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Doing too much ?? Long..
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Published: 11 years ago

Doing too much ?? Long..


3-4 weeks ago after having had massive constipation and not wanting to go on something chemical I stumbled on the intestinal formulas of Dr. Schultz e. I started to read and read and read everything I could find. For some reason I feel pretty draw to his ideas. So I ordered Intestinal formula 1 and 2. I got instant result. In one day I was regular!!! From going from 1 in 3 weeks to every day... I did never get more than 1 BM but decided this must be normal for me. I don't think I eat enough to have 3 BM a day. So I started on number 2. Worked super. I saw suspicious things in my stool. In the meantime I got a hand on a lot of his old tapes and enjoyed watching it. Still working my way through them.
I was already juicing daily. My normal breakfast was already some mixed fruits and veggies in my juicer. My lunch is very small and so is my dinner. So I figured 1 BM is normal for me.
After I saw suspicious things I decided I must have parasites. My boyfriend has been having very bad intestinal problems for the last two years. After test and everything he has been diagnosed with IBS. After reading about parasites I got suspicious and started thinking maybe he has parasites. Over the last two years we have tried many different diets and approaches for him. Some helped him and others not. But he is never 100% cured.
So after my Suspicious BM we started on Walnut, Wormwood and Albest. Also we juiced a lot. I think like 90 Perc of our meals were juices. I even tried to juice garlic..(bad idea)
I started to bleed menstrual heavely. I was losing also huge amounts of bloodclots. IT was extremely bad. I did not understand this at all. I was getting so weak I thought this must be effect of the killing of parasites or some massive allergic reaction. So I stopped the parasite tinctures. But as the bleeding was so bad I went to see my doctor. He gave me internal examination and said that I had or a myoma or a tumor. I had to go see and get an internal echo and maybe a hysterectomy he said! I was amazed. I said excuse me but 4 months ago I had a checkup and I was told nothing was wrong. So this is a bit strange. He gave me a bunch of pills to take to stop the menstruation immediately. I never took them. I did not believe him at all. I had also ordered the Super food from Dr. Schultze (as I am in the Netherlands this is very hard to get for me all his stuff and expensive). I started to take this every morning in my juices to combat the blood loss. After a few days the bleeding stopped. No more bleedings. I had my iron levels checked and the doctor was amazed it was still so very good. So the super food and juices definitely are working.

Then 2 days ago I decided that all of this must have been a massive die off and toxins in my system and this doctor has really no clue. I started again with the parasite tincture taking Intestinal formula 1 and 2 (I had 2 huge pots imported). I also started to have coconut oil with my herbal tea in the evening. Also I have been cooking with cayenne pepper. My boyfriend now is starting to see strange things too in his BM. I am still feeling very tired but at least no more bleedings.

I intend to continue this and drink more juices. Finish the parasite killing and keep on the intestinal formulas till we finished these 2 huge jars. Then I thought to start with Liver Flushes and try to clean my diet as much as possible. I tried to do a juice fast many times in the past but I don't have the will power. So I am trying to work my way to there and think that every little thing helps.

Next week I have an appointment in the hospital were I expect to be told that they cant find anything at all and if they do I just have to work harder at healing myself. After seeing many bad diagnoses over the years with myself and family I lost my belief in regular medicine.

Are me and my boyfriend being too fanatically and detoxing our bodies too hard and fast? Do we need to take it slower?

Are we on the right path? It seems there is so much conflicting information out there its hard to decide what is right or not.


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