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Re: Peeling Lips and Dating

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Published: 11 years ago
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Re: Peeling Lips and Dating

After 5 months now theres POSITIVE PROGRESS...

From normal but dry bleeding cracked lips and crusty corners to inflammed swollen tacky and white filmy ones when wet, my lips began to then buckle and wrinkle which is when i first found alternative sight...

But now my lips have none of the above symptoms with the exception of slight tackyness and a lip that is less of a raisin but more like a hydrated sultana and fingers crossed things will get better with some fine tuning..

First of all i was touched by this particular post thread. I guess not only because i can relate to it but it answered something an initial question of mine in the forum enquiresd about but had little response...Are there any links with this and the natures and characters of people?


It's hard enough being a shy sensitive introvert whose insecurities and fear of rejection keeps some people like some coral fish hidden away in knooks and crannies instead of swimming serenly amidst the social shoals of and having fun being open to risking and sharing intamacy...But with lips like this it's as good a chastity belt and a simple kiss to start the ball rolling in the bedroom sport department is a notion insurmountable in the minds of some particulary with lip ailments ! (Emotional and physical intamacy can happen without "sex" of course..)

Personaly i'm hypersensitive easily hurt and like a sea anemone it takes me a while to unfurl..i actualy need alone time because too much interaction frys my nerves and to recharge my batteries...but with this condition i kinda feel stuck to my rock and going nowhere!

Although there are bouts of my tentacles serenly wavering the thought routes i choose and have together with my sensitivities causes me to be easily anxious and stressed.
I might feel a degree of happyness, appear calm and relaxed but there is still an element of anxiety and stress if you like in the background.

If i hear an explosion or an impromptu fire work i feel it in my stomach = solar plexsus area. It contracts like a closing umbrella simultaneously..It's the nerves radiating around here like a spaghetti who are hyper sensitive can be prone to "abdominal migraines" for which there are is no medical pill for. It's thought that they "pick up" on negative vibrations in situations, and unable to express, feel it nonetheless in theri stomachs..Everbodys body map has the same area and spaghetti juction of nerves..because you are not sensing it doesn't mean it's not there and it's "not being effected."

It's the area where the solar plexsus stomach processes feelings and emotions and thus stress whether background or obvious and is well known to compromise and put the digestive track out of kilter: the repercussions is endless like a dominoe effect including the effectiveness of the immune system and its role in curing..

I'm deeply interested in the connection of peoples attitudes and characters and the link with malaises. How it's physical manifestation in some way is a message, or the body's language is an attempt to alert th e person and point out a "problem" that needs attending and it's by no means unusual to find in countless cases the origin of the problem is to be found "else where."

A bit like we can smell and see the smoke (the physical condition on the lips) which is clear as day in the mirror but the fire and the source of the smoke is elsewhere and because of xy and/or z?

You can have a good out like an althlete..pop supplements...but like the ferarri...although you can put high quality petrol in...and for all the care on the rest of the surface of the body, buffing up with waxes and creams etc why does it still back fire and have plumes of smoke coming from a crusty exhaust pipe prone to rust and holes?!

I think the problem is not only on the surface but needs a fine tuning elsewhere and not to discount encompassing the thoughts of the driver who is responsible for maintaining the overall performance of the motor inside and out.

For what it's worth..i'm a sensitive type...too much the "listener" not enough the "talker" for xyz reasons...
and stifle expressing myself and view points etc..not even writng online...until now...and am beginning to speak up and disclose and share my views and feelings verbally in my day to day life too..A hurdle i have to jump and practice more of to find hopefully a healthly balance in time ie i'm learning not to repress develop a thicker skin whilst remaining open and empathic.

It's important how you personaly interpret your own body language there is no wrong or right answers and each is unique but it will guide you to an area and personal issue that you may have..which may be different and thats ok..I'ts amazing to discover an emotional knot to then unpick it and have it unravell and the benefits of that exponential..

Personaly for me the expression i read years ago "lips are unforgiving for a story untold" is something that touched me deeply too because there was truth in it for me and is so very pertinent to my situation and am only acting upon it now and prompted by the physical condition of my lips EC or No EC it's good to talk anyway..

Like i said things for me are positively progressing, and i guess each persons methods of recovery is bespoke to them.

Are there any surveys or questionnaires regarding people with the EC symptoms here?

From what i have gleaned it happens to both female and male and has effected both young and mature! Those who are skinny and not..exercise and don't...carnivores and there a common thread here other than sharing on the surface distressed lips or not?

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