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~!~ Schulze GEM! How to choose a protocol/teacher/book MUST READ
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Published: 11 years ago
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~!~ Schulze GEM! How to choose a protocol/teacher/book MUST READ

Below is a GEM taken from Schulzes old paperback (no longer in print/available) Common Sense Health & Healing. Yep, there's a spattering of curse words (all "PG", lol, typical Schulze - I have changed the spelling in attempt to fool CZ "curse protector program").  This is definitely required reading for anyone that's serious about their health!  From the foreword --

From Webster's College Dictionary, latest edition:
            Bullschit (bool' schit) [slang] non. Foolish, exaggerated or boastful talk; NONSENSE - bull schit-ting - to talk nonsense (somewhat vulgar)
Almost every single day of my adult life I meet people that say to me, "you should read this health book," or, "I saw an herb book that you would really like," or, God forbid, Í'd like you to read my new nutrition book." My usual response to this person is that I won't like it. In fact I'd say that chances are about 99% that I will hate it. The simple reason I won't like it is because it is bullschit. Sure, I could have said fiction, which means something  made up or imagined, but that sounds too clean. In my three decades of practice I have seen people die clutching these healing fairy tale books on their death beds, still believing, still hoping right up to the end, turning blue gasping for their last breath, writhing in pain, suffocating in their vomit, and eventually dying, so I prefer to say bullschit, because these books stink and their authors are full of schit!
If I want fiction I will read the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn or Moby Dick. At least I am pre-warned that this is fiction, make believe, a fun story, entertainment. 
A classic example of fiction being passed off as truth is the business section of any book store. They have shelves and tables piled high with books entitled "Get Rich Quick" or "How to Become a Millionaire". The only laugh is that about 99% of the authors aren't rich or millionaires themselves. Don't you think that if they really knew how to make a million bucks that they would have done it first themselves? So after you remove J. Paul Getty and a handful of other actual millionaire authors from this group, you end up with tens of thousands of books that people purchase to learn how to get rich, but the author hasn't a clue either. Think about it: if the author actually knew how to make millions, and did make millions, why would they be wasting time writing books and not be busy making millions? They sure as heck wouldn't be writing books to tell you how to be their competitor.

Have you ever seen the bumper stick or heard the wonderful simple statement






Question Authority literally means to question the author's power.


My point: I am referring to the thousands and thousands of health, natural healing and herbal medicine books available in book stores and health food stores all over America, in fact all over the world. The reason I don't like 99% of these books is because they are fiction being passed of as truth, and people die because of this.










Or...How to judge a book by its cover



...or more accurately, by it's author.



The first place to look when checking out any health book is the inside flaps of the cover or the back outside cover. This is where you will usually find the few paragraphs about the author. Publishers often hide or quickly gloss over the author's credentials. This is usually because they have none, or at least none that are specifically relevant to the book's subject. The following is a checklist I have given to many students and patients over the years to help them evaluate the healing potential of any health book.






 The Author should have extensive






program, using it on themselves.


I would actually prefer that the author has been sick, really sick, if not dying, and then developed their program to save their own ass. I know that for me personally, my passion, enthusiasm, intensity and drive all stems from the fact that medical doctors told me I would be dead before I was twenty and that I desperately went on to figure out how to heal myself from what the medical doctors call an incurable disease. FEAR is an incredibly potent motivational tool. OK, so everyone is not as lucky as me to have been born sick and then have the illuminations and education of healing themselves, but damn it, I want some serious dues being paid by the author, at least a close relative dying or a pet dog suffering.
And I don't want to hear about any health or healing program that the author hasn't completely immersed themselves in either, and for years. I am so sick of listening to virgin sex counselors. If my life is on the line I want some damn personal experience. I don't think that is too much to ask.
A Computer Software Analogy
There is nothing worse than upgrading to the latest release of your favorite software only to discover that it doesn't work very well, won't interface with most of your other programs and ends up corrupting and destroying data files and crashing your computer. This only happens because the author or manufacturer didn't test their work long enough. This is why most computer users today are skeptical of hot new software releases, upgrades and operating systems and want to see their programs field-tests for a year or so before they load it onto their computer and waste their hard-earned money and their time and risk ruining their computer's health. See my point and the similarity?
So I want, I demand, that these health and healing authors have done their own program a 100 times over, working out all of the kinks and glitches, and I want them to have done it 100 times more intensely than they are suggesting that I should do it in their book, and I want them to have done it in a hundred different ways, with a hundred different variables. I want them to have GONE TOO FAR with their program, to have hurt themselves, and made themselves sick, to have puke and pooped their pants and to have learned what is too much and, more importantly, what is too little and what won't work. I want them to personally know their program inside and out, have done it on their relatives, their friends or their cat, until they really know deep down in their bone marrow, their soul, what they are talking about. If they haven't, you guessed it, it's BS.




 The Author should have had some kind of



SPECIFIC TRAINING that is specific to



their programs in the book.


If not then I would at least like some explanation of how they received this message of healing knowledge. I fully accept having a revelation or spending a year alone in the woods. It doesn't have to be a formal education of any kind, but I would like some relevant personal background as to why they feel they are qualified to write a book on this subject before I literally put my ass on the enema line. (By the way, I do not accept AA, BA or MA degrees, or even a doctorate in any non-related study.) How many books do you see in which the author has to list their non-related degrees like they should get some special appreciation or credibility form the ready that their parents sent them to college instead of getting a job. What does their masters degree in fine arts have to do with my gallbladder?
Also, don't get fooled by other authors that have great credentials and training in a very similar-sounding field or incredible education and degrees but in a closely-related field. This is very common in herbal medicine and natural healing. For instance, although botany is the science of all plants and then categorizing them by variations in their flowers, and pharmacology and pharmacognosy are the study of the chemicals in plants and how they affect your metabolism, and ethnobotany in considered the study of how our ancestors used herbs, a professor in any of these related fields usually has many opinions, theories and hypotheses that they discovered in the library or on the internet about how plants are used for healing. But none of their herbal theories will stand a chance in hell of dissolving a stone out of your gallbladder or kidney using herbs.
I personally know the authors of hundreds of published books on natural healing and herbal medicine. I have hired many of them to teach at colleges I advise all over the world. They are experts in their particular field, but then they go and write a book on herbal first aid when their expertise is actually plant identification.
In the same vein I know of a popular book written by an herbalist that specialized in make herbal cosmetics, hand lotions and hair conditioners, but they needed money so they wrote a book on healing cancer and other degenerative diseases with herbs. These are the most dangerous authors of all so read about their credentials very carefully. Your life might just depend on it.
And if it happens to be a Medical Doctor that is writing the book on natural healing or herbal medicine, then this is even more points off. This is as ludicrous as a career criminal writing a book on honesty and morality. Unless this MD has had some amazing lightning strike enlightenment as to how they were exploded off the path of medical mayhem, and then they fully admit that they now know that the majority of all medical doctors are greedy, unthinking butchers, and that the practice of modern medicine and hospitals are responsible for killing far more people than they help, and that they apologize for any wrong deeds they did during their unconscious past, unless the prostrate themselves.....their work has no credibility and they should write a book on surgery, chemotherapy, or antibiotics.
I am dead serious on this issue: natural healing books written by medical doctors who have studied only disease and have no education in health, nutrition, natural healing and herbology, are, you guessed it, bullschit!




The Author should have CLINICAL EXPERIENCE



successfully helping hundreds, if not thousands, of people heal



themselves and get well using their program.


Unlike most people, I don't give a damn if the book is a New York Times bestseller and sold over a million copies. Pet rocks made millions of dollars, too. No one ever said that the average consumer was a good judge of a quality product. People love fads and healing fads often run out of gas very quickly for the simple reason that they do not work.

What I want to know is that the author instructed numerous people on how to follow the program and that these people healed their diseases, healed their illnesses, healed themselves and then built powerful health and remained disease free, longer than the average person treated medically.

This is where the vast majority of health authors fall short and fail this test.   Even if they have healed themselves of a major disease using their program, and even if medical doctors said what they had was incurable, it could be a fluke. Some people win the lottery but the odds are ten million to one that you won't. People heal themselves of cancer drinking beer and eating hot dogs and cotton candy, but it's extremely rare. So I want to see their personal experience about their personal healing miracle and the program that they then developed put into practice, to see if it works on anyone else besides themselves. Is this program really the better, more effective and literally miraculous new improved Bowel Detoxification Program, or is it just gas?
During any doctor's education, their brain gets filled with millions of ideas and so-called facts, hypotheses and supposed proven theories, and also some good valid programs, but to the student they all look exactly the same. It is impossible for the student to differentiate between fact and fiction. This is where clinical experience comes to the rescue. Helping real people, with real diseases, get real well, helps uncover and weed out all the ineffective programs really fast. This is when patients educate the student into a doctor.
One of America's greatest natural healers, the late Dr. John R. Christopher, a Mormon doctor from Utah whom I apprenticed with, was a rare example of a great doctor. Rare because he actually helped thousands and thousands of people all across America heal their diseases, even the so-called incurable ones. Dr. Christopher was well aware who his teachers were and often would say that "5% of what I know I learned in school, and 95% of what I know I learned from my patients in the clinic." This very wise man and great herbal doctor knew where real knowledge comes from.
There are many incredible scientists, botanists, pharmacologists, herbalists, master herbalists and medical herbalists out there with many degrees. They teach at medical universities all over the world and lecture everywhere. They can almost always be found speaking at the big important health conferences, expositions and hip natural gatherings. They write numerous magazine articles, design formulas for big name herbal and nutrition companies and often are founding members of natural, herbal an health organizations. They have spent countless hours hob knobbing with the other gurus of health. But their work is all hearsay, third-hand gossip, because they have no practical, clinical experience. They simply never had any patients.
So here is what I want. I want to see their healing results, they have hopefully personally experienced and claim to be valid in their book, repeated often. I want a minimum number of people, over a minimum period of time. I say the minimum should be 5 years of clinical practice and 4,000 patient visits. This is simply because that in a clinical setting with real live sick people knocking at your door, you are quickly forced to separate what works from what doesn't; after all it's a matter of life and death. Also, by this point most good doctors have thrown out the majority of their books, dropped most of what they learned in school, thrown out their stethoscopes and sphygmomanometers and softened their "I know it all" ego and have been humbled by their patients who didn't respond and died. More importantly they have learned "what works" from their patients who are still alive. Now they truly know what works, and what is (you guessed it again) bullschit.

An Insightful Analogy


What if you go on an airplane with only one pilot, and before takeoff this pilot announced that they have many degrees in aeronautics, have been to flight training school, spent endless hours on the computer flight simulator, but have actually never been aboard an airplane before and never actually flown one before. I hope you would see all of the passengers running and screaming and diving out of the exit doors. Health and Healing books written by authors with no clinical experience are no different.





The Program should be SIMPLE and should make






It should not heal one organ while making



another organ sick.



No tradeoffs.


All healing programs should be simple. If it is too complicated, then the author needs more time in the clinic, just like a fine young port needs more time to age in the bottle. The programs are simply not refined enough yet. Check back with them in 5 or 10 more years and see if they have got it down yet. I find that the complicated programs are written by people who are not focusing on the fundamentals of health and healing, but are instead written and designed by people who are still focusing on killing, or curing, disease. Unfortunately many authors, especially ones who went to medical school, are often so ruined by their education that they will never be able to see things from a simple and natural perspective. They will never be able to be natural healers because they are so focused on killing your disease, they will miss the simple cause of it that is right in front of their nose.
The program should make common sense, too. Most people's programs don't. If it doesn't feel right to you, that is because it isn't right. All great healing programs make common sense. 
Lastly, the health program should not heal one organ while making another organ sick. No tradeoffs. How many times have you heard that the medicals doctors got all the cancer, cut it all out with surgery, burnt it all out with radiation and poisoned all the malignant cells to death with chemotherapy, but the patient died. Let's see, get cut, get burned, get poisoned, pay one hundred thousand dollars, and die. Call me silly, but this doesn't seem like a very good program. Modern medicine is also full of drug tradeoffs like take this pill and you'll be able to eat and digest anything, might get liver cancer. Or take this medicine to help your liver, might kill Kidney cells. Or you begin to take a beta blocker drug for your irregular heartbeat, but if you forget to take your pills once you start on the drug, you will die from a massive heart attack.
Medicine is full of dangerous tradeoffs, but so are many natural healing programs. Many natural doctors suggest making Liver and Gallbladder flushes with Cola soda pop, but last I checked Cola isn't what I consider natural. Other natural doctors suggest flushing out your bowel with powerful salt-laden flushes, but if you have high blood pressure, this flush could kill you. ALL healing programs should also be nutritious and healthy. I know that sounds almost too simple to understand, so I will repeat it:

All healing programs should be healthy.











[Note from Uny - I don't want to put words into Dr. Schulzes mouth, but it's common knowledge that very much of the information in this chapter applies to Dr. Christopher. That doesn't mean the truth doesn't apply to other great healers, or even to those giving advice or teaching one particular healers protocol 'in his name', but altering the protocol to fit their fancy, their ego or their greed.]
Being dead doesn't necessarily invalidate the author's work, but in many cases the work has been altered, weakened, made more politically correct or even legally safe to protect their surviving family and heirs. After all, the author was probably a clinically hardened radical natural healer and is now almost considered a politically incorrect dinosaur. Unfortunately, the author is no longer around to protect their work from this type of corruption, so all they can do is spin in their grave while people get sicker using their weakened programs and updated herbal formulae. Meanwhile, their surviving relatives cash in their royalty checks. 
Many of the most popular books on natural healing and herbal medicine sold today were written by people who are now dead. Often the book was actually written or updated (watered down) by the daughter, or son, or niece, nephew or some relative. Don't laugh. This is the case with many of the most popular books out there. Many of these books are also compiled by ghostwriters who take the person's notes after they are dead and literally make a book out of it. I even know of one that was compiled by the next door neighbor who had no experience in the field at all but was good on the computer.
Watch out for books that have been updated with flashy new covers. I have found that most of these are politically correct, watered-down versions of the doctor's original work, with all the effective, but possibly illegal or legally compromising healing programs, forced out of the book by the publisher's legal staff or some gutless and wimpy relatives. I have also often seen great doctor's effective herbal formulas have ingredients removed and natural healing programs modernized because supposedly times have changed. Well, maybe times have changed, the but the human body hasn't.
If you believe in an author, but they are dead, either try to find old copies of their books that were published while they were alive or find their top students, apprentices and interns and see what they are up to.

Why do I care if you buy a useless book?



Why is this a problem?


Probably because I spent too many years in the clinic and I have a soft spot for dying patients who are desperately trying to stay alive following bullschit programs. Call me a bleeding heart but I dislike anyone who preys on the sick and takes their nest egg in the final days of their life. Of course medial doctors are the most famous for this behavior.
If I haven't been obvious enough so far, I will clarify it even further. The best case scenario is that you are just wasting your hard-earned money and what little spare time you have buying and reading these worthless books. Worse yet, you could make yourself very ill (as I have done many times) by following theoretical programs. You could be the first person to actually take this author seriously and follow their program. If you want to be an astronaut or explorer, find, but if you want to get well, you could get sick instead. Luckily most of these experimental programs just caused me projectile vomiting.
But the worst case scenario is that you are very ill, have little time left and the medical doctors have taken all of your money and told you to go home and die. You are hoping that the book you are reading help you make your final turnaround. Instead you get worse and die.



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