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kcpopps Views: 1,209
Published: 11 years ago
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 Roughly ninety days of my wife suffering......but we finally have a root cause diagnosis. ---- I think.

Short version - parathyroid disease.
Long story - below:

I pick up somewhere where I left off in the previous postings - She had seen a chiropractor and at first that seemed to work miracles. That first weekend, I actually thought she was cured.... but as time passed, the problems resurfaced. The chiro treatments always helped, but had less and less lasting effects as time went on. The problem remained and she was soon again in misery every day. 

Next trip to the GP MD she asked for a different doctor. He backed up the first, who had prescribed Klonapin and  implied that she was depressed and suffering from anxiety... the complaints of something physical in her throat were, more or less, implied imaginary. He did not agree that she should be weaned off the Klonapin, as we asked. He did however agree that it could be Acid Reflux and ordered an upper endoscopy.

Diagnosis after Upper Endoscopy was GERD and the specialist prescribed Nexium, the highest priced drug in the category. She tried that but it didn't help at all and within a couple of days, she starting taking ranitadine (from the dollar store $4) and that helped better than Nexium. We also had her drinking Aloe Vera juice/gel and an assortment of other things we read about which helped get through bad days.

She is 5'2" and has lost  30 lbs, from 149 to 119 - and continues to lose weight.

She continued to insist that there was something physical there - she called it "the bean" in her throat. It wasn't  just acid reflux, and it certainly wasn't just in her head. She insisted on an MRI.  After the MD ordered the endoscopy, that somehow enabled the chiro to order an MRI.... something insurance related... but my translation ---- once the MD opened the door, it was then OK for the chiro to follow too ---

We don't know if the MD would have ordered an MRI or  not, but judging from their attentiveness from previous visits, they may have just insisted she take Nexium and Klonipin forever.

The MRI diagnosis is parathyroid disease.

There's a small growth there, right where she always said it was 
Terms in the report say perhaps "colloid cyst"  and could represent "parathyroid adenoma".

The list of symptoms for parathyroid explains all of the mysterious symptoms that she has communicated since the beginning. It is the root cause of her present acid reflux problem. Tendency towards depression does not fit her long term history - she is Mrs Sunshine through good and bad - but the anxiety/depression meds were prescribed immediately and immediately made it worse. In past history, she has had fatty tumors near skin surface removed -  2X - roughly 10 and 20 years ago...on neck below ear and under chin. These type of "cysts" seem to me to show a tendency towards such growths and we told the doctors so. Why wasn't this diagnosed within 2 weeks after her initial emergency room visit complaining of something in her throat? Instead for three months it's anxiety depression and then GERD.

Her "bean" was there all along just like she said it was.

So where to from here?

This is a serious problem that must be corrected----- calcium in the brain and other scary stuff associated with non-correction...

Surgery appears the likely recommendation and this to me seems a situation where surgery is the best answer. Not sure yet that will be the recommendation but only expect so. Will find out soon. 

Most of the info we have absorbed on our own so far is from -
We see a NEW, but old&comfortable, MD-GP on Monday... and will ask about this, and possibly a referral to this specific hospital in Florida....

My wife wants the surgery. She has known all along something was there. She wants it out. I do too.

This website says nearly 100% complete success and high non-recurrence rates - and they do use the word CURE to described the results of this procedure.
There is a informative video on the web, including the actual operation

If and when or ever, there is surgery, I'm concerned about radioactive dye used.
describes Sestamibi Scanning for Parathyroid Tumors and says:

"Sestamibi is a small protein which is labeled with the radio-pharmaceutical technetium-99. This very mild and safe radioactive agent is injected into the veins of a patient with parathyroid disease (hyperparathyroidism) and is absorbed by the overactive parathyroid gland. This is a very important concept--the parathyroid tumor will collect the radioactive dye. Furthermore, since normal parathyroid  glands are inactive when there is high calcium in the blood stream, they do NOT take up the radioactive particles. Therefore, a sestamibi scan will show the one bad parathyroid tumor and it will NOT show your normal parathyroid glands."
So they're saying that the material collects only in the gland that they're going to remove. It's injected in the blood and all pools there? Thought on this? Not using it, according to this website at least, means more invasion and exploring to find the thing....
We feel like we've been jerked around the past three months. We don't want any more of that.
My wife is an angel. No kidding.
I request your advice, your thoughts and prayers for her healing!


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