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Re: Liver flushes can cause liver damage?
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Published: 17 years ago
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Re: Liver flushes can cause liver damage?

AST - asperate amino transrase:

intracellular enzyme involved in amino acid and carbohydrate metabolism. an increase in level mease necrosis* or diseases of the tissuses.AST in in high concentration in the muscle,liver, and brain.

*necortizing (necorsis) of the tissue can be causes by:
insufficent blood supply, physical agents such as trauma or radient energy(electricity,infared,ultra-violet,roentgen,and radium rays), chemical agents acting locally, acting internally following absorbtion, or placed in the wrong tissue. some meds can cause necrosis if the vein and some uch as iron dextran cause necrosis if injected into areas other than a deep muscle or vein.

ALT - alanine aminortransferase

intracellular enzyme involved in amino acid and carbohydrate metabolism. an increase in level mease necrosis* or diseases of the tissuses.AST in in high concentration in the muscle,liver, and brain. formerly known as serum glutamic pyruvic transamineases (SGPT) or glutamic-pyruvic transaminase.

the measure of this enzyme is most commonly used as part of the differential diagnosisi of liver diseases suck as hepatitis. and is used to track the progress of the disease.

Liver Enzymes
• ALT - (alanine aminotransferase) - was previously called SGPT is more specific for liver damage. The ALT is an enzyme that is produced in the liver cells (hepatocytes) therefore it is more specific for liver disease than some of the other enzymes . It is generally increased in situations where there is damage to the liver cell membranes. All types of liver inflammation can cause raised ALT. Liver inflammation can be caused by fatty infiltration (see fatty liver) some drugs/medications, alcohol, liver and bile duct disease.

• AST - (aspartate aminotransferase) which was previously called SGOT.
This is a mitochondrial enzyme that is also present in heart, muscle, kidney and brain therefore it is less specific for liver disease. In many cases of liver inflammation, the ALT and AST activities are elevated roughly in a 1:1 ratio.
How do the liver cell membranes get damaged in the first place?
Inflammation is a common cause of damage to the delicate liver cell membranes.
Liver inflammation is medically termed Hepatitis (hepato = liver, itis = inflammation).
This has many different causes including long term alcohol excess, some medications such as long term Antibiotics , cholesterol lowering medications and pain killers, oral synthetic Hormone Replacement, viral infections of the liver such as Hepatitis A, B & C, auto-immune hepatitis, hemachromatosis, primary biliary cirrhosis, exposure to toxic chemicals such as insecticides & pesticides & organic solvents & incorrect diet.

Fatty liver can cause raised Liver Function Test results
One of the most common causes of liver inflammation is fatty liver (see Fatty Liver) Fatty liver is also known as NASH, which stands for Non- Alcoholic Steatorrhoeic Hepatosis. It is very common in overweight persons, over the age of 30 who have had a long term poor diet high in processed foods, sugar, saturated fat and dairy products.

Generally an ultrasound of the abdominal area should also be performed. Many cases of fatty liver can be picked up this way. The ultrasound will detect areas ‘of increased echogenicity’ meaning that the liver tissue is beginning to become infused with fat.

What can be done to lower the readings?
In my medical practice where I do a lot of routine blood tests for hormone levels and liver function in overweight patients, I often find slight elevations in liver enzymes which signifies mild impairment of liver function and slight liver damage. This can easily be reversed
with the Liver Cleansing Diet principles and specific dietary supplements I have found that it is very difficult for many of my overweight patients to lose weight even though they may be eating only normal amounts, unless I first improve their liver function. Once they are five to six weeks into the " Liver Cleansing Diet" their liver-function tests are usually back to normal and the process of weight loss takes on increased momentum. Yes, the liver is the strategic organ for those who have found it very difficult to lose weight or simply just to maintain a healthy weight as they get older. “The Liver Cleansing Diet” Dr Sandra Cabot p 20.

i thought that info may help.

perhaps you liver in inflamed from pushing out all those stones.
that would be my assumption.


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