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Re: Diagnosisthis - Leaky Gut ?
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Published: 17 years ago
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Re: Diagnosisthis - Leaky Gut ?

Well the first step to recovery is to realize that the Antibiotics are purely band-aid solutions that are actually making you worse in the long run.

Everytime you take any product that has Antibiotic properties it is destroying all the flora within your intestinal tract which is where the base of most illness begins. So after you take an Antibiotic and the flora within your intestinal tract begins to grow back, you end up with the bad bacteria growing back first and in mass quantity. This is VERY bad and is known as Candida or a yeast infection. The easiest way to think about it is if you were to remove the grass and weeds from the ground and let it all grow back normally, the weeds will grow back first and in mass quantity. The same thing is happening within your body. If there isn't a good balance of good bacteria in your intestinal tract then your health will get drastically worse over time as digestion of necessary nutrients and absorbtion will become compromised. All of your symptoms are consistent with this chronic condition.

What you need to understand is your typical doctor is only familiar with modern medicines practice of quick treatment using Antibiotics etc. This type of treatment is completely counteractive to natural healing methods which is what someone needs who has a chronic illness.

It's good that you're taking natural supplements, but you must realize that taking them is almost completely useless if you're taking quick fix medications as well. Because these will only give you a very temporary relief while negating any natural healing you are trying to accomplish from natural supplements.

The best start is to get off of the Antibiotics and steroids, start taking a pro-biotic! I can't stress this enough, with all the antibiotics you've taken you're body is going to be in dire need of these. Acidophilus would be a good bacteria to start taking or any other beneficial bacteria for intestinal health.

The next necessary step is to look at exactly what is making you feel sick in terms of food and environment, and stop eating it or being around it. Something like beer is actually one of the worst possible things for someone in your situation because the yeast in it only feeds the bad bacteria growth. So an Elimination Diet will be necessary in your own recovery. I know you're thinking that it's going to be impossible, but this is the reality for people who suffer from these kind of illnesses.
In the end you have to weigh the two, would you rather have suffer and be sick all the time and do anything OR would you rather feel healthy but have to be more conscious of what you eat?

The best things to start to cut back are milk and wheat products as they tend to have the most universal negative effects on people suffering from allergies etc from chronic illness.

Try to eat a consistent diet of Green Leafy Vegetables and drink plenty of water as well.

In the end you have to take your health in your own hands. Believe it or not but many people feel that the current medical system is actually making people sicker than helping them. Your first step to healing is the knowledge of yourself and your body and knowing your illness. If you are serious enough you may also want to consider seeing a Naturopathic doctor for a more in depth diagnosis, but I feel it will be very similar to what I've described to you as being the problem.

Take care, and good luck in healing yourself.

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