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Re: I am at home! lol!
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Published: 11 years ago
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Re: I am at home! lol!

yes, hunter. what comes from the head is to serve the heart but those superior thoughts feeding from their source of hate, greed, pride, anger jaulously, envy, dividion, all the sins to their head would feel consoled to the heart in order to have more evil. their God is Satan, the God of darken. they desire every thing that destroy the true love and awakeness from giving it to others. they want us to be stupid so that we obey them and that because they had hate and shame on them to hide and to be proud. they don't want to be one in one experience, they saw in their head light for an escape from an enemy but this enemy is in their heart - PURE fEAR. no sooner they left the fearless Jesus, a fear grew into a beast to sicken our soul and destroy us from the earth. as prophesized. they have instigated the illusion as something to drive life against the others, they created relativity, the poor and the rich and yet inside their heart of which God sees is the opposite. they enjoy the bliss of ignorance on the cost of others dejected farther into the dark for comparison. and they are proud yet unable to exite the love into the others - why?
the same is happening nowadays. with the evil system and the priest nothing is said about it - they do not even want to know because they want to be possitive but in the heart hidden negative. they are with the devils. NO awareness - they force love for hidding that is hate for you. now those who are leading us are not open to the experiece any more because they have enough illusive to save their ass, to make money and stay away from reality, in spite of our driven dragety to harm. how can we make them awakened to reality of which the poor is forced to suffer - they are safe, are they. Inside the 95 per cent illusion and the poor have to pay it by their lives. we are casted in the dark and they are projecting that evil on us - but that evil is in their heart. this is the separations that fearless spiritual teacher on the youtube are trying to pass to us. wake up. I can see in my mind very well. we all can if we do not go after these devil and illusion to be doomed in the box - 95 illusion, waste, imbalance. do you want to be rich? A trap, turn you back and let the devils come behide you - no fear. they have only illusion and we have reality. who win? why fear?????????????????? For their pleasure, cruely, restlessness, hate, sickness, and an eternal hell. who is with Juses, with his love that awake reality in your fearless heart? am i negative because i show you what you have in your heart? we have to know the truth that the devil will have no place to hide in the illusion. he is using us and happily killing us. Do you like to join him? I tell you: you will not because he will get more frightened and more illusive to kill you - you know this is the only way to his survival. we have to change to accept the experience or the reality no matter the time or cost or money. No LIES - TRUTH. With real love and no fear we can truly do it. can we turn a the church to do that? don't wait for the devil to do it for us for they love him, they project hate on us and laught at us, at our comedies. we do not have wisdom given by any priest so that evil will be held in the boundery and controlled by compassion, held in balance with our facing reality without fear. this is oneness. it is very beuatiful, indeed, hunter. and thanks. you know the devils don't like such talking from your heart but i love it much more - it will defeat them. they do every thing to burden you and darken you so you will not interfer with their evil earning and pleasure at the cost of hate and destruction. they love it so that tech/ art can develope not to help the poor but to expoit him even more and kill him. what a hateful obsessed humens. you know i say the same as jesus said this world is not mine. is this what the priest and the name christians admit to live into and prosper - hell with you. jesus said all this. yet he forgave and we do not change at all. where is your love and its projection. or have this love onto other and you will have it projected from inside you as God's will. I said love first and its reality to all livings. wake up make you heart speak to you and not illusion from the illusive and hunger of the devil in the world which is not mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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