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positive progress from dry,swollen, peeling, wrinkled
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Published: 11 years ago

positive progress from dry,swollen, peeling, wrinkled

The curious thing here is that i have displayed a broad range of a relative short space of 5 included the dry cracked then swollen white film tacky stage to wrinkled buckeled raisin lips..all have ceased with the exception of tacky lips if you know what i mean and my upper lip has regained it's plumpness and is now in sultana zone stage!

But since i've made some attitudinal changes alongwith being proactive with cessation and implementation of other stuff..things are noticeably better..

I wanted to hold off until things were back to normal but have simply switched a switch and changed my mind!

There's a post under the thread about *** "Dating"*** it gives somewhat other pointers and an attempt to leave no stone unturned incase it's relevant and has been a part of my recovery. To those that have endured this for many years the answer to the cause is out there...people have recovered and improved myself included..


The role of collagen being compromised in the skin matrix on our lips is obvious we can clearly feel and see it. But what of the unseen skin inside our bodies where collagen and elastin plays a role there too but is hidden?

The skin care article posted by someone was very helpful especialy of interest was the vital and critical role of of MMPS in the collagen elastin skin matrix found outside and inside the body which effectively hold the skin cells and components together ...

MMPS are the boys whose job it is to chop up and recycle the collagen elastin fibril forming meshes.

Interestingly there are different mesh types according to organs...Working together are collagens Type 1 ( found in the skin) and iii (responsible for fast growing tissue in the initial phase of wound repair!) Type V11 is found in the gastrointestinal DIGESTIVE TRACT. Theres others for tendons bones and even one specifically for GUMS!

Interestingly too is ....when theres INFLAMMATION the recycling boys in the form of MMP get very busy chopping and recycling the skin collagen matrix down and maybe get too busy!!!'s as if the lips have little time to fully heal with out these boys barging in maybe they know not all is well at the inflammation front and are pulling down the matrix walls before it's had a chance to knit together to hold other components and fully heal.

Is this condition "collegen specific" to certain organs or all inclusive to others which if it was would include digestive track which would be inflammed too..That poor guy who had TRENCH MOUTH in his GUMS springs to mind but RECOVERED from all symptoms please remember! His overcoming fear and anxiety with a positive attitude and healthy Diet may have inadvertantly healed an inflammed gut too without his realisation!!!

So how to reduce inflammation especially in reference to decreasing the recycling MMPs?

The article refers to the Bowellia Serrata tree also the reseratol in grapes..which are not only antiflammatory but an antioxidant that inhibit COX inhibitors which are involved with the inflammation response mechanism... etc etc but other nuggets of info mentioned maybe of further help?

I can't find how to do the link but it's in the post under collagen a few days weeks ago? Can someone find the link? thanks. enough for the moment...

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