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Re: H202 AlkaliZing Baths

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Published: 12 years ago
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Re: H202 AlkaliZing Baths


You may consider adding Epsom Salt to the H2O2 bath it will make it more alkalizing. To find out about them go to that post

For testimonials use the search engine on the Ask Moreless forum or go there

I recall I read that someone said about being cured from cancer with just the baths, but I couldn't find it quickly.

The forum offers other alkalizing protocols. An avoerview of what can be found in the Ask Moreless forum go there

The creator of these protocols has now his own website and no longer posts on Curezone. The Moreless own forum
, but to see the content of all the forums there you will have to create an account. Once the account is created you will also be able to post and ask questions.

Good Luck


Here is the basic alkalizing bath protocol from which 3 other variations can be also made.

The basic bath is as follow:

These baths may pull huge amounts of toxins and acids out of your body fats into your lymphatic system, but if you do not take a cold shower at the end, you may overload the body with too many toxins and acids which it is trying to get rid of and make yourself feel worse.

The ideal way is to start of slow, with a shorter soak time and build up. I suggest you start with 10 minutes and build up to 30 minutes.

There are a few baths that can truly help to alkalize you and start the removal of acidic wastes from the body. Sometimes you will feel invigorated and sometimes you will feel drained.

You can do these as often as you want. You may also try these as foot baths, which may be particularly effective if you have any problems with the lower half of the body. Do not attempt these baths until you have read ALL the notes below! Thank you!

BASIC BATH with H2O2 (Hydrogen Peroxide):
* 2-3 cups of Epsom Salts (Magnesium Sulphate) - approx 2 lbs
* Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) - 1 pint to 1 quart of 3% solution OR 1.5 ounces of 35% solution - **please check safety notes below**

Run a hot bath and add all your ingredients apart from the H2O2 - add that at the end and swirl it into the bath. You want to SWEAT!! Try and stay as submerged as possible but do NOT get the water into your eyes.

After 10-30 minutes, take a freezing cold shower for 1 minute, or however long it takes for you to cool down.

[3 Other Improvements can be found in the link above by adding either: Baking Soda, ACV or Calcium Hydrohyde]


**If you can, skin brush before getting into the bath - this starts lymphatic movement and will help you detoxify more.

**If you're really brave and want to open up your pores more, take 50mg of Niacin B3 (you MUST get the flush version). Take this on an empty stomach 10 minutes before getting into the bath. Your body will flush red and you will feel your skin is prickly, the sensation should last 30-60 minutes, but this is a really powerful way to sweat and open up your pores for more efficient detoxification. You can combine this with skin brushing.

** You can add some kelp as minerals if you have skin problems (but you'll stink!!)

** you can also add oregano oil, cayenne pepper, ginger powder ... all are wonderful at creating more sweat and heat. ** You can spray your body (avoid eyes) a few minutes before and staright after the bath with 3% Hydrogen peroxide, and that will help to alkalize you even more

For those who do not have a bath at home, you have options of doing alkalizing foot baths or alkalizing showers.

GENERAL KEY HEALTH NOTES: **Make sure you're well hydrated before the bath, also take a herbal tea into the bathroom with you and sip whilst bathing. I like to take ginger and lemon, peppermint, elderberry or dandelion.

** If you are extremely ill and weak, these baths can feel exhausting. Please make sure someone is around should you need to get some help out of the bath! Only stay in the bath as long as you can take it, if that means starting with 5 or 10 minutes, go for it! Alternatively, just try alkalizing foot baths to begin with.

**The hydrogen peroxide supplies the Extra Oxygen which is needed by the body for the Electrical charges.

** Baking Soda is called Bicarbonate of soda or Sodium bicarbonate (NaHCO3). The Baking soda provides extra Sodium in the water which may help neutralise the excess acids which the Epsom Salts pulls out of the body among other things, so helping the body to heal much faster.

**These detox baths cause the body to get rid of Toxins through Sweating through the pores, and it is essential that the water is very warm/hot and can stay that way through out the duration of bathing. It is the heat of the hot water which causes the Acidic Nitrogen Isotope to be drawn out of the body.

**The reason people feel so exhausted after soaking is because of the amount of acids which have been released from your body fats, into your Lymphatic system on their way to be eliminated out through your skin pores. The Acids which would be causing the most problem may be the Nitrogen Acid Isotope along with any other toxins, which is the reason for taking the cold shower afterwards, yet you only need to shower cold, long enough to take the heat out of your skin on the outer body! Taking this cold shower afterwards, stops the release of any more acids so you may recover from having too
many acids to overload the Lymphatic system, which may cause one to feel poorly, if the acid release isn't stopped. Everything should be done in cycles, so the body may recover. Release some acids and allow the body to dispose of them and relax for a while and start the cycle over again.

**You can do these baths as often as daily, but that may be too much for some.

**People are cautioned to start out slow at first. Also to make the point clear about the cold shower after wards, the importance of this cold shower, is it may help throw the body to the Alkaline side, if done properly and you have not caused too many Toxins and Acids to be released into the Lymphatic system. In other wards, if one does the Hot bath and then does not take the cold shower, then this allows the body to remain too acidic! The cold shower is very important in the end of the process or the body may be more acidic than in the beginning from all the Toxins and Acids which may have been released into the Lymphatic system!

**Should you find you feel worse, (like having flu like symptoms) you may help yourself temporarily by taking one full Tablespoonful of Baking Soda in an 8oz glass of water and drinking this over a 30 minute time period, not sooner! This may help correct the imbalance of your ratios between the Sodium and Potassium which you may suffering from. This may help neutralize the excess acids temporarily plus correct the sodium to potassium ratio.


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