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Re: Where are the Raw Meat Eaters / Raw Paleo people in Curezone?

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Published: 13 years ago
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Re: Where are the Raw Meat Eaters / Raw Paleo people in Curezone?

Hi Joejac,

It's possible that you lost the weight not from the Candida diet, but from the fact that your intestinal health is decreasing and you aren't absorbing nutrients from food as well anymore.

It's also possible you're suffering from dietary deficiencies. When you have time, do a hair analysis at "Doctor's Data" or "Genova" labs to get an idea if you have any.

IF you have Candida, there are strategies for dealing with this. Mostly using a drug called nilstat/nystatin and/or Threelac (special probiotic), or other probiotics (especially kefir made from raw milk).

As long as you're eating good food, I wouldn't worry about your cholesterol. Vonderplanitz told me this and he says that when people are healing, their cholesterol is quite high and then it comes down when they are healed, no diet changes occuring over that time. He also says that (Olympic) athletes often have cholesterol in "super high" ranges. Cholesterol is a red herring in his opinion.

My cholesterol is quite high but I'm also feeling quite well, especially compared to 3 years ago so... I'd tend to agree with him. Mine has still not gone down, but then again I had my mercury fillings removed only 7 months ago.

You know, I wouldn't pay much attention to what (medical) doctors say. I haven't met a single one that knew what they were talking about when it comes to nutrition. Even if you see naturopaths and other alternative healers, you're going to have to think for yourself and take what they say with a grain of salt. Most of the time though, they offer clues on what could help you, so they are worth listening to.

On a traditional Candida diet, milk and cheese are not that good, but they are not super bad either. Pasteurized milk was super bad for me and I had to stop drinking it. Butter is fine.

You can flip that paradigm completely on it's head if you can find sources of raw milk and raw butter. They are super good at improving intestinal health if you have Candida imo.

Zapper won't help kill Candida imo. It won't kill any parasites in the intestines, because the intestines are technically outside the body. For parasites, I'd do a month of "Barefoot Herbalist's Dewormer" followed by a month of "Parastat from Prime Labs".

Using a zapper, in conjunction with a herbal parasite killer can be helpful however. I'm not saying they're bad, just don't make your expectation too high if you're going to use it on its own.

Parastat is actually the best, because it kills everything, especially amoebas and protazoa, and some people who think they have Candida, actually have problems with these things instead. The only thing it doesn't kill are liver flukes, which are unfortunately very common, so that's why you need another parasite cleanse to cover it.

>>During this diet I was suffering from almonds and nuts

Craving matter and should not be ignored. There is SOMETHING in the food you need, so I wouldn't resist. Several people need starch to detoxify, so next time, don't feel bad about eating them.

Vonderplanitz actually has a "Nut Formula" he recommends people eat once a week.

>>I had 3 raw eggs and contrary to my expectations they
>>tasted to me very nice and pleasant.

When I blend 4 raw organic eggs, 1 spoon of honey, and the rest raw milk in an 8 ounce mason jar (or "magic bullet"), that tastes pretty good to me also. I sometimes eat the eggs straight, but they don't taste great.

Your body must really need them if they taste great. I have a friend that eats raw pig liver, straight, and it tastes great to her. I... cannot do that, lol. But I think her body sends her a message and she survived multiple myeloma cancer doing it so...

>>1.- Would you be so kind and would like to share in
>>details what have you done to recover and eliminate your
>>candida, please?

Sure, details are below.

>>2.- Would it be advisable under Aajonus Vonderplanitz
>>raw diet, to use a zapper or an herbal formula to
>>control the candida and any possible parasites?

Sure, I would. Vonderplanitz does think parasites are the problem, and he's right, they were not 'initially' the problem, but they've become a problem and impede recovery. So it makes sense to deal with them imo.

For example, I was on the Primal Diet for 1.5 years and I still had a parasite that was draining energy from me until I killed it with parastat.

For your own curiousity, I would try testing to see if you have Candida before trying anything. Try taking 100mg of nystatin 3 times per day for 2 weeks and notice any changes in your health. If there is no change, you don't have Candida, it's probably either amoebas or protazoa, which can be killed by Parastat.

Good luck, please keep me posted as to how you are doing in the future. (No one ever does this, sigh).



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