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Image Embedded DELUSIONAL PARASITOSIS: Medical Misdiagnosis of Parasite Infections
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Published: 11 years ago
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DELUSIONAL PARASITOSIS: Medical Misdiagnosis of Parasite Infections

Hi Ugh ~~
You've now entered the Twilight Zone of medical misdiagnosis of parasite infections! 
You've found out the hard way (like many others on the forum) how doctors merely tag a patient with "Delusions of Parasitosis" (DOP) or "Delusional Parasitosis" (DP):
Doctors often give this diagnosis when a patient describes their parasitic symptoms or brings actual specimens to them rather than spend their $valuable$ time treating the infections. 
Doctors, their medical colleagues, hospitals, drug companies, radiologists, laboratories, etc. make a whole lot more $$ treating all the other illnesses & diseases caused by parasites than simply curing you of them. 
Keeping you ill w/parasites is a guaranteed job $ecurity measure for the medical industry.
There are hundreds of parasites causing infectious diseases:
The gut-kicker:  Not listed above are the countless other infections & diseases caused by parasites & the bacteria, fungus, toxins, & viruses carried with them throughout the body:  Morgellons, Candida, Lymes, Cancer, Lungs, Tumors, Asthma, Appendicitis, Allergies, Liver, Gallbladder, Pancreas, Gastrointestinal Tract, Genitourinary Tract, Tuberculosis, Brain & Eye Lesions, etc.
The mantra of most doctors is that all parasite infections only occur in 3rd world countries or poor, dirty, uneducated, lower-class folks!#?  They usually diagnose patients with "Delusional Parasitosis" & prescribe anti-psychotic drugs as a cure, which, of course, is a big dose of "BS". (lol)  

So be sure to take tranquilizers or blood pressure meds before your office visit so you don't go BESERK when you're told you're CRAZY!?# 

Good luck in your search for a cure for your parasitic infections!
Keep us posted on your progress ~~ feedback helps everyone on the forum.
PS:  See my tips for doctor appointments: (hee hee)
Cheers ~~ ICU 
Basic Parasite Drug Protocols: Roundworms, Tapeworms, Flukes, Strongyloides, & Protozoa:

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