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Published: 14 years ago


Hi people! :)

Ok, here a a few links to look at to get a better picture of what is going on in the world we live. Sad picture but it is what it is. Foturnately, in the net we still can find the valuable info to share with others. :)

If u can't be bothered to look through all the links I am about to mention here then just watch the first one and the last one and then do as u feel like - either watch the rest or just stop at it coz u ALREADY will know what it is all about.
Correlation Between Prescription Drugs, Children, Violence (!)
Antidepressants exposed
Antidepressants linked to school shootings
Dangers Of Antidepressants Suppressed (Fox News)
1/5.Prozac, Zoloft, Paxil, v1agra, Lipitor,
Cialis, Nexium
Why Is Society Being Dumbed Down?
In Lies We Trust Part 1 of 16
Funny but True Facts About Big Pharma, Bill Maher !!!
Prozac Testimonials - Suicide, Violence (!)
Sicko: Antidepressants and permanent sexual dysfunction
Link Between School Shootings and Prescription Meds (!)
Virginia Tech & Death By Drugs
(Antidepressants, Shootings)
The Truth about Suicide - Part 1
The Truth about Suicide - Part 2
1/4. Nutrition and Criminal Behavior
2/4. Nutrition and Criminal Behavior
3/4. Nutrition and Criminal Behavior
4/4. Nutrition and Criminal Behavior
Most Astonishing Health Disaster of the 20th Century

Movie Exposes Drug Industry, Promotes Natural Healing (!)

Please all be well :)


Ps: Ok, I just want to thank the moderator(s) who marked my post with BSA! THANK U, guys :).. I am very glad that my post will be viewed by very many people thanks to ur evaluation!.. And it is the main thing why I am here for - to spread the news about this and help as many people as I can..well, at least to think about it if not to act at that very moment :)... Most of those links came form one wonderful website managed by a former nurse who realised that modern medicine is a KILLING one and she gave it up and started to help people by providing REAL information about this or that health related issue through her website. She was even contacted by some organisations recommending her to stop her mission to help others and she was worried that her website would be closed soon. So I think I was quick enough to copy many of those links from that website and be able to post here. I do not think someone will contact me with the same request to stop all that! Haha!... So, guys, just absorb all that in the ways u can! :)... Another part of those links was 'supplied' to me by my friend Steve the moderator of Plant Based Nutrition forum here at CZ..:)

Ok, I have plenty of links like that from some other fields. If u want to view them then go to the history of my postings and see the names of the topics. I also will post about Psyhiatry; Plant Based Living; Nutrition and Behaviour; Fluoridation; The Truth about Vaccinations; Cancer CAN be Cured; Cure for Cancer, Heart Disease, Deabetes; and some other stuff to look at (an articles). I will post those links shortly.



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