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Re: Fun with 108 by MH

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Clarkia Extra Strong
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MH 108 Views: 1,547
Published: 12 years ago
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Re: Fun with 108 by MH

108 stitches on a baseball.......go figure!

this picture was taken at a rip-off tourist trap at the baltimore oriels camden field....precisely the baseball museum....

this rip off building advertises a very cheap price out front on certain days, go stand in line and get up to pay and the real price is crazy, something like $15 a person and when you ask the stupid woman in the booth what about the special price outside, she is too stupid to make an answer and just says their real rather than dissopoint the kids, we paid it....

this museum was the joke of all jokes, they truely should have to pay people to enter it, it is the sadest museum i have ever went way on this planet earth was it worth more than $1 to walk is all a joke and nothing but a tourist rip off....if i was the mayor of baltimore i would seek to have the owner put in jail and the building torn down, before it falls down.

the 108 picture was on the stair wall going down into the basement of this old trash building and there was nothing of any value in this building, it was mostly new junk and even had other sports stuff besides baseball making it even more of a joke.

the only worse thing we experienced in baltimore was the c**k roaches...after the games you walk out onto the streets after dark and while walking you litterally can play a game of how many c**k roaches you can kill while waiting on your ride...i think the kids stepped on almost 20 each night.

if the c**k roaches enter the streets after dark by the thousands/ must wonder if the entire city is not plagues with it because they are near the water? have the large sugar company? the city does not look dirty, but the tourist traps have allot of very old decaying buildings...

the "duck" ride was fun, but very over priced. the pirate ship ride for kids was probably the funniest thing the kids did. this rip off of a city has a usa navle retired ship docked and they charge $$$$$$$$$ for the american tax payer to take a few minute walk aboard a junk ship that you wonder how it can still float....the tax payers paid for it, they pay the navy personal that operate it and pay more to walk up and look....

the sight seeing boats were so high priced it was the first vacation i think that we decided enough was enough and said no to such rediculous prices...every other vacation we have ever taken near water we never seen such prices.

one reason baltimore is as corrupt as it is, is because it has one of the largest hospitals in the country....and then you have sports....what can be more evil than sports? besides politics....

watching a baseball game should be fun, should be for kids. cheap seats can cost you $35 a piece, decent seats climb as high as your willing to pay and the big game they play is renting a room to watch the game where you pay thousands to watch 1 game.....naturally 1 group of people pay nothing, the mayor and his party....they are well taken care of for free and that alone tells the story of major baseball.

when you take the tour and pay triple what it should even come close to costing to just walk around the vacant ballbark, you see their real goal.....they have cameras that take the games and sends it around this earth and that is where they make their real $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ and based on that, they shouldn't seek to rip off their making it only for the wealthy and charging triple for their food/drinks.

ifyou watch most of these major baseball games, their parks are 1/2 empty.....only the top games fill the parks..these major leagues have turned baseball into a world game and ignored the americans that desire to watch a game in person.

why do the people continue to pay the rediculous prices? because it keeps those poor people see these poor people when you exit the park as they seek to sale you a bottle of water or pop for $1.00; the same bottle you paid $4 inside the park for....and then the cops come in on harlies and chase all these poor people away....they litterally ride up on the streets and push the poor people away and clean the streets of all people within 1 hour of the game being over...

look at all the retirement places in southern florida....the old rich farts like the high price of living, the high price of gas for one reason only; it keeps all the poor people from living anywhere near them!!!!!!!

the baltimore aquarium is very over priced, but if you like fish and the such, pay their high way robbery and see it....

go see the baltimore oriels, you will see hundreds with free tickets, seems they give the locals many so the cameras have some people in the back ground and if they get a free ticket, they may be willing to buy some beer and a hot dog that cost triple anywhere else they could go.
if you go near the tourist trap down at the water front, be prepared to pay out the nose for food and entertainment...we spent some time there and the oriels and the aquarium are the only things i suggest as a tourist. the mega hospital is built in an area that supplies the owners plentiful poor women to clean the hosiptal....the only other city area i remember being so poorly and dangerous was the soap making area in old st. louis many years ago as a kid when we would go visit my uncle....back in those days i loved the st. louis cardinals because we would take vacation to that town..

it is a sad fact, america is decaying, the bridges are rotten, the cities are rotten, the dams are rotten...the entire country needs rebuilt.....don't be surprized with obama doesn't set the stage to do just that, but first he needs to get rid of the people in the way and the new health reform will do just that. making baltimore a prime location for human disposal. hospitals are the largest growing business in america, getting ready to remove all of the baby boomers and relieve them of their wealth.


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