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Published: 13 years ago
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Re: Safely Avoid and Remove Dangerous Man-Made Fluoride

very good, DQ, I was just looking at that~ the only thing that I would research a little further is the suggestion to use a cal-mag supplement whilst supping iodine, magnesium alone is suggested and here's why, from the man, Prof Guy Abrahams:

"Magnesium deficiency, which is prevalent in the US population, results in increased levels of cytosolic free calcium.98 Intracellular free calcium levels above the normal range are cytotoxic causing calcification of mitochondria and cell death. The cell membrane possesses an ATP-dependant calcium pump that keeps intracellular levels of free ionized calcium within narrow limits. This calcium pump is magnesium-dependent for normal function. Magnesium deficiency results in a defective calcium pump and intracellular accumulation of ionized calcium. Inadequate iodine/iodide intake below orthoiodosupplementation results in decreased levels of delta-iodo-lactone. Combined magnesium and iodine/iodide deficiency based on the concept of orthoiodosupplementation are the basic factors involved in the oxidative damage caused by excess H2O2 and reactive oxygen species. If this proposed mechanism is valid, orthoiodosupplementation,30 combined with magnesium intake between 800-1,200 mg/day, a daily amount this author recommended 21 years ago 98 for magnesium sufficiency, should reverse autoimmune thyroiditis. This nutritional approach is also effective in Graves' autoimmune thyroiditis as previously discussed."


And, here's more info for you as well. A few suggestions that you did not cover, such as pectin and avoidance of acidic foods, but also links to studies(within the links, ya know) This is something that I've researched extensively:) Between the two of us I'd say we have it covered~

consolidated info re: fluoride detox     RRR by wombat   13 mon  1,754  Iodine Supplementati

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Subject:   consolidated info re: fluoride detox
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just a bunch of stuff I grabbed, I see the Q coming up:)


Guy Abraham, MD....on detoxifying the body of unwanted halides:

"Is there a practical and simple way to lower the body's burden of fluoride and bromide? It has been known for sometime now that bromide competes with chloride in the extracellular space and that the total molar concentration of bromide plus chloride remains constant. (8) This concept has been used to decrease extracellular bromide levels by saline loading. However, the presence of bromide in the thyroid gland (9) and the central nervous system (10) suggests that there is another intracellular "pool" of bromide, not responding to chloride. In the thyroid gland, bromide competes with Iodide for uptake, oxydation and organification.

"Therefore, increasing iodide intake should lower bromide levels in the thyroid, preventing and reversing its thyrotoxic and goitrogenic effects. The same applies to fluoride. Galletti and Joyet (12) evaluated the effect of 5-10 mg fluoride on thyroid functions in hyperthyroid patients. Although fluoride inhibited the iodide-concentrating mechanism of the thyroid, fluoride did not accumulate in the thyroid. Based on their radioactive tracer studies, they concluded "Fluorine does not impair the capacity of the gland to synthesize thyroid hormones when there is an abundance of iodide in the blood." Therefore, fluoride toxicity depends on iodide supply."

"Following supplementation with the iodine/iodide preparation, there was a progressive increase in the excretion of fluoride and bromide. With 3 tablets, the 24h excretion of fluoride was 17.5 times baseline level; and for bromide, 18 times baseline level. These high levels persisted even after one month of supplementation at 3 tablets/day, being 15 times baseline level for fluoride, and 16 times for bromide. After one month, the estimated total amount of halide excreted was 24 mg fluoride and 8700mg bromide. It is unlikely that such large amounts of halides came from the thyroid gland. It would seem that the whole body is being detoxified. Orthoiodosupplementation could be used under medical supervision to detoxify the body from unwanted halides in a manner similar to the use of EDTA for the detoxification of heavy metals."


lotsa info in this thread, EFA's, and PECTIN to help with calcium absorption:


Reversal of Fluorosis documented/ VITAMIN C


search "tamarind" within this forum:


preferred form of calcium to assist with fluoride detox re: Newport in this thread:


Notes on Fluorine/Fluoride Detoxification

by Maria Abdin


The information which follows is not sufficiently detailed to form a basis for either diagnosis or for designing a treatment regimen. It is solely intended to share measures which might possibly be of use to persons undergoing fluorine/fluoride detoxification through sauna/supportive measures.

1. Sources of fluorine/fluoride exposure include:

-- fluoridated toothpaste, and some pharmaceutical medications, some food/beverages

-- military exposure to chemical weapons

-- exposure to fluoride-containing fumigants and rodenticides, and cigarette smoke

-- industrial exposure --including aluminum smelting, glass etching, and some manufacturing processes

-- fluoridated water --including occupational exposure to sodium fluoride in water treatment, and overexposure to fluoridated water (such as soaking hot tubs, swimming, showers, drinking water, and food products using fluoridated water (such as fruit juices, infant formulas, other beverages)

2. Effects of chronic fluoride/fluorine exposure from ingestion, inhalation, or skin absorption, include:

-- weight loss, chronic fatigue not alleviated by rest, general weakness, depression

-- headaches, bone, joint and muscle pain, muscle spasms

-- brittle bones and teeth, tinnitus

-- anemia, acidosis, reddish spots on skin, slight bleeding from nose lining

-- blurred vision, dizziness, poor balance, numbness and tingling of extremities

-- depression, difficulty concen-trating, loss of mental alertness, nervousness

-- excessive thirst, kidney inflammation, frequent urination

-- nausea, diarrhea, constipation, blood in stools, flatulence, abdominal pain

-- damage to internal organs, and to cellular biochemistry & thyroid functioning

3. Routes of entry and storage:

-- fluorides can enter the body through inhalation of gases and vapors, through swallowing, and through skin absorption.

-- fluorides can be stored in bones and teeth, and any tissues of the body

4. General observations:

People can be exposed to fluorides without being aware of the nature of the chemicals they are exposed to. Careful history-taking can be a useful adjunct to laboratory tests. Some persons, particularly those of paler skin, may have obvious facial signs from chronic fluoride poisoning (see drawing): dark circles extending from the area between the nose and the eyes, to a semicircle under the eyes, with the darkest portion being that near the nose; the "halogen line" --this may or may not be present --a fine whitish line below the area of the dark circle, and at the top of the cheekbones, extending from near the nose to at least midway across cheekbone; if kidney inflammation is present, slight puffiness at outer edges of cheekbone. If the intestines are inflamed, the lips will be redder than normal.

5. Notes on detoxification:

During sauna-based detoxification, and during heavy exercise, fluorine appears to mobilize from body stores. In sufficient quantities, such dumping can cause the symptoms of acute fluorine poisoning and have serious consequences. The fluorine re-entering the circulation can cause acidity (possibly hydrofluoric acid or related compound). Several measures have been found helpful adjuncts to sauna detox and general alleviation of fluoride-intoxication symptoms:

-- avoidance of acidic foods, such as citrus fruits

-- large quantities of supplemental calcium carbonate, which not only helps to de-acidify the body, but also binds fluorine --assisting in safe excretion of fluorine, and also helping replenish body calcium stores depleted by fluorine.

-- ingestion of a tablespoonful of lecithin twice daily, which helps protect nerve sheaths and kidney linings from corrosion/acidity

-- deep breathing of clean, fresh air when the body feels acidic and during the detox procedures, to help remove fluorine through respiration, and relieve some of the stress on the kidneys.

-- ingestion of copious amounts of fluorine-free water, to dilute body concentrations of fluoride and facilitate safe excretion

-- use of Stellaria spp. (common chickweed) as a tea. This plant, a common garden weed which is edible in apparently unlimited quantities without toxic effect, helps soothe inflamed kidneys. It should be gathered from areas free from animal contact and from pesticide/auto exhaust drift. Washed thoroughly, it can then be dried (maintaining color and activity) by placing in open container in a refrigerator, turning gently every day or so until thoroughly dried. It can then be stored in dark containers for a few months. Dose about half to full teaspoon of dried plant per 1 cup boiling water. Bring to boil, simmer a few minutes, then steep for 15-20 minutes. One or two swallows at a time as desired.

-- the sauna used in detoxification should either be "dry sauna," or if an Indian-type sweat lodge is used, then fluoride-free water should be used. Steam saunas using tap water may, in fluoride-containing water areas, add to the problem rather than helping to resolve it.

-- hair loss due to fluoride poisoning (also useful in treatment of organic mercury-related hair loss). After gently washing with "natural" shampoo and rinsing, gently rub into scalp "organic" cold-pressed olive oil to which has been added: a bit of strong nettle (Urtica sp, commonly available in health food stores) tea, and dissolved vitamin/mineral supplements as desired (not too much). After rubbing into scalp and hair, wrap head (paper towels, cloth, etc.) for about 20 minutes, then wash out.

Note: Once mobilization has been started, it may continue, with largest amounts of fluorine in circulation in the evenings. The supportive measures of water, calcium, deep breathing, and Stellaria tea can be utilized at any time as needed.




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