I've only been using the Eyebright since Tuesday, thats 4 days now.  But what I'm going to tell you, I noticed last night which was at the 3 day mark.  I've been using the wash 6 times a day and each day I've added a drop to the cup.  I'm up to 4 drops now and I'm staying at that until maybe Monday.

Just a little background for you.  In my mid to late twenties I was nearsighted but not really bad.  It was just annoying not to be able to read street signs as soon as I would have liked but I still never missed a turn lol.  I got contacts but I just couldn't wear them at the time and at that age I just didn't want to be wearing glasses.  Since I could still read the signs and it didn't impede my driving, I never got them.

Then in my forties I had to start extending my arm to read something.  The more time went by the more I had to stretch my arm to be able to read lol.  About a year after that started my arm was no longer long enough ;( so I had to go and buy my first pair of cheapo reading glasses.  I started with +1.00, I was there for over a year then I had to start buying stronger until now I'm at +2.00.  In the middle of wearing the reading glasses I got one contact, they call it mono vision cause one is all I needed but it got to the point I was having to drive so far every time I had an appointment to get it checked I went back to the reading glasses.  

So now we're up to present time and I'm wearing +2.00, can't read a thing without them now.  I started using the eyewash and I swear things look brighter, kinda sharper, cleaner, can't really describe it but it is also very soothing to your eyes, even after the first time using it.  Last night when I went to bed I got out my book, had my reading glasses on of course, positioned my book at the arms length I was used to and the letters were kinda fuzzy, not sharp.  I thought I must have been positioned wrong so I moved and put the book in the normal place (distance from my face) as I usually do, still I couldn't see it clearly.  So I sat up and tried it and words were still fuzzy but when I extended my arm a little further from my face the words became sharp and clear.  Now I am an avid reader and I KNOW where I have to hold my book with my reading glasses on to be able to see it.  If I get the book too close to my face, fuzzy, if I get the book too far from my face, fuzzy.  Once you learn where that distance is, your arm automatically goes there lol.  Well, I had to extend my arm away from my face in order to be able to read the words because my eyesight has improved enough that my glasses are too strong.  What was going on?  Well DUH!!!! EYEBRIGHT is what!

What does that mean?  It means my +2.00 reading glasses are now too strong.  It means that in 3 days use of the Eyebright I see a noticeable difference in where I have to hold my book to read, same with the laptop as I'm typing, I've got to be further away from it for the words to be clear which means my +2.00 glasses are now the tiniest bit too strong!  I still can't see to read without my glasses but I DO notice a difference in my sight with the reading glasses.  I'm going to have to go hunt up a pair of +1.50 and see how they are YAY!!!

I finally decided that I was going to post this because it is so ENCOURAGING to know that this stuff is really gonna work as long as I WORK (use) it.  The fact that I didn't at first realize I had to move the book further away in order to see and that maybe the Eyebright had already started working didn't even enter my mind!  Who'd thought in 3 days?  Not me, but I'm tellin ya true it DID!!!!!!

I'm not saying its gonna work that way for everyone but I sure do notice the difference.  I think I'm going to wait until about the middle of next week before I step down to the +1.50 glasses because I don't want to feel like I'm pushing myself if that makes sense.  I don't care how long this takes, I WILL BURN all these reading glasses, ya hear that Bundles lololol?  I LOVE this stuff!

Blessings of restored eyesight.




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