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Epsom Salt Encapsulated
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Epsom Salt Encapsulated
Hulda Clark Cleanse Kits

Free Remineralizing Tooth Powder!
Best Teeth Remineralization, Strengthening, and Clea...

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Published: 16 years ago
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long reply


As thousands of flushers and cleansers can attest, clearing out toxins DOES work and countless people feel better and have a much better quality of life now after finding real health than they ever did under more 'traditional' care.

Yes, there are hundreds of detractors, most of which have never and will never do even one flush. Never underestimate the reach, scope, and determination of allopathic medicine to maintain its control on the minds and pursestrings of the people on which it "practices medicine." The more you become familiar with how modern medicine came to be and just how effective it really is, the more appealing alternative, NATURAL healing becomes.

Liver Flushing WORKS - period. Searching this site alone can produce hundreds of accounts of people who have made major improvements in their health from successful flushing and there are numerous other sites and books and alternative practioners advocating flushing. Liver Flushes are very safe; the incidences of ANY troubles from flushing are very remote, and even the vast majority of those can be remedied by a quick followup flush or even just a dose or two of plain old Epsom Salts . Liver Flushing is safer and has far less dangerous complications than surgery. Oh, and it's obviously much cheaper, too. It does suffer from being un-patentable, so there isn't any profit to be made from flushing.

From what you describe, you may definitely want to check into a form of gentle bowel cleansing as well as Liver Flushing to increase bile flow. Have you had any type of testing to see if you DO have an actual blockage? If you do, clearing that would be the highest priority. P&b shakes or similar herb and psyllium type cleanses may actually cause more bloating and backup if you have a block and should be avoided unless you know for sure you do NOT have a block. In the meantime, you may want to check into one of the oxygen cleansers like Oxypowder or Homozon to cleanse your bowels.

Many people have safely done numerous flushes and cleanses before doing a parasite cleanse. Some flushers have never done a parasite cleanse. If you have a strong suspicion of parasites, doing a parasite cleanse won't hurt, but it can wait. If you see parasites or know you have them, do a parasite cleanse first, then the others.

Liver flushing can be done basically anytime, even during bowel cleansing. You simply stop the Bowel Cleanse for flush day and the day after. (If female, it is best NOT to flush while on your cycle.)

As to what to expect, mostly remember that things may get worse a few times before they get better. As the stored up toxins are released during cleansing, things from headaches to achy joints to pimples and anything in between can suddenly start appearing. They Will Pass. Read up on the Herxheimer Reaction for a more detailed understanding. During a liver flush, you will definitely want to stay near a toilet the next morning. You may not see any stones at all your first flush. Many people need 2 or 3 flushes to get the blocked paths open enough for a successful flush but then start seeing amazing amounts of sludge and stones in subsequent flushes. During bowel cleansing, if on the oxygen types, you'll want to experiment to find what level causes you to have to stay within arms reach of a bathroom and back off from there. Best to start that experimentation on a weekend.

For further information on how the cleanses are done, I suggest reading all the information on the Cleansing page as well as the specific FAQs at the tops of both the Liver Flush and the bowel cleanse forums.

However, no amount of cleansing and flushing will work well if the diet doesn't change. Real food and fresh water are the core building blocks of our bodies. Dehydration is an underlying cause to hundreds of problems. Proper hydration requires pure, fresh water, not tap, not sports water, not artifically flavored water, just pure, clean water. One half of your body weight in pounds in ounces of water daily (150lb person requires 75oz of water.) REAL food comes from nature, not from a factory. There are literally thousands of diets to choose from but a truly healthy Diet will AVOID:
Processed white anything: flour, sugar, salt, dairy.
Soy *anything* in *any* form (except miso soup.)
"Soft" drinks. (Misleadingly named. Soft drinks are very hard and harsh on your body.)
Canola oil, soybean oil, margarine
Deep fat fried anything (I live in the land of deep fried pickles, tomatoes, twinkies, and ice cream - have even seen deep fried hot dogs! Ack!)
Fast food - all of it - period. Even the salads are nutrient poor and the dressings are chemical soup.
High fructose corn syrup
ANY Sugar substitute, this includes aspartame, saccharine, and sucralose (Splenda) (Stevia, on the other hand is quite natural and very good. Don't confuse the two.)
Anything requiring a chemist to pronounce or decipher.
Pretty much anything advertised on television or it's generic counterpart on the grocery shelf.

There is no hard and fast plan that fits everyone. THE most important things in getting healthier are educating yourself as to what real health actually is and learning to really tune in and listen to your body. Your body actually does know what is best for you.

Good luck and welcome to real health!

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