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Re: Looking in the wrong place
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Published: 11 years ago
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Re: Looking in the wrong place

You said,"I don't believe there is an absolute truth, what is true for one may not be true for another."

Your belief is a very popular belief in our current times. It DOES seem to be the belief of many who consider themselves to be well educated and in the in crowd. It makes it very easy to have tolerance towards others with this belief. After all, no one can be wrong. It does make everyone involved feel good about themselves and others. You do not have to disagree with anyone, except of course the Christians who believe that Jesus is the only way. Yes, I imagine that this belief does bring a person a good deal of peace if they really believe it. It is not a rational belief; it makes no sense. If you believe two plus two equals five, you are living in deception in this matter. Only those who believe that two plus two equals four have the truth no matter how much the other group says it can equal whatever you believe.

CureZone is about finding truth. I'm guessing that most of the members here do not agree with what is popular because they know it is not truth. For example, many avoid mainstream medicine because they have been hurt by it or just know better. They know that these doctors are deceived in their profession even though they are well educated. Members here know that the doctors have been educated in deception, so they do not go along with what is popular and well accepted. They go for the truth. This matter is no different.

You said,"It is arrogance to think that what you personally believe is the absolute truth for everyone"

Now this argument should really give your beliefs some teeth because it lowers the status of those who believe that Jesus is the only way. After all, who wants to be arrogant and who wants to follow the arrogant. I know I don't, but then again, I do know that they may not really be arrogant. It is just how you perceive them. Or, you may be just using this tactic to give your views some extra teeth. God knows you need it and anything else you can grasp at to convince yourself of this lie.

You said, "You may be convinced you have the 'truth', but so are muslims, buddhists, pagans, hindus etc etc etc. You can't all be right, and its possible you might all be wrong."

Yes, I do agree that all these beliefs cannot all be right. And, I also want to add that the possibility of your being included in those that are wrong is just as great as the others.

I get the feeling, from reading some of your other posts, that you feel the main reason that Christians share the good news that Jesus saves is because they are trying to earn brownie points with God. Well ok, that may be the reason that some of them share the news, but I know that this is not the case for all of them. Some of us have a burden for the lost. I know that I personally do not want to see anyone lose his or her soul. Now let me ask you, if you saw a child run out into a street to go after his run away ball, would you not warn him to stop if you saw a car coming that he did not see? Or, would you just let him run after the ball knowing full well that the car would hit and kill him? If you did decide to warn him, would your only motivation be the brownie points that you would earn from the parents of the saved child. Or, are you the kind of person that would warn him because you care about people and you would not want to see him or anyone else get killed?

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