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Hey 70007, just wanted to chat!!!
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Published: 13 years ago
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Hey 70007, just wanted to chat!!!

Hey 70007,
Surfer27 here. I read your text and was somewhat encouraged. Just to give ya a breakdown of my problem, I have had this fecal Body Odor scent coming off of me, for the last 4 yrs. I have tried everything to eliminate it, from going for every kind of doctor tests, to trying what they suggest, like bowel cleansing, colon cleansing, taking probiotics, going on a Candida diet for months and taking those Candida pills, to trying digestive enzymes. I have done everything I was told by the doctors and have tried, everything from people's experiences online here at Curezone with getting good results for their fecal Body Odor and I still haven't seen any good results yet!! Why is this? I know something's wrong with me, I just don't know what????? To let you know, I myself am a Christian. I have been a Christian for 22 yrs and accepted Jesus as my Lord and Saviour when I was just a little kid, however all through this time, I'm wondering "where does God fit into all of this?" "is God ever going to heal me?" can I be healed?" didn't God say that if you believe, you will be healed?" "is going to all of these doctors, going to help me, if the end results are that, I am just going back to square one?" will I ever be able to live my life again, as a normal person would be able to do, without smelling my foul Body Odor ?" "is wishing for my life to get back to normal pointless at this time, if my body odor hasn't cleared up?". All of these questions I wonder about every single day!!!! I feel like I am literally in a some kind of hell, not the actual physical, spiritual hell, but some form of it, because of my day to day personal suffering in silence consistantly and it never ends. It's like a bad dream or nightmare, where you hope that, when you wake up it all goes away, but when you do wakeup, the problem is still there!! This has been the story of my Christian life, suffering as a Christian for the last 4 yrs and there's only so much of this personal, inside suffering from this debilating problem I can take!!!!! I have even had suicidal thoughts daily at times, where I've planned out how I want to do it, because the agony of this personal problem and suffering in silence as a result, has lead me to believe that killing myself is the only way to find peace away from this problem and give me some much needed relief!! At the same time, I know that I have a family who loves and cares about me and wouldn't want to lose me, but with everything I've gone through, I just push thinking about my friends and family aside and say, yah know what, if this doesn't get easier with time and I can't find relief from my physical problems, at least if I am dead, I won't be able to no longer smell my foul body odor, which in a sense is very true!!! I am just right now, in a bad state of mind and no longer, feel at peace, nor do I feel confident to walk into a church anymore, because of fear that, if I go people there (christians there) will judge me, condemn me or physically laugh at me, because of my problem, instead of being caring, understand, support me and allow Christ's love to envelope me. This is how I am currently feeling and I can't help, but not feel this way daily, due to my current physical state of health and mind. I have run out of options and don't know, where else to turn. I have asked the Lord to help me, but He hasn't always been there for me, in the ways I've wanted Him to be there and if I don't consistantly get help from the Lord, or areas of direction from members with the church, where then, do I turn????? This is the case for me right now and it's the truth!!! I am so confused, frustrated, fatigued by this problem daily, annoyed, embarrassed and ashamed of it. What do I do next???
I have already asked God to help me, but I am not getting any clear pictures, as to where He wants me to go for help?? Please, if you can get this message, please respond back as I am at the end of my rope and don't want to keep living this way, despite the positive feedback I get from family members saying I look better. They don't really understand to the fullest extent of how bady, malodor body odors can affect one's full extent of his or her lives, until it happens physically to that person, like myself. I have not, been able to go out anymore, due to the comments I get from people and the physical looks I get from people. I have not been able to go to church in over 3 yrs, due to the comments I get from people within the church, I haven't been able to work at a job in 3 yrs, due to my physical problem and I haven't been able to consistantly socialize in a busy environment with other people, due to my foul body odor. Everything I have written here, is from my heart and what I've had to deal with, both on a physical, but also an emotional and spiritual level and I feel like I am a nobody and that I don't exist physically. Please get back to me asap if you can, if you get this reply!!! I would appreciate it, as I am needing for several people to gather around and pray for healing of my situation. If you know of anyone else who could pray for me, whether that be online, or someone you know personally, please explain to them my situation so that, they can keep me in prayer. Thanks and take. Bye for now.

Ryan Annunziello

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