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God c**k Metaphor
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Published: 11 years ago
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God c**k Metaphor

"One calling God a "COCK" is not EXAMINING Christianity it's a downright INSULT to a persons beliefs."

Actually its a metaphor, albiet a shocking one to some and a funny one to others. It depends on your filters and how attached you are to it all. Using the term is a way to say that it is obvious that men created god. men have enjoyed a power over women for many centuries and wrote it right into the bible. By saying that god has a peis is a way of saying that the god is a projection of men and thier "collective" penis.

This clearly demonstrates to me, and perahps others who are operating on a wider vew of things,that you are not capable of separating the examination or comments on a belief system from the one delivering them, ie the messenger.

At least I have a feel for your continual need to personally attack the messenger over and over. You feel you need to defend the character "god" and all the people who cherish the character who may also feel queezy when having their character examined. You are so attached to the belief that any examination of it or any parody with it and you feel threatened and must defend the character of the story book. This is a simple over compensation for victim consciousness

I have seen children do this too with spiderman and other characters. Thew can get downright hostile. Undeveloped minds have a hard time separating fantasy from reality. Only at some point they grow out of this, realizing that it's only a story and only information. Some can actually laugh along at the fun afterwards. It is kind of like finally getting the long standing punchline.

"I have read your input elsewhere on CZ and I see NO insult but for some reason or other you show CONTEMPT of Christians and their BELIEFS, interesting isn't it?"

It is interesting you interpret that way. Sensitivity.

Actually I feel no contempt towards christians. The belief system is goofy and flawed and this is the forum to point that out. Notice that I am saying the belief system is goofy. I am not saying that YOU are goofy. That would be a personal attack. Can you see the difference? I can explain it again if you'd like. It is okay. You are not the only one in this forum who has not grasped the concept. It seems quite clear to some that there is a difference between the message and the messenger. Yet to others the line is quite blurry ;-)
Take your time with this concept. It will come.

"If you have a problem with me it's because you cannot deal with someone that stands their ground."

This isn't standing ground as much as displaying very nicely, victim consciousness and reeling and grasping at straws in order to feel better while being stirred inside as your belief system is being examined in various ways. You are being stimulated and responding in a predictable, animal manner. This is reacting vs responding. As people evolve they move towards the latter.

"That is my last word on the matter."

If history is any indicator then I doubt it, but we can hope. ;-)

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