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My journey to curing EC
joeschmo88 Views: 6,244
Published: 13 years ago

My journey to curing EC

I was just thinking about making a website or blog about my journey to the cure. Just like Montreal said in another thread, diet is the key to curing EC. I've had chapped lips since I was maybe around 7 years old but I rarely thought about my lips back then. Now 21, my lips were showing EC about a couple of months ago. My diet was horrible since I was a college student (still studying now). It consisted of fast food, sugars, soda, high sodium, fried foods and all that junk a typical college student eats. But unfortunately for me because of the lack of vegetables and fruits in my system, I think my body's ability to eliminate the toxins were at an all time low, thus showing signs on my lips. Now I'm not a doctor or specialist in this but that is what I believe to be the underlying reason for EC, I may be wrong. That is one factor to my EC. The other factor is what I believe to be the main reason EC was triggered a couple of months ago. When I was having severely dry lips during the winter, I resorted to Vaseline and lip balm. Vaseline, in my honest opinion, was the main culprit in the EC becoming really bad. Beforehand, I did not have this cycle of 3-4 days peeling. It was really minor and an off/on thing, nothing to worry about everyday. But ever since I was putting Vaseline on my lips overnight, I then broke out with EC. The cycles started and peeling became a norm after taking a shower. Vaseline is just petrolatum, which is in about 90% of all lip balm care that I've bought and tried...yet with no help. Petrolatum is bad for the lips. It obviously makes your lips feel and look good after a couple of hours, but then what happens? Your lips start to harden and they begin to turn slightly white and eventually peel after a couple of days...then you put on more vaseline (or lip balm)...peel...vaseline...peel. You see where I'm going. All the chemicals and stuff companies put in the balms and moisturizers are damaging to our lips. I've never used hydro-cortisone because it looks like that isn't helping anyone the idea of putting a steroid on your lips sounds harmful in the long run.

About 4 weeks ago I changed my diet to see if it really was the foods and petrolatum. I'm glad to say it was. 4 weeks ago, I stopped using anything on my lips. Anything. Nothing at all. My diet consists of salads, fruits, wheat bread, oatmeal and any source of protein that is healthy like baked or grilled chicken (as long as it is not fried or greasy) Only drink WATER and MILK. Drink water all the time but make sure your not drinking too much water at one time (aka water poisoning). Juices and sodas contain too much Sugar and other "stuff" that we don't even know. Eat fish. Fish is a usual in our house so eating it was no problem, but I know a lot of my friends don't eat fish regularly. Fish oil helps with your skin. Lastly, I have been taking multivitamins but I cannot say if they are directly related to my healing progress. People say they don't work and others say they do. I think they work only if you eat healthy. There is no such thing as a magic "This will make you healthy in a day" pill. But I believe that vitamins are properly absorbed with healthy nutritional foods in your stomach.

As for how my lips are, its only been 4 weeks and I see results. Both of my lips have EC and so far my bottom lip is showing healing. I have about a quarter of an inch from the bottom that is back to normal. I peel after about 3 days and I notice that after every peel the skin heals a small amount each time. I only peel off the skin on the 3rd or even 4th day. I make sure that I do not rigorously rub/peel my lips, but gently from bottom to top. Since I see that the lips are healing, I have no problem with its slow progression. This is a SLOW process. You must be patient and confident. For me, a slow cure is better than none at all.

So yeah, there is my two cents on my journey to curing EC. Hopefully you take in consideration of a diet change and do what you need to do. Not everyone needs a salad a day like I do, but eating healthy in general is universally beneficial to our bodies whether or not a person has EC. It's a hard transition, but it is definitely worth the change.

ps. I do exercise 2-3 times a week, but I didn't include that in my main post because I've always been exercising regularly before noticing EC. Though I do recommend exercising to maintain overall health, who knows, it might actually be helping out the progress.

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