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Constant headaches, sinus infections, HELP!
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Published: 11 years ago

Constant headaches, sinus infections, HELP!

Heres my story, it's long but please bear with me. I am so desperate and looking for hope.

Back in 2000 I was suffering from debilitating headaches, the pain was in the top and back of the head. It was so unbearable, like someone was stabbing me in with an icepick. After seeing multiple doctors and having multiple MRI and CTs it was determined that I had a severe sinus infection. I had major sinus surgery which cleared out all the sinuses and they widened the openings for better drainage.

6 months after the surgery the pain came back, severe and incapacitating. Since the surgery in 2001 I have been dealing with these headaches every single day of my life. I have seen multiple ENT's, infectious disease specialists, nutritionists, 3 neurologists, allergists (I tested mildly allergic to mold) , a chiropractor, 2 acupuncturists and I even had a spinal tap to rule out meningitis. These doctors can do nothing for me, I just had another CT and they said I had another infection in the sphenoid sinus. This sinus is way back in the head just below the brain and when it's inflamed it causes this referred pain in the back of the head and or feels like wearing a very tight hat. I am also hypersensitive to certain odors like smoke, perfume, new carpet smell, etc. The pain is worse when I lay down too. It is a tribute to my family and the support they have given me because I would have killed myself and have been in some very dark periods in my life due to this problem I deal with every day.

I've had multiple sinus infections over the years and have been prescribed every Antibiotic you can think of. Every single time the Otolaryngologist (ENT) he looks with the scope in my nose the back sphenoid sinus is ALWAYS INFLAMED. I don't get stuffed up, don't get tons of mucus. The sinuses are usually clear with the exception of some polyps and inflammation. Their answer is to just prescribe more Antibiotics and steroids. This does nothing to bring the inflammation down and I constantly have this pain in my head. I can not describe to you how maddening this pain is, I have it every day and no pain killer does anything. NOTHING kills the pain. I have read on many ENTs sites that this sphenoid sinus and pain resulting from that area does not respond to narcotics. I have also seen 3 neurologists and have ruled out migraines and have taken many different head/pain drugs to no result.

Last year I tried Threelac for a while and took Diflucan to see if Candida was causing the inflammation. I had my best year, still had headaches but to a lesser degree but they are back again and the pain is the worst it has been in years. I'm still not convinced that Candida is the problem but I have seen "the best ENT's and surgeons in America" and the can do nothing to help me. They have all basically given up on my case an told me to go to a pain management clinic.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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