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Super Tonic Testimony - HOLY MOLY - ***WOWZAH***
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Published: 11 years ago
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Super Tonic Testimony - HOLY MOLY - ***WOWZAH***

Well, let's see if I can keep this short (lol).  As some of you know, Rocky & I haven't had a cold or the flu for over 7 years (in our 13 years of marriage, I've had the flu once and we each had a cold, but nothing of the sort for 7 years since discovering Echinacea).  4 days ago our furnace died totally (in the middle of a record breaking coldspell of average windchills of -20/-30.  Our lil' 950 sqare foot farm house is so old it was moved to this location in 1900 (so we're talking seriously drafty, although there's plastic over all the windows, etc).  For days before the furnace died it wasn't working properly, so there's been a couple of workman coming in & out with their various germs.  Onward -


Four days ago I started sneezing and my nose/throat was tickly-scratchy, so I had two teaspoons of Echinacea (a typical dose for me), and sat back down to work (knowing I'd probably need some more in about an hour).  As usual, the sneezing-tickling-scratching went away (and the runny nose dried right up) in about 15 minutes, but in the next 45-60 minutes it came right back (typical of a 'strong bug').  So I had another 2 teaspoons (8 droppersful).  Same results.  Hmmm, that 2nd dose usually pretty-much knocks it out when I catch it this early, this must be a super strong I upped the next dose to a tablespoon (thinking "that's the end of that").  But nope, in about 90 minutes the symptoms started coming back. HUH, well, you lil' b*sturds, I'll get you, I had another tablespoon of Echinacea & a couple of garlic cloves, and went and took a nap.  Yep, that did the trick (I slept like a boulder, my body had been fighting HARD, for sure and for certain).  Fast forward to night before last (workman, no heat the day before except for space heaters in -30 below temps and lots of stress)...

...In the middle of the night I started sneezing again.  My mind (in my sleep) was poking me and saying "Hey, you're sneezing, dontchawanna get up and give us some Echinacea?  You do NOT wanna let this bug get ahold!"...but my sleepy brain was saying, "The floors are FREEZING outside of this warm waterbed, go away and let me sleep - I'll take lots in the morning, that'll knock it out".  Well, yesterday came, and I woke up with a major runny nose and lots of sneezing & tickling.  No problem, says I (I know I let this bug have too much of a headstart while I was sleeping, so I'll start with a tablespoon of Echinacea and take it from there). I felt better after each dose of Echinacea, and particularly better after a long nap...but it always came back :(  Folks, I took EIGHT tablespoons of Echinacea and several garlic cloves throughout the day, but by the time I was ready for bed, I was ready to admit defeat (my nose was running like a faucet, I couldn't breath and my eyes were watering first cold in almost 10 years? ARRRGH, I can't 'ruin our flawless record' :( -but it seemed like I'd lost the fight and there was nothing else I could do) ...until I smacked myself in the head and yelled to Rocky - "HEY!!!!  I/WE FORGOT THE SUPER TONIC!!!" Here's a link about Super Tonic (what it is, how it works, and why you need it):

So Rocky (being the loving, most wonderful man on the face of the earth), mixed me up the Herbal Blitz (below).  Only, rather than using 16 oz of water and 16 oz of Apple Juice, I told him to use only 8oz of each (because I wasn't going to "sip" 32 ounces over 16 hours, I was going to get it all in me in the next few hours so -hopefully- I could sleep). 

Well, I took one look at that pint sized mason jar, took a whiff, and got a straw...somehow I knew this was going to be very nasty tasting (even though I'd used it to make a dip for veggies and added it to mayo, and it was yummy for that).  Anyway, I stuck in the straw and slam-sucked down about 1/3 of the entire jar...and screamed...I'd forgotten about it being so HOT! (lololol).  And yeah, it was pretty nasty.  So I trotted off to bed with my book, my jar of Super Tonic (and my straw!) and a roll of toilet paper (because I really did think I was "too far gone" to not wake up sicker n' a dog). But within 20 minutes, all the symptoms were lessened by ~~50%~~!!

About an hour later I slammed down another 1/3 of the jar, and within about 10 minutes I was breathing clearly and my nose had totally stopped running!!  So I snuggled into the pillow and went to sleep.  Two hours later I woke up to go to the bathroom (and turn up the thermostat), and the sniffles were sneaking back in a bit, so I had about half of what was left, and went back to sleep...and slept like a baby.

When I woke up (a couple of hours ago), the battle was essentially won...yeah, I had a couple of lil' sneezes and blew my nose a couple of times - but I took the rest of what was in the jar and mixed up a fresh Blitz.  And I'm sure I'm telling you true, there'll be nothing left to fight by the time I'm halfway through this one!!  YAY!!!!!!

Wow, I dunno what bug that was, but it was the 'mother' of all cold bugs...I can't even IMAGINE how miserable I'd have been for the next 7-10 days if I hadn't had my Echinacea and Super Tonic.

Once again...the three magic words of natural healing? "enough, Enough, ENOUGH!"  Make sure whatever you're taking is strong & pure enough; make sure you do enough (like not eating junk that makes it worse, get plenty of Superfood & juices; get enough rest when you need it), and make sure you take enough to win the battle!!

Two last minor quickies: by the end of the night, my nose was raw from blowing...not having experienced this for almost a decade, I didn't even think I might have something around here that would help my nose.  But when I got up in the middle of the night I saw the jar of BF&C oil on the bathroom counter, and rubbed it into my sore/raw nose.  That took care of that!!

Also, the garlic/onion/horseradish "fumes" are VERY beneficial for clearing out the sinuses - it's said that even the fumes of garlic will kill bacteria.  So after every big dose of the Super Tonic (when it was "fuming" the most), I made sure to force the fumes into my sinuses by blowing my nose thoroughly...and I could tell that made a big & immediate difference in my breathing.

The Super Tonic/Herbal Blitz information is below - it's easy to make your own, but if you don't have the time it's available in our Storefront (with or without the Echinacea already blended in -- Herbal Apothecary Storefront

Here's a thread (with lots more information)

Time for another "Blitz Blast" for me...and a "blast" it TRULY is!!

Healthiest of blessings (and YAY SUPER TONIC/BLITZ !!!!) -



Dr. Richard Schulze's Super Tonic -
Herbal Juice Tonic & Plague Formula
Compiled By Tom Harrelson

NOTE: Part EQUALS Volume (i.e. - tsp., tbl. cup, ...), and NOT Weight, when using the following Tincture Method.
1. Start this Procedure on the NEW Moon.
2. Take 1 part - FRESH chopped ORGANIC Garlic Cloves (Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Fungal, Anti-Viral and Anti-Parasitic), 1 part - FRESH chopped Onions (HOTTEST available - similar to Garlic), 1 part - FRESH grated Ginger Root (Circulation - Extremities), 1 part - FRESH grated Horseradish Root (Circulation - Head), and 1 part - FRESH chopped Cayenne Peppers (HOTTEST Habenero available - Super Blood Stimulant).
NOTE: Use a Blender to chop up each of these Ingredients VERY FINE!
3. Find a Glass Jar large enough and fill it 3/4 FULL with these Ingredients.
4. Fill the Glass Jar to the Top with RAW Organic Apple Cider Vinegar (Bragg's or Spectrum Naturals).
5. Let it sit until the FULL Moon (15-16 Days) or the NEXT NEW Moon (28-29 Days - OPTIMAL).
6. Shake it as MANY times during the Day as possible.
7. Top it off with MORE Vinegar, when NEEDED.
8. Strain this Mixture through an UNBLEACHED Coffee Filter.
9. Take at least 1 oz. 3 times per day (drink, gargle and swallow), when you have a Cold or Flu.

NOTE: If you have a SERIOUS ILLNESS, or suspect that there's a PLAGUE coming, then you should combine the following ingredients: 1 oz. Super Tonic, 2 oz. Echinacea Plus, 16 oz. Distilled Water and 16 oz. Apple Juice. You should drink Dr. Schulze's HERBAL BLITZ throughout the day, having consumed ALL of it by the END of that day. On the 2nd day, you should combine and drink the following ingredients: 1/2 oz. Super Tonic, 1 oz. Echinacea Plus, 16 oz. Distilled Water and 16 oz. Apple Juice. Continue to do the same, until the desired Results are obtained and/or there's NOT a PLAGUE any longer.



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