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Re: My journey to curing EC

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joeschmo88 Views: 5,487
Published: 13 years ago
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Re: My journey to curing EC

Montreal, I avoid as much Sugar as I can though we need Sugar daily in our bodies. Ironically I get a lot of natural Sugar from all the fruits I eat. I avoid any processed foods except for breakfast because most breakfast foods such as hash browns, sausage etc come packaged in the grocery store (who makes their own sausage anyways? haha). I don't eat any microwaveable meals at all. I changed my diet one day back in early March. It was basically shocker to my body with all the salads, fruits and healthy foods I just put in me on the first day. I started seeing improvement after the first week and a half after about 2 peeling cycles. No fast food at all! I actually don't have a set diet plan but this is somewhat of what I do throughout the day.

immediately after waking up I drink 1 full glass of water
2-3 boiled eggs <-- great source of protein while no use of oil
1 cup of oatmeal <-- this is where some of my sugar comes from. I'll put in about 2 tbsp of sugar. Its torture to eat oats without taste but oats are a real good source of carbs, fiber, vitamin E and a ton of other nutrients.
peanut butter on wheat bread (when I get sick of the oats)
1 full cup of milk <-- another great source of protein without the fats and oil

Snack before lunch is usually a handful of Romaine leafy lettuce from Fresh Express. Any type of leafy vegetable (especially dark leafy greens) are great for the skin because of Vitamin A which minimizes sebum. Leafy greens is a great source of Omega-3 fatty acids as well, not just fish! As for the dressing (ranch), I pretty much eye it as long as it doesn't DRENCH the salad.

any fruits that are available. usually I have strawberries, bananas and oranges in the house all the time. quick sandwich of sliced turkey, 1 slice cheese on wheat bread.

mid afternoon snack
small hand "grab" of lettuce, little ranch dressing.
yogurt w/ probiotics <-- helps clear out any junk left in the intestines and colon. it also replaces your body with good bacteria to help your digestive system.

1 or 2 chicken breast with rice. stir fried, baked, or grilled (lean mean fat reducing machine!) stir fry is my favorite since I add chopped veggies like asparagus, broccoli, snow peas and mushrooms with oyster or teriyaki sauce to make it lively. And it only takes about 15-20 min total to prepare and make. And if I feel like I didn't get enough daily calories then I'll add in another sandwich of whatever I have in the fridge.

most importantly:
WATER (not tap) all the time. Be aware, drinking too much water is bad. As long as you have some source of water wherever you are, you're good to go. Don't drink over 1 glass at one time. Every now and then ask yourself when did I last drink a glass. If its been less than an hour, you don't really need a glass. Anything over 2 hours, most definitely drink a bottle or glass (or if in worst case a water fountain for us still in school). Another warning. Too much vitamin A is deadly! Vitamin A is fat soluble not water soluble like vitamin C or B that we just pee out when there is an excess of it in our bodies. I'm not a doctor on this so I leave this up to you to read about online.

This is what I try to do and I admit there are days when I can't do it due to college classes that go from morning to evening. But the main things I make sure I get in my diet at the end of the day are: 2 salads, some fruits, WATER, some source of protein and enough good calories. You don't need to be fancy or count up nutrition facts, just be wise about what you are going to eat and do look at the nutrition facts. You'll be surprised at how much sugar, sodium or fat are in some of the stuff you may be eating. NO MORE FAST FOOD! I can't stress enough how bad the food is. It's all processed, greasy, fried or cooked from frozen. Glad containers are a savior for me since Tues/Thurs I'm at school from 8am-8pm. Fast food is tempting but with I know what I have to do to continue the healing and eventually be cured. If I can manage to eat healthy with that schedule without fast food and only a glad container and sandwich bag, I know anyone can.

Is it ok to cheat around your diet here and there. Hell yeah! I'd say 95% of people who are reading this have busy lives, work, college, sports, children and family to take care of. But hold it. Don't make that an excuse for every time your dying for a quick bite at the closest fast food. Going to your local grocery and picking out healthy foods for you and only you is the best way to maintain a healthy diet. The only downside is that the healthier you want to be the more money you will be spending than your friends or family who eat whatever they want without worrying about EC. But ask yourself, do you want to live with the condition the rest of your life to save up a couple bucks while grocery shopping or pursue a goal in curing something that all the doctors say there is no cure for? Its all about commitment and perseverance.

One last thing, this is what is working for me. As always, it may not be suitable for some of you. It may even harm yourself if you don't do your research about eating healthy and dieting. I don't want anyone hurting themselves physically or even emotionally if you switch to a diet like mine. Do your research and use common sense and don't starve yourself! I hope this helped (I didn't realize how long that was) Have confidence, don't put yourself down for your lips, smile and be happy that you don't have any other disease that is worse than this.

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