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For April/apegrape and everyone - MAJOR "thinks n' thoughts" (+edits)
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Published: 11 years ago
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For April/apegrape and everyone - MAJOR "thinks n' thoughts" (+edits)

from original post/thread here: 
(edit - this "text editor" HATES me! grrrr.  I've now spent almost 3 hours reformatting this...first it's too big, then with huge gaps, then all different sizes of fonts, then too small...I give up.  However it is now is the way it is gonna stay.  Sheesh, isn't technology supposed to make this easier and faster?  If I would have typed this on a manual typewriter, it would have been MUCH faster!) 
Re-edit. ARGH - I can NOT bear it. (technology "beating me"). One more time!
Howdy April!
Not looking for a reply here or anything, just thought it would be good to have a record incase any other Type 1's find their way here and want to try =)
I'm GLAD you're "posting as you go"! It is a fantastic testimony & record for everyone! Yes, it's a great record for "Type 1's" as well, but because we're all different (and everyone has a combination of various/different causes of their disease and the current state of their body), your experiences could be totally different from someone else with Type 1 diabetes...and some without diabetes may experience your symptoms (and/or what you're 'going through').
I realize you're not "looking for a reply", but your post and experiences (and frustrations) are very similar to many I've assisted with the IP, and I'd like to add some (what I think) are VERY important "thinks & thoughts" well as a frustration of my own (which I will likely be repeating 'forever') - and that is: I'd like to throttle whoever came up with & 'popularized' the concept of the IP being "30 days". Yes, two weeks focusing on kidneys and two weeks focusing on the liver is somewhere around 30 days...but that is the ONLY correlation to 30 days there is (other than a way to keep track of how long one has been IPing). I know you know this April, but I can't say it enough for everyone: ALL healing protocols (no matter what name is on them) are to be done until the healing is achieved...and adjusted 'as needed' as time progresses and results are seen (or not seen).

So I’ve completed the second week of my IP, well actually 2 and a half weeks of my IP (haven’t had a chance to sit down and write this till now).  Major kudos & congratulations on a 'job well done' (even though I guess you don't feel it's been 'well done'...I know that it has been!) This week as been much more trying, much more frustrating, more aggravating. I feel angry and upset and all kinds of emotions.
The biggest obstacles this week have been blood sugars, dehydration, stomach not emptying, and probably not getting in enough nutrients. Biggest upsets to me personally are lack of control of my sugars, feelings of failure, and no significant changes in my health since beginning. I'd like to take a minute to point out something that not all people have considered.   There are some people healing themselves via the IP that have "syndromes" (like CHF Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fybromyalgia, Chemical Sensitivities/Environmental Illness, etc), that never have any test by which to "measure progress". There are others (with things like cancer), where the 'tests that measure' may be dangerous, risky or they'll choose not to have them. Then there are issues like diabetes, blood pressure/heart issues, eczema...anything that can actually be seen or 'felt & measured'. 
There are times those that 'can't measure' wish they had the ability to somehow 'measure their progress', so they could "see" results. There are times that those that 'can measure' (or "see") would likely be better off without 'constant measuring'...because gauging results "by the numbers" or by sight/measurement is sometimes VERY faulty. For instance, in those with cancer, many times when the actual healing process begins, the body chooses to expel the as this happens, the tumor moves closer to the surface, which makes it appear much larger (and possibly cause it to be more painful). The same type of thing happens when science measures 'increase in cancer' by an increase or decrease in cellular activity (an increase is determined to mean that the cancer is progressing). But in prostate cancer for example, an increase in "activity" can mean that the body is attacking and killing the the "measuring" in both of these cases would be totally misleading (and extremely discouraging). In the case of diabetes, I understand the necessity of daily monitoring...but I also understand that when the numbers are "off" and someone can't figure it out (or manage it), that they would (of course, logically) feel they are not healing and/or the IP is not working (and their time, effort and money is being wasted)...or that they're going backward!   Again, this is not the case, because every liver flush 'yields healing results' whether they can be 'seen or measured' (or not) - as does every kidney cleanse, every dose of tincture, every hot/cold shower, every minute of barefooting...each and every protocol on the IP puts the body one step closer to the homeostasis & balance that's required for the body to be able to heal itself. April, I completely admire and respect your courage, your tenacity and your willpower...and I think by the time you finish reading this you're going to feel like you've accomplished a lot more than you think you have (and that you're going to have some answers that are going to yield HUGE strides on your healing pathway. Onward...
What you're experiencing (trying, frustrating, aggravating, etc.) is extremely fact, depending on one's personality, knowledge base and physical condition, this time after the first week-10 days can be an emotionally outrageous tsunami (especially when working on the liver the second session). And when the tsunami is raging in your house/body/mind, it's very difficult to do anything but 'hold on for dear life' and react to each shattering window, falling brick, & exploding toilet. 
Since it's FAR easier for anyone "looking in" on a tsunami to make sense of it all and see the 'big picture', I'm going to explain a couple of 'baselines' and then offer some insights & suggestions throughout your post that should be very beneficial
For starters, let's call your Diabetes Type 1, "Symptom F"...because all disease is a symptom of various aspects of our body working incorrectly. 
In order for Symptom F to manifest, an entire string of things had to happen. Starting with what weaknesses were handed down to us genetically, it's likely that events A,B,C,D,&E (more or less) all happened without our knowledge to produce Symptom F. But it's only Symptom F (and the other symptoms it causes) that we actually see and "know" (or think we know).  However, our body knows exactly what happened (and in what order) to produce Symptom F...yet we only know a tiny fraction of what really happened (if we know anything at all).
So what do almost all healers & healees do? Focus on Symptom F (and this isn't just allopathic medicine - alternative medicine does this too, and even some natural healers). But Symptom F is the end result of A,B,C,D,&E being compromised or broken. So how can we remove Symptom F if we don't fix A,B,C,D,&E? Many times we cannot. We can't fix A,B,C,D,&E unless we know what they are/were (and in what order they happened). We can band-aid Symptom F with supplements or drugs, but that's not healing
Enter the Incurables Program - this protocol is designed to decongest & restore all major organs & systems of the body, while providing the body with the highest amount of ultra-high grade fuel/nutrition & that the body can use it's own wisdom & natural healing schematics (far more advanced than ANY computer) to eliminate Symptom F (and those caused by F), by dealing with A,B,C,D,&E in the order and way that only the body knows how to do. And at the same time we're giving the body healing support to the symptoms we can see & feel.
What do we know for sure? Well, it used to be 3rd grade science - "No life form can sustain life if it can't assimilate the nutrition it needs and eliminate the toxins/waste it produces". This is the foundation of life, whether it be a single cell or a human being. So making sure this foundation is strong is imperative for the healing of any symptom or syndrome.  
This foundational imperative (basically evidenced by 3bms daily and ingesting & assimilating ultra-ample nutrition) hasn't yet been achieved in your body April (and I know this is very frustrating) it's not very likely that your body is going to give you a "numbers healing" of the Type 1 until it at least gets to that baseline point (although it's possible with the pancreas support that you might see a slight lowering). Obviously the gastroparesis (slow stomach emptying) is a major issue/challenge, and ensuring adequate bowel movements is essential. (great healing info below on the gastroparesis).
The liver plays a HUGE role in the assimilation of nutrition...but one 'liver week' does not equal anywhere close to a fully functioning liver.
Bottom line "today"? It's highly unlikely one is going to see any tangible 'healing evidence' of Symptom F (that's been present for 20 years) in 2 1/2 weeks...particularly when the drug taken all that time to squelch the symptoms of the disease, actually worsened the cause of the disease. But you are likely to see all kinds of fluctuations in your body as it undoes and heals ABCDE.
BUT, you've already made major headway! 
--You've identified the slow emptying of your stomach as a significant problem area (so now you can work on ways to 'ramp up' that healing). This is HUGE for the success of your IP healing (and likely worth everything you've been through to figure it out!). Wait'll you get your head around the info below on gastroparesis, and I think you'll agree :)
--You have a wonderfully strong 'liver week' under your belt (in which I'm sure you learned and accomplished a LOT), and you're in the middle of another.
 --You've completed the first kidney week (ditto above)
(your liver & kidney work have already been very beneficial to your body's just doesn't show yet)
 --You've learned how to do CE's and are doing them
 --You've 'worked through' your schedule, altered it, and learned how it best works for you (for this point in time, with the symptoms you're now dealing always with the IP done properly, symptoms, protocols & schedules are likely to change)
 --Yeah, the zits suck...but like you said, they ARE a sign that you're detoxing (so you know you're progressing). It's also a sign that the IF#2 might not be 'getting though' (more on that below).
--And now you know (if you didn't before) that your body has to deal with the causes of Symptom F (ABCDE...) before it can truly heal & eliminate Symptom F. And I guarantee you, your body DOES know what it's doing (and yes, it IS frustrating that we don't know).

I've been doing some research on gastroparesis. Gastroparesis may very well be the main cause of your fluctuating glucose levels (below 'copy-pastes' are taken from various blurbs from the 'net) Also note: when I copy/paste things from the net, I do my best to research them fully (or they are things I already know)...but many times I never bookmarked/saved my initial research. That means I snag the best/quickest overview I can find for 'posting & explaining' (and some of them will come from allopathic sources). So always be sure to remember to "throw out" all of the allopathic/alternative hogwash and just stick to the basic point/truth...which I generally try to underline  :)
How does Gastroparesis affect Diabetics?
Gastroparesis can make it difficult for people with diabetes to control their blood sugar levels. This occurs because if the stomach empties too slowly, it can have the same effects on blood sugar as skipping a meal. Blood sugars will plummet and rise depending on when the stomach empties.
Gastroparesis is a disorder in which the stomach takes too long to empty its contents. Normally, the stomach has regular contractions to move food down into the small intestine for digestion. Gastroparesis results from damage to the vagus nerve that controls this movement. When the nervous system is compromised, the muscles of the stomach and intestines don’t work normally, and food moves slowly or stops moving through the digestive tract. Symptoms include heartburn, pain in the upper abdomen, nausea, vomiting of undigested food (sometimes several hours after a meal), feeling full after only a few bites of food, weight loss due to poor absorption of nutrients or low caloric intake, abdominal bloating, unstable blood glucose levels, lack of appetite, gastroesophageal reflux, and abdominal spasms.
Once gastroparesis has been confirmed as the major cause of high overnight blood sugars and wide random variations in blood sugar profiles, we can begin to attempt to control or minimize its effects. If your blood sugar profiles reflect significant gastroparesis, there is no way to get them under control by only juggling doses of insulin. There’s just too much danger of either very high or very low blood sugars for such approaches to work. The only chance for effective treatment is to concentrate on improving stomach-emptying.
How do we do this?

We have four basic approaches. First is the use of medications. Second is special exercises or massage during and after meals. Third is meal plan modification utilizing ordinary foods, and fourth is meal plan modification utilizing semiliquid or liquid meals. It’s unusual for a single approach to normalize blood sugar profiles fully, so most often we try a combination of these four approaches, adapted to the preferences and needs of the individual. As these attempts
start to smooth out blood sugars, we must modify our doses of insulin or ISAs accordingly.
Exercises That Facilitate Stomach-Emptying
The paretic stomach may be described as a flaccid bag, deprived of the rhythmic muscular squeezing present in a stomach that has a properly functioning vagus nerve. Any activity that rhythmically compresses the stomach can crudely replicate normal action. You may perhaps have observed how a brisk walk can relieve that bloated feeling. I therefore strongly recommend brisk walking for an hour immediately after meals — especially after supper.
So, we now know that gastroparesis causes sugar levels to fluctuate depending upon when the stomach empties (basically, when the 'sugar' actually gets into the intestines/bloodstream). And we know that a 'brisk walk' can help the stomach to empty (which would, of course, then elevate blood sugar). Normally, any type of aerobic exercise reduces blood sugar (the body uses it as energy for exercising); but you've reported that brisk walking elevates your sugars. This would be totally consistent with the gastroparesis! And so would your night-time elevations. And so would your random elevations (and not being able to determine what is causing them).
When your stomach is taking hours to empty, (1? 4? 8? 12 ?18? longer?), your blood sugar is being affected by what just "emptied", not what you ingested 30 minutes ago.
WOO-HOO! Now we know a LOT more than we did a week or two ago...and we can start putting puzzle pieces together and determine what you can add to your daily protocol to make major headway on the gastroparesis. And better yet...? Once your stomach is emptying more effectively, your going to have MUCH better control of your levels; you'll be able to get more juices/nutrition in; get more bowel activity...and feel MUCH better doing it all.
A patient of mine learned a trick from her yoga instructor that eliminated the erratic blood sugar swings caused by her moderate gastroparesis.  The trick is to pull in your belly as far as you can, then push it out all the way. Repeat this with a regular rhythm as many times as you can, immediately after each meal. Over a period of weeks or months, your abdominal muscles will become stronger and stronger, permitting progressively more repetitions before you tire. Eventually shoot for several hundred repetitions — the more the better. This should require less than 4 minutes of your time per hundred reps, a small price to pay for an improvement in your blood sugar profiles.
Another patient discovered an exercise that I call the “back flex.” Sit or stand while bending backward as far as you can. Then bend forward, about the same amount. Repeat this as many times as you can tolerate.
Although these exercises may sound excessively simple, even silly, they have helped some people with gastroparesis.
Mechanical Aids
Hand-held massager. One product of possible value is a variable speed hand-held massager that can be placed over the stomach (left side of the abdomen just below your ribs). A 15–30 minute massage might speed stomach-emptying. This product is called Programmable Percussion Massager with Heat #HF755 and is available from Sharper Image Corp., (415) 445-6000 or online at Use the largest of the five sets of removable heads.
Chewing Gum Can Make a Big Difference
The act of chewing produces saliva, which not only contains digestive enzymes but also stimulates muscular activity in the stomach and tends to relax the pylorus. Orbit is a delicious “sugarless” gum with a long-lasting flavor. It contains only 1 gram of sugar per piece and so will have little effect upon your blood sugar.* Chewing gum for at least 1 hour after meals is a very effective treatment of gastroparesis outside of major dietary changes. Don’t chew one piece after another, because the grams of sugar can add up.
My addition: many people have relief from vagus nerve issues via chiropractic adjustments. Here's a google search on "vagus nerve" + chiropractor OR chiropractic OR adjustment:
I highly suggest you call around and find a chiropractor that is knowledgeable regard vagus nerve issues and get an appointment/evaluation as soon as you possibly can :)
...In the paretic stomach, soluble fiber (gums) and insoluble fiber can form a plug at the very narrow pyloric valve. This is no problem for the normal stomach, where the pyloric valve is wide open. Many patients with mild gastroparesis have reported better relief of fullness and improved blood sugar profiles after modifying their diets to reduce fiber content or to render the fiber more digestible. This means, for example, that mashed well-cooked vegetables must be substituted for salads, and high-fiber laxatives such as those containing psyllium (e.g., Metamucil) should be avoided.
Let's see how your puzzle pieces fit together to form a picture. (Remember, I'm "batting almost blindfolded" here since I only have a small amount of information about you & your body/ I may "swing & miss" - and I depend upon YOU & your doctor within to keep the good/valid information and ditch the rest)
You've reported this: I remember earlier this year getting sick one morning (throwing up) and seeing something from 18 hours earlier. ...and of course, bloating, swelling and discomfort gastrically & intestinally (the intestinal swelling/gas would come from everything fermenting way too long in your stomach & intestines and giving off gas...and in your stomach simply from the bulk of it all not releasing).
Below I've pasted some info on the difference between soluble & insoluble fiber - because we want to make SURE we're not causing some type of a "plugging up" the pyloric sphincter (that opens for the stomach to empty through) with the IF#2. After reading & researching I honestly feel like the psyllium, pectin, slippery elm, marshmallow & charcoal are "okay", but the bentonite can be clogging. When juicing, it's imperative to have some type of fiber to keep the digestive tract moving and healthy (and to prevent the rapid assimilation of sugars into the bloodstream), but in your case it's also imperative we don't cause a "plug".
So, what I recommend for the short term is for you to cut your doses of IF#2 to 1/2 of a level teaspoon each, and then contact me and I'll tell you how to order a customized "30 days worth" of IF#2 without the bentonite. Yet, we need to "up the charcoal" because it's obvious (zits) that your bloodstream has more toxins that your liver/kidneys/bowels are able to remove.
If you don't feel comfortable "upping the charcoal" (say, adding 1/2-1 teaspoon to each 1/2 dose of IF#2), then I think you should consider going up to 2 CE's daily (a total of 8 cups of solution, however you want to take it) and possibly add the activated charcoal poultice at night over your liver.
Honestly, I don't think the IF#2 has caused a "plug", but it is a possibility. I think the stress, the anxiety, the major change in your 'typical diet' (which your stomach was used to dealing with)...on top of possibly worsening due to hypothyroid (info on that below), and possibly the gastroparesis more likely the cause. BUT, I'd much rather (for myself and others), do NO harm. And after you've gone through the info in this post, if you think it would be a good idea to totally stop the IF#2 for a few days/week until you can get some 'stomach flow' happening, I certainly wouldn't disagree with you. (But I would still suggest taking the charcoal mixed with juice or water 4/5x daily)
Benefits of Fiber
( We all know the benefits of fiber! Fiber not only promotes health, it also help reduce the risk for some chronic diseases. For instance, fiber prevents constipation, hemorrhoids and diverticulosis. Fiber is also linked to prevent some cancers especially colon and breast cancer. In addition, fiber may help lower the LDL cholesterol (the Bad cholesterol) and the total cholesterol therefore reducing the risk of heart disease. Furthermore, fiber can help lower blood sugar therefore help better manage diabetes.
Types of Fiber: Soluble Fiber and Insoluble Fiber
Both soluble and insoluble fiber are undigested. They are therefore not absorbed into the bloodstream. Instead of being used for energy, fiber is excreted from our bodies. Soluble fiber forms a gel when mixed with liquid, while insoluble fiber does not. Insoluble fiber passes through our intestines largely intact.
            Insoluble Fiber
            Functions of Insoluble Fiber
# move bulk through the intestines
# control and balance the pH (acidity) in the intestines
            Benefits of Insoluble Fiber
# promote regular bowel movement and prevent constipation
# remove toxic waste through colon in less time
# help prevent colon cancer by keeping an optimal pH in intestines to prevent microbes from producing cancerous substances
            Food Sources of Insoluble Fiber
# Vegetables such as green beans and dark green leafy vegetables
# Fruit skins and root vegetable skins
# Whole-wheat products
# Wheat bran
# Corn bran
# Seeds & Nuts
        Soluble Fiber
        Functions of Soluble Fiber
# bind with fatty acids
# prolong stomach emptying time so that sugar is released and absorbed more slowly
            Benefits of Soluble Fiber
# lower total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol (the Bad cholesterol) therefore reducing the risk of heart disease
# regulate blood sugar for people with diabetes
            Food Sources of Soluble Fiber
# Oat/Oat bran
# Dried beans and peas
# Nuts
# Barley
# Flax seed
# Fruits such as oranges and apples
# Vegetables such as carrots
# Psyllium husk
Soluble Fiber Insoluble FiberKey Message: An average diet contains 75%:25% insoluble fiber: soluble fiber. When making a food choice decision, don't worry about choosing a specific type of fiber. Many foods such as oat, oat brans, psyllium husk and flax seed are rich in both insoluble and soluble fiber. Eating enough fiber is more important! The recommended intake of fiber is 25g per day. If you eat at least 5 servings of fruits & vegetables as well as at least 6 servings of grain products per day (at least 3 of which are whole grains), you are very likely meeting the fiber requirements.
AND, there is ample evidence to show that damage to the vagus nerve reduces the amount of insulin secreted by the pancreas. (lots of animal studies, not so many human studies), but here's a couple so you can see the 'evidence'.
Vagus nerve fibers project to intrapancreatic ganglia and exert control over both exocrine and endocrine functions of the pancreas. parasympathetic stimulation produces an increase in insulin secretion. (from here:)
So to give a little rundown of the past week , my sugars have just been running way too high, in the 3 and 4 hundreds. I tried switching doses of insulin, more insulin, less insulin, and have been trying not to supplement the high blood sugars with quick acting insulin. I was trying to give my pancreas a chance to kick in itself but it didn’t want to.   I tried more juice to see if maybe my liver was spitting out glucose because it thought I didn’t have enough energy, that didn’t work. I think now we know, that we don't know for sure WHAT your pancreas was doing, because we don't know when your stomach was emptying (and what it was emptying). Through talking with my healing advisor we decided adding some food back in (raw vegan) might be beneficial (as I had also stopped having BM’s without the help of enemas).  So now we know that the raw food wasn't such a good idea :( but I know keeping up the bowel activity with CEs IS a good idea. Restoring bowel movements will be easy once your stomach is emptying more regularly (and the IF#1 can get to your intestines regularly). Relying upon CEs for bowel activity for a week (or even two) is not going to shut down your peristalsis or intestinal tract. But not having regular movements can cause you all kinds of difficulties.   If it were me, I'd do at least 2 CE's daily. I decided to go up on insulin until I reached a point where I was stable again because apparently my pancreas just wasn’t ready. This was decided last Friday…It is now the following Wednesday and my sugars are still not stable. Apparently it seems like I am just going to have to supplement with short acting insulin. I am still going into the 300s around 3 pm everyday and staying there for extended periods of time despite having increased my long acting insulin to 8 units 2 x a day (up from 5 units 1 x a day). There was one day where my sugars weren’t too bad but I think that was a fluke, cause today I’ve been back in the 300s again. I also had a low blood sugar last night. When I split my long acting insulin into 2 doses I go low at night, but If I don’t split it I run out before morning and end up in the 300’s.  Right now I think your two main priorities are 1) doing anything you need to do with the insulin to get your sugars down and as stable as possible, while 2) doing anything/everything you can to get your stomach emptying several times daily. Do as much of the rest of the IP as you can; I'd finish this 'liver week' with the big flush and then put the kidney week 'on hold' while working aggressively on the gastroparesis for a week or two. Without gaining a strong measure of control there, it's possible it's going to very difficult to get control of the sugar levels.
There just doesn’t seem to be a right answer. A few negatives about the high blood sugars is I feel like I am not retaining any of the nutrients I am trying so hard to put in, therefore my body doesn’t have the fuel to heal itself. I’m peeing everything out. Also I am getting very dehydrated (which I suspect is adding to my BM’s stopping). I started the program with 2 IF1s. I had no trouble the first week having BMs on my own, needing only 5 If1’s a night. I am now up to 10 if1’s and still nothing. I did have luck in that department yesterday but none today. This is aggravating obviously, not to mentions is going to cost me more money because I’m using so many IF1;s. The dehydration is causing me to wake up with Charlie horses and I’m experiencing kidney pain. I wake up with horrible headaches (not new for me, but worse since the high blood sugars have been happening). Also High blood sugars just make you feel like crap, and I think my left eye has been slightly blurry. And I’m soo thirsty and I just can’t be quenched. It's all making a lot more sense, now (but that doesn't hydrate you). HOWEVER, back at the beginning of the forum I was helping a lady with stomach cancer that had a complete blockage (absolutely NOTHING was getting through her stomach and she'd ended up in the hospital being told surgery was the only option). She eventually opted for the surgery, but not until after she'd stayed completely hydrated and nourished via retention enemas (yes, we can feed & hydrate ourself through our lower colon!) for 30 days (using diluted juices, superfood, herb teas). The best time to do this is after a CE...and it sounds to me like your body would seriously appreciate it if you'd have a good long drink "from the other end" a couple of times a day. Just expel the CE completely, then insert a couple-three cups of water or herbal tea (like doing a regular enema), then push/massage it up as far as you can (it helps if you lay on a slantboard, or with your buttocks in the air and your head on the pillow) - and then retain it as long as you can. When extremely dehydrated, you may be surprised to find you release only a small portion (or none at all).

Another obstacle is my stomach not emptying properly. Agreed! This has been a problem for me for years, but I never really realized. I used to get away eating an apple for breakfast and a small salad for dinner and maybe a snack and feel completely satisfied for the day. I thought I just had a small appetite little did I realize my stomach was filling up and staying full and that was why I never really was very hungry. Having to fit in all the shakes and juices and slippery elm and now eat some food is pretty much impossible. All day my stomach is puffed up like a balloon ready to burst, it is extremely uncomfortable, painful, and embarrassing. A great cause of anger. I only do 2 slippery elms a day, only 2 superfoods, and often times only four if#2’s because I don’t have room. I burp up food hours after I eat it. I’ve been taking extra ACV and eating a little bit of pineapple or putting it in my juice to help with enzymes. Also always trying to take the ACV bomb on an empty stomach to make sure the cayenne really gets in there. So far it isn’t helping. It is making it next to impossible to get my juices/nutrients in. I’m only getting maybe 2 cups a day. 'Sounds like you were doing everything you possibly could...good for you! There's a LOT of "healing help" below (but I forgot to mention the enzymes...more pineapple juice juiced WITH the skin - and papaya). Try to get a couple-three spoonfuls in every couple of hours

Over the last week I’ve been getting more rundown (high blood sugars and all that’s been going with it are a big part of it) having a much harder time getting up and getting started with my day. I’ve been pretty upset with what feels like a lack of progress, I know all these wonderful things are supposedly going on inside my body, but it is hard to stay positive when I haven’t dropped any insulin, if anything I need more, my gut is still not emptying and since starting food again I am constantly bloated, not just from having a full stomach but also my intestines are inflamed.  Of course you're getting rundown and your feel like crap - you're not getting nourished or hydrated and you're bloated & inflamed. The truth is, you ARE making progress, because the work you've done on your body & circulation (and the tinctures you're taking) are causing progress. But I wouldn't be much of a happy camper if I were feeling like you either! Doesn’t matter if it is raw or lightly steamed food, it’s really embarrassing to me and looks ridicules on a 110 lbs person. And I realized I still get extremely fatigued/headachy after eating and BM’s. I thought the intestinal issues were actually a lot better because while 100% juicing I didn’t bloat really at all and felt a little better. Especially now after all the research I've done, I agree 100% - juices are definitely the way to go...just keep them as "low sugar" as possible. Headaches are there, yeast hasn’t gotten any better the yeast has probably worsened...but this will come back into balance, too...once you get the gastic/intestinal flow going. defiantly still have huge intestinal issues as I still get pain I can feel in my colon. My rectum I think is swelling or inflamed, it is getting increasingly difficult/painful inserting the enema tip thing. The rectal swelling can be because of 'backward pressure' from the liver - you'll likely see a major difference/relief after this upcoming flush (the same 'vein' that takes the coffee solution to the liver can actually 'deliver pressure from the liver' all the way down to the anus. There are cases of children & adults that actually have "hepatic hemorrhoids" from this pressure. I’m still having hair loss, and I’m getting all my usual symptoms of my period coming (I have horrible periods, nausea, diarrhea, 8 hours-ish of extremely bad pain, huge clots, extreme fatigue and depression). And I’ve broken out with a million zits on my forehead, and I rarely get zits (yea I know maybe it’s a good sign, but I’d rather have a different one…heh).  'Sounds pretty hellish to me...I think you're hanging tougher than most anyone I've ever helped - I'd be "screaming it out" a lot more graphically than you are. Hang in there April - this IS going to work and you're NOT going to be feeling this horrible throughout the whole thing. I'll do everything I can to help you over this ugly pit.
Emotionally it is tough…I’m definitely going to have to do a few cycles of this and the idea of that is overwhelming. I didn’t even make it 2 full weeks 100% juice. I understand completely why you feel and say this...but you have done WONDERFULLY to stick with it and force your way through it all. Let it be known, I know of one poster on this forum that can't discipline her/himself to juice fast more than a couple of days...and you managed two WEEKS in the middle of everything else! You should be PROUD of yourself - I'm certainly proud of you!!  I have all these fears that I am spending all this money and going through all this trouble and I’m not going to get better (that all goes back to every doctor I have ever seen which has told me I will get better using their method/diet/drug/supplement/etc. and it never happens). Of course, you have these fears, you're human! And this is certainly not turning out like you'd envisioned it was going to to turn out this last couple of weeks. BUT, you're utilizing a protocol that based on 3 of the most successful healers than ever healed - and this is not like any other doctor/method/supplement...this is about giving your body everything it needs in it's most natural form, while supporting and restoring your entire it can get back to the balance/homeostasis it needs for it to heal itSELF. No doctor is smarter than our body...and your body is not so far gone that it can't heal itself. I’m thinking I should get back on juice 100% because it seems to make no difference whether I eat or not. I agree.  I hate the lack of answers, the lack of certainty. I hate how every decision I am making feels like it is the wrong one. I'm sure you do...but it'll all make more sense when you get finished reading & contemplating this information, and then you'll be able to make decisions that make some sense :) Increase my insulin, decrease my insulin, 100% juice, some food, letting my sugars run high, taking them down with short acting insulin…Honestly my inner doctor (and all that I have read) says I should stop using my insulin, because as long as I am giving it to my body my pancreas isn’t going to know to make it on its own. But then I don’t think Dr. Christopher or Schulze ever just took their patients off of insulin, It sounds more like it was a weaning off process. Not only that but I am frightened to let my blood sugars go. I worked so hard so many years to have excellent control and now I don’t have any. It is hard letting that control go and telling myself it is all part of the process. I wish there was more information out there about diabetics who cured themselves using these methods. I wish I could feel more positive about what I’m doing but at the moment I am not (I think I also thought that I would be some freak of nature and do such a good job that the diabetes would cure itself reasonably quickly, especially since I have always treated my body so well). I wish I had SOME KIND of result, some improvement somewhere that I could actually see so I would know I am on the right track. I guess that is why the expression goes “wish in one hand s*** in another and see which fills up quicker. Heh. As far as I'm concerned, everything you're saying and feeling is 100% justifiable. We just don't know what ABCDE happened to bring on the diabetes, nor do we know what order or 'priority of healing' makes logical sense to your body. GRRRRR. But what we do know is that you now can see that you're dealing with gastroparesis...and that's it's not NEARLY at the stage where it would be considered "terminal" or where an MD would recommend surgery. No doubt, this has been a sucky experience, but it's yielded a TON of insight that will allow you to customize your IP more successfully to what your body needs to heal. It's crazy I know, but many times our bodies "know" that we've committed to healing them, and many times symptoms get worse before they get better. It's almost like our body is doing everything it can to show us what is really wrong and what we should be doing to help it. That sounds a bit looney-tunes I'm sure - but I've seen it happen time & time again.
On some other notes...I'm finding less and less of a use of clothing and my husband is loving it...YAY! I've learned that I can't beat myself up if there are days where I just don't feel up to pushing myself 100% and not do a couple of things (for my mental health).Double YAY!  I've also learned it is probably going to be very beneficial in the long run to let myself have some raw/vegan food on occasion, I think I will be able to go longer if I let myself eat a little here and there. I think if I go to the movies with my hub again I'm going to try to make this dehydrated cauliflower popcorn recipe I found cause when we went last time all I could think about was the popcorn smell in the theater and how much I wanted it. There ya go! Getting adjusted and "living with the IP" is exactly what needs to happen. It's not about "persnickety perfect" it's about doing what you need to do to make it work. State of mind is integral...laughing, loving, having fun (making fun), keeping track of "cleansing bloopers" (and "CE bloopers" lol)...aaaah, the stories we can all tell if we ever get together!

In conclusion…Still doing it but frusterated as hell. Confused. Angry and I know I shouldn’t be angry at the process , I should love it or nurture it because that will help it work better, but hey, I’m human. What I'd like to know? Who wouldn't be frustrated as hell!? Anger: there's basically two different kinds...the kind that's destructive to ourselves (generally having to do with our egos, or anger that is actually something else...particularly anger that's actually hurt and/or disappointment), and the natural/healthy 'righteous anger' that spurs us on to vanquish whatever enemy is annoying or harming us (or those we love). Be angry at the Powers That Be for denying us a health care system based on true health & healing; be angry that all the Schulzes, Christophers & Gersons of the world have been forced out of practice (or destroyed, leaving us to manage on our own with only a small percentage of their total knowledge & experience); be angry that a small group of people (the "elite" cough/smirk) are so greedy, power-hungry and soul-less in their control of food, water, medicine & money - that they caused you to be dealing with this situation (when you could have been easily healed within months of your original diagnosis...or maybe never even become sick). And then use that anger to WIN! You CAN win, April...there is NO SUCH THING as an incurable disease!!
Blankets of blessings -
Uny (who did NOT proofread this before posting)
Here's some recommendations/suggestions to research and discuss with your doctor within (and hubby, of course)-- 
Vagus Nerve (stimulation & healing) It is one of the best plant expectorants, but as it is a stimulant to the vagus nerveit can easily produce nausea and vomiting when taken in excess. If a teaspoonful of the tincture produces nausea, cut down; it can easily be overdone, says herbalist Moore (Moore:98). The leaves and flowers have strong antispasmodic effects on the bronchials when smoked, and certain individuals with asthma can find it a reliable herb to smoke at the first signs of spasms (Ibid.). [UW-Lobelia] Lobelia’s actions differ according to the dose used. Small doses tend to have a relaxing effect and large doses a stimulating effect. In moderate doses lobelia stimulates the central nervous system to dilate the bronchioles, increasing respiration. The likelihood that the initial bronchial dilation will be followed by respiratory depression is increased with large doses.[5] The circulation is likewise enfeebled by large doses but strengthened by small doses.[6] Lobelia also affects the vagus nerve which controls the stomach. A small amount of lobelia has the effect of calming the stomach, decreasing nausea, and relieving stomach cramps. Large amounts of lobelia can act as a purgative instead of an emetic, but the end result is the same; emptying the stomach of its contents.[7]
Lobelia Tincture -
Dr. Christopher's favorite herb! ! typical "dose" for this would be 10-30 drops - before and after ingesting food, juice, IF#2, slippery elm. (there's approx 30 drops in a dropperful; 4 oz would be almost 5 droppersful daily for 30 days... that would be the minimum I'd recommend for starters).
Liver/GB tincture - the "bitters" stimulate the vagus nerve - so 5 drops on the tongue 5x daily (after each dose of IF#2 would be a good time) (a 2oz bottle with last a couple of months dosing like this)
Cedar berries - they're bitter, too...chew on them often (which also produces saliva that's full of digestive enzymes
Apple Cider Vinegar - continue with a minimum of several tablespoons daily (methinks 'more is better')
Cayenne - of course, is known to assist/heal neuropathy
Aloe gel - I don't know precisely how this would work, but I read one person on a forum say that she had 2-4 oz before every meal and it's the one thing she found that makes a major/positive difference. Because aloe contains allantoin, a cell-regenerator, it would be great for restoration of the lining of your esophagus, stomach and intestines.   Mountain Rose has top-quality aloe gel very reasonably.
Ginger root - I've also read several testimonies of folks using ginger to help with gastroparesis
Myelin sheath repair - it seems most indicate that the nerve damage from high glucose is demyelization of the nerve sheath. Two of the best things for repairing the nerve sheath (that science knows 'now') are B12 & lecithin.
Lecithin sources - wheat germ; wheat germ oil; sunflower oil, seeds & sprouts; cabbage, cauliflower, green beans, chickpeas, lentils  (and of course, soy & eggs). I've never been able to find organic wheat germ oil - the best source I've found is Mountain Rose. Sunflower oil (as all oils) should be cold-presse
Nutritional yeast (for B12) - the Superfood Original is 1/2 Nutritional Yeast, but you can take more separately. The least expensive online source is here:  (search on:'ll be at the bottom of the search results as T6635 Nutritional Yeast). It's very similar in taste to parmesan cheese (so you can sprinkle it on just about anything) - or, you could use the sunflower oil to make this AWESOME "cheese sauce" (recipe in this post:
Dr. Christopher on "Nerve repair"
See copy/paste below (directly after the first long line of asterisks)
Calcium Tincture - 3-4 droppersful 3-4x daily
B&B Tincture "ear regime" and fomentation to base of skull nightly (made with B&B tea herbs)
--B&B tincture internally 3-4 droppersful 3-4x daily
--B&B tincture for ear drops with garlic oil: see this post for details:
--B&B tea for nightly fomentation on base of skull
Nervine Food Tincture - again 3-4 droppersful, 3-4x daily
Dr. Christopher had everyone on his IP doing a nightly fomentation to the base of the skull (and along the spine) of B&B or BF&C. The B&B is also put in the ears six nights weekly for 'nerve issues'.
For 30 days you'll need approximately 8oz of the Calcium, 8oz of the Nervine Food, 10 oz of the B&B, and 1 pound of B&B tea.
Dr. Schulzes Nerve Regeneration Tincture (you can read about it in the SYL manual). We have it with (or without) the Ephedra (I personally don't think the Ephedra is all that beneficial). The herbs that are the "major workers" in this formula are the skullcap and oat tops (along with celery, lavender & st. johns). It's possible you could heal without this tincture, but if it were me I'd be throwing the book at this vagus nerve situation. You'd want 8 oz for a month. If you don't choose the tincture, I recommend you get the oat tops (picked in the milky stage) and the skullcap and make a tea (3 cups daily). Both herbs should be available at Pacific Botanicals or Mountain Rose.  For cell regeneration - herbs with allantoin: Aloe gel or Comfrey root or leaf (tea or tincture...or fresh leaf if you can find it).
Gastroparesis can be exacerbated by hypothyroidism, so knowing (or thinking I remember/know) that you've recently stopped your thyroid meds, there's a possibility this is one factor in the worsening of symptoms. Dr. Christopher had everyone on his IP taking kelp or his Kelp Combination - anyone with known thyroid issues were taking the equivalent of 1/2 - 1 teaspoon of the Kelp Combination 2-3x daily (we have it in our Storefront as a powder - you can mix it with anything or encapsulize it - it's pretty nasty tasting to me) This should also help with the hair loss :)
Chiropractic adjustments (particularly for the upper vertebrae/neck)
Massage several times daily (about 15-30 minutes after eating) - If it were me, I'd do a very aggressive 'self massage', pushing the stomach from the left and then downward as many times daily as I could manage. I like ALL the various massages and exercises suggested above.
Foot reflexology and hot/cold...yes, yes, and yes again! On the stomach area and reflex points.
Cabbage juice (or sauerkraut juice) - cabbage is wonderfully healing for stomach issues
Dr. Christopher on "nerve repair" (I chose this section because the vagus nerve is the 10th cranial nerve --the 10th of 12 paired nerves that originate in the brain stem--, hence spinal health & alignment is a significant aspect of healing & restoration)
We have had many hundreds of people come to us over the past 30 or 40 years complaining of the all-inclusive term, "backache." Some of these folks have required as many as three or four chiropractic adjustments a week to be able to function without pain. As soon as their spinal columns were adjusted, straightened or aligned, they've had to return to the chiropractor a few days later because the adjustment "wore off" or the spine slipped out of place again. This was often due to a weakness in the nerve and muscle fibers which are associated with the spinal column. Not withstanding mechanical injury, malnutrition is the main cause of the problem. Often the blood stream is not clean and deposits toxic material around the spinal cord. The nerves may not be properly fed and the myelin sheath (composed of calcium) surrounding the nerve is worn away from denatured foods, drugs, alcohol, and tobacco.Just recently we visited an old classmate who is now a practicing chiropractor in Salt Lake City, Utah. In his waiting room there was a book explaining spinal adjustments to children. It compared the spine to a freight train with the vertebrae as the cars. The engine is the brain and the caboose is the sacrum. The train carries nourishment to various destinations along the line. Inside the spine there is a large pipeline known as the spinal cord and a lot of smaller pipelines called nerves. The nerves carry nerve energy or food to other parts of the body and organs such as the heart, the stomach, the thyroid, the liver, the kidneys, etc. When one of the cars on the train is thrown or bumped off the track it causes the nourishment flow through the pipeline to be disrupted. In other words, the nerve impulse flow has been interrupted. The organs along the nerve impulse route do not receive food and as a result other parts of the body have to work harder to maintain the whole system. When the spinal adjustment is made, the spinal cord and nerves are uncramped and nerve energy is released from its blockage and allowed to flow freely again. Nourishment can now reach the rest of the body.
Because the nervous system plays a key role in the health of the body, we recommend feeding the nerves with the Calcium Formula and the Nervine Combination, both made from God's own herbs. The Calcium Formula consists of comfrey, horsetail grass, oatstraw, and lobelia. The herbal Nervine Combination consists of black cohosh, capsicum, hops flowers, lady's slipper, lobelia, skullcap, valerian root, wood betony, and mistletoe. Two or three capsules of this three times a day with a cup of celery juice will serve to rebuild shattered nerves. The Calcium Formula is also important in cases of osteoporosis (bone loss) and tuberculosis of the spine. Of course the thyroid should also be considered in these cases, for it plays an important part in calcium metabolism.
Misalignment or subluxation of the spine can occur from the top of the spine to the bottom of the spine. The causes may vary. Accident or injury causing pressure on the vertebral nerves, poor nutrition, poisoning, stress, and gravity are just a few causes. The base of the skull contains the medulla oblongata, the motor nerve which is the message center for the rest of the spinal cord. If there is an injury to the medulla (such as occurs during a forceps birth or a blow to the head) the messages to the rest of the body won't be clear. The B&B Tincture with the Oil of Garlic in the ears can feed the nerves in the area of the base of the skull. The herbs composing these are: blue cohosh, black cohosh, blue vervain, skullcap, and lobelia. This tincture can also feed the nerves of the atlas and axis. The atlas is the first vertebrae of the spinal column upon which the skull rests. When it is out of alignment, it can adversely affect the nerves going to the rest of the body. The axis is the second vertebrae which enables the head to turn from side to side. It is this one that is most frequently misaligned. Frequent headaches can be a sign that this is the case.
Some info from Dr. Christopher on diabetes (note the various time-frames in the testimonies):
          The origin of this disease, as is known so far, can be traced back to derangement of the functions of the pancreas gland. Contributing factors, however, are undoubtedly severe nervous disturbances, or improper function of stomach, liver and bowels. The patient feels tired and weak. Usually complains about pains in the limbs, feeling depressed and down-hearted, and an abnormal thirst is often experienced. Dizziness and headaches are common. The skin is dry and often itchy. The digestion is often upset, due to the unusually abnormal increased appetite. The eyesight may be impaired or weak. The urine is generally very pale and plentiful. Sugar is present in the urine in more or less quantities. [HHH p.62]
            Today diabetes is said to be one of the top killers in the world. It is supposedly one of the incurable diseases, but it can be definitely cleared if one approaches it properly. Diabetes stems from a disorder in the pancreas, so you shouldn't just treat it by giving insulin, which is working on the effect; you should instead go to the cause of the disease. Pancreatic malfunction can manifest in one of two ways: diabetes, which is high blood sugar, or hypoglycemia, which is low blood sugar. Though they are completely different, they both stem from the same cause, a malfunction of the pancreas, which is what we have to treat. [EWH p.133]
            This is a constitutional disease where carbohydrates are not used properly due to failure in the pancreas to secrete sufficient insulin. The body tissue cannot oxidize carbohydrates at a normal rate. This is characterized by excessive discharge of urine, sugar in the urine, excessive thirst and hunger, and progressive emaciation. [SNH p.16]
            Malnutrition and malfunction in connection with a bad pancreatic condition cause diabetes. Stay away from sugars and starches which will go into diabetes very quickly due to a weakened pancreas. Baking soda and aluminum cookware greatly aggravate diabetes. [SNH p.16]
Herbal Aids 
1.         General Program: Diabetes is a forerunner for Bright's disease. Heavy users of insulin have been able to cut their intake rapidly by a number of herbal remedies such as verde cactus and ginger, and chaparral. Clean the colon area with a high enema of burdock root, yellow dock root, or bayberry bark. Assist nature in its elimination of sugars and body poisons through the skin by taking long hot baths and soaking in the bathtub. Accompany the baths by taking internally diaphoretic teas. Finish off with a cold shower or by sponging with cold water and vinegar. Use the lower bowel tonic herbs [Natural-Lax] to regulate elimination. Hot fomentation of castor oil, etc., may be used on the spine, stomach, and pancreas areas to obtain relief. The patient should avoid all processed denatured foods and "secondary" foods such as animal by-products--meat, milk, eggs, fish, etc. Herbs such as Irish moss and slippery elm are nutritive mucilages that soothe while they feed the irritated digestive areas. In general, the diet for diabetes should consist of the fresh fruits and tender greens and vegetables "in the season thereof" from the garden, preferably raw or cooked at low heat. Deep breathing and plenty of vigorous outdoor exercise are also vital. [SNH p.16]
2.         See formula using raspberry leaves, myrrh and cayenne. [SNH p.144]
1/2 ounces       Raspberry leaves (Rubus idaeus; R. S. strigosus)
3 teaspoons    Myrrh, tincture (Commiphora molmol)
1 teaspoon      Cayenne, tincture (Capsicum minimum)
Infuse the raspberry leaves in 1/2 pints of boiling hot water, cover tightly until cool; strain and add the myrrh and cayenne, mix thoroughly; sweeten to taste with honey or sugar.
2 tablespoonfuls 3 times daily. 
3.         Sumach Berries: Diabetes, bowel complaints, catarrhal affections of the stomach, fevers. Drink the infusion of the sumac berries alone. [SNH p.158]
4.         Dr. Christopher's Pancreas Formula (PF-HYP): An aid for the pancreas and other affiliated glands that through malfunction cause high or low blood sugar (namely diabetes or hypoglycemia). This combination has assisted many that have had hypoglycemia after six months or more of using two to three capsules three times a day six days a week (all herbal aids give faster results in six days a week instead of seven) using the same day of each week for rest. They have had a glucose tolerance test with a clean bill of health on the pancreas area. Many reports came in of heavy insulin users who continue using the insulin but by watching litmus paper or other types of diabetic checking, have gradually tapered down on the insulin and many, within a year of using two to three or more three times a day, six days a week of this combination, have reported to have found complete relief. Of course, the closer a person stays on the mucusless diet and eliminates the sugars (unnatural), soft drinks, candies, pastries, bread, etc., the quicker the results. The herbal formula is golden seal, uva ursi, cayenne, cedar berries, licorice root and mullein. [HHH p.95]
5.         Water: Persons suffering from obesity or diabetes are sometimes restricted in the drinking of water, with the result that constipation is produced, if this condition does not already exist. This should never be done. [HHH p.141]
6.         Juices that help diabetes: Carrots & spinach, dandelion, cabbage. [NL 3-5] 
1.         Diabetes and Hypoglycemia both cured by Dr. Christopher's Pancreas formula: (PF-HYP) One day a man and his sister, both middle-aged adults, came into Dr. Christopher's office. She had severe diabetes, and his hypoglycemia was so bad that doctors' tests indicated that he could not get any worse, without offering any hope to help him. They both were told to use the mucusless diet and to take the pancreas formula, although they took the lower bowel formula [Natural-Lax] and blood cleansing formula [Black Dogwood Combination] before they began on the pancreas formula.
            The woman was using around 80 to 85 units of insulin a day, being a severe case. Despite her initial condition, within a year her pancreas was furnishing its own insulin, and she tapered off gradually until she didn't need it at all. Her brother took a glucose tolerance test in six months and received a clean bill of health; his hypoglycemia was completely cleared.
            Despite the fact that they had opposite diseases, diabetes and hypoglycemia, both were cleared because each had a family weakness in the pancreas. When their pancreas was cleared, the diseases were removed. [EWH p.134]
2.         Parsley and Juniper Berries: One gentleman in his sixties was in great distress because he was unable to urinate. The doctor catheterized him several times and told him that he would have to undergo an operation. It was then discovered that the man had sugar in his urine and the operation was deemed too dangerous until the diabetes was under control. The patient's osteopath finally prescribed Parsley tea. The results were astonishing. Not only was he able to urinate freely but every trace of sugar disappeared from his urine. After first drinking the tea a lot of offensive substance came away in his urine. But it soon became normal and the patient was soon playing his normal rounds of golf with enjoyment and with no further thoughts of an operation (Luc:84). To void urine Dr. Christopher specifically recommended combining the Parsley with Juniper berries. [UW-Parsley]
3.         Dr. Christopher discoveres Cedar berries will cure diabetes: I had been concerned for years about how to get to the cause, in this condition, and get the pancreas, and other assisting glands, to become healthy and again make its own insulin and control the high or low blood sugar on its own, or as was originally intended
           The breakthrough came a number of years ago by accident (divine providence, I believe). A patient came to me with the problem of "having trouble in voiding his urine." This was years ago when I would mix my formulas, as needed, in my own herb laboratory. As I was in a hurry that day and did not have time to mix up a regular diuretic formula for him, I told him to use some juniper berries, and, if they were fresh to chew them, or make them into a tea. His response was that he had some growing in his own backyard and would use them.
            Weeks later he returned and said the juniper berries were not giving him much help in voiding his urine. Knowing how efficient they really were in doing this, I asked him to let me see the juniper berries he was using. He took some from his pocket (as he carried them around, chewing on them during each day) and showed them to me. I laughed and said those are not what I meant. The true juniper berry I had recommended to him would have five or seven small stones in each berry, but the ones he had been using had only one. It was actually of the juniper family but was a "Utah monostone" cedar berry (Juniperus monosperma). It grows in the West such as in Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Texas, and in the national cedar forests but entirely different from our regular juniper berry (Juniperus communis; Pinaceae).
            When I told him about the "mistake," I gave him some juniper berries which eventually worked and did the job. I was astounded about his reply because after thanking me, he stated he would continue using the cedar berries anyhow. When I asked him why, he said, "Well, since using what you call cedar berries, I have been able to cut down on my insulin as I am a diabetic. I wasn't sure I heard him right (after looking for something like this for years) and asked him to repeat what he had said. Upon his verification of what I hoped he had said, I was very excited and asked him to increase the amount he was using and keep in touch. He did so, and in a few months his pancreas, which had found the right food (cedar berries), was healed and producing its own insulin.
            I then tried it on a number of my patients, who were diabetic, with great results! One of them was a lady using about eighty-five units of insulin a day. She was put on the mucusless diet, given the lower bowel formula [Natural-Lax], and told to use at least six cedar berries three or more times a day. She was instructed to continue on using her insulin but to watch the litmus paper carefully and taper her insulin intake gradually as the litmus paper would act as a gauge. So she had gradually tapered off her insulin and by the end of the year was not using any more. Her own body (pancreas) was supplying it as she required its use. She had no reoccurrence, but of course she stayed on the mucusless diet, because a faulty diet is the cause of pancreas malfunction. We have had remarkable success over the years with diabetes, using this system.
            As time went on, we found that some of our ailing pancreas patients, though the sugar and insulin problem was adjusted, would have problems with the pituitary, pineal or adrenal glands. We had not, at this time, taken the thought into our mind that the pancreas doesn't work alone, but is assisted by other glands. When the pancreas was healed, toxic burdens centered more, now, into the other glands. This was the time we added additional herbs to take care of these other glands--and since then they all are rejuvenated and healed together. The formula we have used for years, with success in all age groups from children to old aged patients is as follows: Cedar berries sixteen parts and one part of each of the following--golden seal root, uva ursi, cayenne, licorice root and mullein. [NL 1-6]
4.         PC formula and diabetes: In 1979 I discovered I had diabetes. I was in the hospital for a broken leg so they put me on insulin, 45 units each morning. I had heard your cassette tapes and decided that when I got home, I'd try herbs. I use the P.C. formula [PF-HYP] for diabetes, CA-T [Calc Tea] and BF&C [Comfrey & Oak] to strengthen my bones, Naturalax No. 1 and 2, and EZ [Stress Relief] for my nerves.
            In April, 1980, I had gotten so I didn't need insulin anymore. I just kept taking P.C. [PF-HYP] and testing and reducing the units of insulin gradually. Now I don't even need to take P.C. Once in a while I feel the need for EZ [Stress Relief] when I've had a busy day. But otherwise, I feel great. I have your large herb book and through it, and the cassette tapes, I am able to help others. [NL 4-7]





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