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Re: Not too much!! Thinks, thoughts, info & suggestions...Re: Doing too much ?? Long..
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Published: 11 years ago
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Re: Not too much!! Thinks, thoughts, info & suggestions...Re: Doing too much ?? Long..

Dear Uniquity,

I can not believe the time and effort you took to answer my questions. I had never in my wildest dreams expected such a response. I feel overwhelmed by your generosity. It will take me some time to read through everything a couple of times and digest it. I feel such a response deserves a thorough study from my side.

I have no idea what a Carillon is.. Is this some kind of fruit?

I have the Interviews with Dr. Schultze. Very old tapes as he looks quite young and has a gorgeous green background. There is also a Spanish guitar playing at the start of the tapes. Reminds me of southern Spain. It is extremely interesting. I actually thought it is better than the Natural healing crusade. He tells in series of interviews his experiences with healing people and how he approached it.

Btw my partner is a huge Starwars fun. Do or do not there is not try :) So true. Guess that says enough you do it or not. Answers my question you can not do enough or too much as long as you use common sense.

Today I went to see a gynecologist. The gynecologist did an internal echo and said he could not find anything at all. I had no growths nothing. I looked perfectly healthy to him. He even asked me if I even had a pregnancy (I have two kids). He said my own doctor must have made a mistake (surprise surprise). That was no surprise to me at all. I was pleasantly surprised as I read that its quite normal if you are over 40 to have some fibroid s.(I am 42).I cant believe my own doctor talking about hysterectomies and trying to stuff me with hormones (no I don't use any birth control pills. I had one try 15 years old and decided I did not feel good on it) while there was nothing wrong with me. At least not anymore. Probably being on Int #1 and 2 since then and eating mostly (95% with occasional sweet potato) life food healed me these last two weeks. Certainly did not harm me :) (we have been on the program now a month). Or like you said was the albest also very possible. I am also thinking I had parasites in my womb as one of the things I expelled was a wormlike substance. It was shaped like a coil and firm when I touched it. Never seen menstruation blood looking like that. Also what I think that one of the detox ways for a female is through menstruation blood. And that I went through a massive detox.

I actually went through 9 surgeries in the last 20 years. And on everyone of those I had problems because a doctor messed up. I actually was reanimated 2 times because of their f*** ups. Don't know how it is in the USA but here in the Netherlands its getting worse every year. And here we can not even bring a doctor to court for Mal practice. Not to mention the bad care and extremely bad nutrition. How can they expect someone to get better feeding them greasy meats and over boiled vegetables. Going to an hospital is like an lottery. If you lucky you come out alive with all your organs intact. I wish I had know about Dr Schultze years ago.

2 years ago I had an operation to fix an rupture in my intestinal wand. The surgeon 'forgot' to close me up correctly. After I came out of surgery my blood pressure kept dropping. They tried to get it back with medicine. 4 hours later I was back in surgery where they found out I had massive bleeding and had lost 4.5 liter of blood. Little mistake. Second mistake was that they did not check my blood before operating and found out they could not give me a blood transfusion as I had antibodies in my blood (probably a good thing..) . So they had to have special artificial blood made for me. Which took 4 hours while trying to keep me alive. Second mistake. Then because of no blood in my blood one week later after the operation my flesh started to rot away. (I checked out after one day in hospital after seeing what disgusting foods they were trying to feed me. I thought how can I heal eating this bad disgusting food!) They could not sow me up again as my flesh started to rot. They had no clue what to do. The smell around me was also unbearable. I could not stand being around this smell. As they doctors were not helping me and I had a hole in my stomach where I could literally put a fist in I started to look for other ways to heal myself (their suggestion was using a menstrual pad of Always with a scent... ). So I surfed the internet trying to find a natural way to heal myself. First I got rid of the smell by using activated charcoal packages/bandages on the wound. That would draw out the bad stuff and thank god the smell.The smell of rotting flesh is unbelievable and nauseating. Then I smeared organic honey on the wounds (this helped the healing and disinfected the wound. You could see it working.). I also used tea tree oil and putting a hot and cold shower 5 times a day on the area. I started to fruit juice. I tried Water Fasting but did not last one day on it. It just did not feel right. I felt I had to feed my body as I needed to rebuild a lot of blood and tissue. After I started to do all this my body healed it self in 2 months. This big hole closed up totally. It did not even heal up with a lot of scars. Just little white lines nothing to worry about. When I saw the hole I could not believe a human body could actually have such huge hole in their body and still live. I had episodes of hysterics despairing how I could possible heal such a big hole. Nightmares about my whole body rotting away. But it shows the testimony that your body can totally regrow huge amounts of tissue and the power of your body. I actually did a lot of things that Dr. Schultze recommends. I also started to take 30 minutes walk at the beginning to get some exercise while I was healing. Nothing stress fully just walking around. But if I had know about Colon Cleansing and the incurable program then that would have been so much better! I did not know about the importance of colon cleaning and cleaning all your eliminations organs. I did not know that I could have parasites! I did not know the power of herbs. I wish I had know about Echinea and other herbs. Especially garlic. I always have eaten lots of garlic. Its part of the Spanish food stable.

You are absolutely right it must have been the albest. Not taking that again. Going to read all the information about this.

I have also been increasing Intestinal Formula 1. I been taking it in the morning and evening as I saw his Dr Schultze tapes that you can just take it over the days instead of taking a huge dosis at night. Its a bit too much otherwise with the cayenne pepper. Still only 1 or 2 BM a day but I keep working at it. I need to do a lot of cleaning I guess before I reach the stage of 3 BM a day or after every snack.

I will read through your email a few times. I have to go the UK for a week so cant really do anything until I return. So when I come back I am planning a liver detox and kidney detox and am going to go through your recommendations. Will sent you an email like you recommended. One big package is probably cheaper yes than lots of small things.

While watching the natural healing crusades tapes I wondered something about his program. He says if you not very ill a vegan lifestyle is a good health building program. He includes also grains in his program. I myself am not so convinced about the health benefits of grains. I actually stopped eating grains a few years ago. What do you think about eating grains? (rice, grains,breads)

I not sure what my problem is. But I think maybe something in my hormones must be totally off. Why I think this. I actually consume very little calories a day. Over the years I read a massive amount of information concerning foods and stuff. Even through I eat very little and am very active. I work every day 10 hours and am quite active I can never manage to loose these last 10 kgs. Believe me I have tried everything. I also have bad periods although never as bad as last episode. Reading about the female formula gave me the idea it may balances or stimulate my body to producing the correct hormones. I am also tempted to think it has to do with my adrenals glands and that I am overproducing cortisol. As my blood pressure goes through a cyclus. It can be unexpectedly high then normal again without any reason. So am hoping after doing all the detox programs I get more clarity. You are right about this too. Hard to see whats wrong if all your elimination organs are not working properly. So my first step will be doing all the detox programs.

My problems is really determining what to eat and wondering if I am having all nutrition and especially the protein I need. Can you life on fruits and fruit juices with the occasional nuts and super food without having any fish or meat? Will you not after a 2 year period get a lack of nutrition? He also said that coco nut oil was not healthy but its been proved that is beneficial for your health. What do you think about coconut oil? I normally use it to take a bath with it, put on my hair and face. It works super when my daughter has a rash. I put it on and in 24 hours its gone. Sometimes I use it to fry in it instead of olive oil. I am Spanish so olive oil was always my preferred oil to use. I can actually say that although I am 42 I have no wrinkles at all. I have always contributed this to the use of coconut oil and oliveoil.

Take care. You are doing a good thing with helping us poor desperate people trying to become healthy balanced individuals.

Again I thank you out of the bottom of my heart for all your insights and links and help. And yes your shop is so much cheaper than Dr. Schultze. I compared your prices and such a HUGE difference.

Marillon (I got this name actually from the rock & roll group Marillion.. and been using it as my alias name on internet)


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