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Re: Just curious, has anyone BEATEN candida??
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Published: 11 years ago
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Re: Just curious, has anyone BEATEN candida??

In answer to your question, yes I have beaten candida. It took a whole year, but I did that 4 years ago. In my own estimation I started to really notice the symptoms -- constipation, painful bowel movement once every 4 days, low energy, bad athletes foot,nail fungus, jock itch, psoriasis, eczma, brain fog, constant btiredness, constant bloated feeling etc.

I had Candida, including oral candida, cutaneous candida and systemic candida as far as I was concerned. These symptoms went on for 8-10 years, probably longer before I really noticed, because I thought it was just old age!! (I was 55 y o then). Candida is very similar in behaviour to cancers, it can come on slow or fast and is also regarded by many, such as Dr Simoncini, as a pre-cancerous condition, and therefore is not trivial. I've read some research where they autopsied a large number people who died from cancer. They found that about 90% of them all had candida. The natural medicine fraternity argued that the candida was probably there before the cancer, but the standard medical fraternity argued that the candida arrived after the cancer(Well of course they would!!). 


The remedies I used in my old protocols that beat candida are shown in this comment stream at Earth Clinic (look for Bill from San Fernando's(Philippines) comments):

My Old Candida Protocol

But here are the newer and even more effective protocols I would recommend and which I am using now.

I  had Candida 4 or 5 years ago and managed to get rid of it using Ted from Bangkok's remedies. When I started on this protocol, every other problem or symptom mentioned above -- including my psoriasis -- which is regarded these days as incurable and a pre-cancerous condition -- simply disappeared. I took only the remedies mentioned below, no other drugs etc.

First, here is a link that will help you to understand the necessity for body alkalinity in terms of your body terrain which would certainly be very effective at getting rid of your candida problem:

Alkalinity and Sodium Bicarbonate

Here is a link to a comment stream where, in several detailed comments, I completely describe what protocols, herbs and supplements I used to rid myself of candida(my old anti-candida protocol):

Candida Protocol

When I used this protocol, I did not know what I know now from Ted's remedies -- 4 or 5 years later. My old remedy took a whole year to get rid of my systemic candida, but Ted has said that you can get rid of it within four months. Here is the complete protocol I would use now to get rid of candida:

To Improve your Body Terrain

*Take Ted's Lime/Lemon alkalizing remedies at least 2 times a day as recommended. These alkalizing remedies create the worst possible environment for the candida while simultaneously creating a healthy body terrain. Also take the BS with water remedy on it's own one hour before bed - this will help you get a good nights sleep. If you have problems with this, then use Ted's Carbicarb remedy -- this is more balanced and incorporates potassium to balance any sodium issues. Potassium citrate can be taken to more directly aid intracellular alkalization.
See this link and read Ted's description.

*Take at least 2 tablespoons of VCO per day to help constipation and intestinal issues. VCO contains mainly medium chain saturated acids, very protective for the intestines, liver and blood. Contains lauric acid, caproic acid, caprylic acid and myristic acid -- these act as anti-microbials helping to destroy the candida as well as protecting the intestines from any further external microbial invasion.
See this link. I don't use vegetable oils anymore, I cook only with VCO now.

*Take herb supplements like Milk Thistle or Dandylion because the candida die-off will create a big strain on both your immune system and the liver which will have to clear the dead candida debris and toxins from your blood. Think of this as taking out the candida trash. This die-off will give you flu-like or liverish symptoms and perhaps some diarrhea. Accept this and work your way through it as it should disappear once your body gains control again.

*Detox and get rid of heavy metals from your body. Due to diet and if you've taken medicinal drugs for any length of time you will have an accumulation of heavy metals. To get rid of this just drink green tea 2 or 3 times a day and eat Cilantro 3 times a week in salads. You can also use Sodium Thiosulphate to get rid of heavy metals, arsenic, cyanide and chlorine. These will get rid of heavy metals over time. Heavy metals create an ideal acidic environment for candida as well as for nanobacteria.
Se this link for more details on ST.

Remedies that Directly Attack the Candida

*Drink 1/4 teaspoon of borax(20 Mule Team Borax) in a litre of water throughout the day. Take this for 4 days on then rest for 3 days. So, 4 days on, 3 days off with the Borax. Borax is the ultimate anti-fungal, also good for bones and helps to balance the hormones as well as leeches out the fluoride from your body. Borax affects and raises your male hormones or androgen levels, which is why you must rest for 3 days -- to avoid gland over-stimulation.
Read about Borax here.

*Methylene Blue(MB). You can buy this at any aquatics or fish supply store. Used to get rid of fungal and bacterial infections on fish. Also used throughout the last century as a successful anti-malarial. Taking MB on its own will turn your urine green and the whites of your eyes blue, but if you take at least 1000 mgs Vitamin C with the MB, these side-effects will not occur. Dosage: Two drops of a 0. 1% solution of MB in a full glass of water once or twice a day. Do not take MB after 3 or 4 o'clock in the afternoon - it gives you alot of energy so you will not be able to sleep! ! (I learned this the hard way. . . LOL) MB is a deep acting anti-fungal that is able to penetrate the blood/brain and blood/bone barriers of the body. MB is also a marvellous mitochondrial super anti-oxidant for your brain -- gives you lots of energy.
Read about MB here.

*Supplementing with at least 12. 5 mgs of 5% lugols iodine per day -- two drops a day in a glass of water. You probably know the story of Dr Orian Truss, candida and lugol's iodine.
See this link. Iodine will also help to balance your hormones and is also able to remove dangerous halogens like fluorine and bromine from your body.

*Hydrogen peroxide(food grade) I just use a capful of 3% HP in one litre of water a day when I need it. Sometimes I splash 3% HP all over my body, this kills everything bad topically as well as being absorbed quite well transdermally into my body by this method. Very potent against all forms of bacteria, viruses and fungus.
See this link for more on HP.

Additional and Useful Vitamin and Mineral Supplements

*Vitamin C - Taken in the more alkaline form of Sodium Ascorbate -- at least 1000 mgs twice a day. Vit C is an anti-oxidant and also chelates heavy metals as well

*Magnesium -- Taken as Mag Chloride, Mag Citrate or Mag Gluconate. Dosage: 250 mgs twice a day. Magnesium is involved in over 300 major enzyme body processes and also gets rid of any staph or strep bacteria quite well. Magnesium Chloride is the best form of magnesium in my opinion.
See this link.

*Natural Sea Salt or Fulvic/Humic Acid. Both of these will act in the same way as absorbtion synergists as well as help create a healthy intestine and help to supply other much needed minerals to your body.


Avoid the following: all sugar and sugar foods, dairy, vegetable oils, aspartame, sucralose, saccharine, soft drinks, junk foods, fried foods, baked goods containing white flour, red meat. Your diet should contain low amounts of white meat like chicken, turkey and fish with high amounts of vegetables. Rice is OK.
See this link for more descriptions from Ted on Candida.

Lastly, I have spent many hours trying to help people with candida on blogs and I am still surprised at some of the questions asked, such as:

"I have systemic candida and I am thinking of using just the sodium bicarbonate alkalizing protocol to get rid of my candida problem"

I don't know how many times I've seen this question after I have written out all the protocols that are necessary and essential to kill off the candida. What this question indicates is that the questioner has absolutely no idea about the seriousness of his/her condition. Just taking alkalizing remedies alone, in my experience, will not get rid of your Systemic Candida. Period. EVERY SINGLE REMEDY THAT I RECOMMEND HAS TO BE USED ON A DAILY BASIS IF YOU REALLY WANT TO SUCCEED.

"The Arm and Hammer Baking Soda(Sodium Bicarbonate) contains Aluminium doesn't it and that's a poison isn it?"


"Hydrogen Peroxide is a poison and used as a rocket fuel oxidant. I am so surprised that you would recommend taking this poison internally."

HP has been used widely since the 1800s both topically and internally and together with sodium bicarbonate powder as a toothaste(dilute 1% HP makes your teeth white too). When used internally alot of the HP is converted to just water and oxygen in your blood by the Catalase enzyme. But the majority of the HP is utilized and becomes attached to another enzyme called Cytochrome-C for only about 40 minutes. During this time and in this form is when the HP can destroy viruses, fungi, bacteria and mycoplasma in the blood. HP is also widely used today in Chelation therapy in much larger concentrations together with EDTA in order to help get rid of arterial plaque. In small dilutions therefore, HP certainly is not poisonous when taken internally.

"Borax is a poison used to kill bugs isn't it?"

Yup that's true. But perhaps if I said that you must take a Boron supplement instead, people might rest easier. Bye the way, when you buy your expensive boron supplement from the health shop, and when you check its content it will say - "Sodium Tetraborate" - also known as - BORAX - exactly the same as the cheaper 20 Mule Team Borax.

"The recommended RDA for iodine is only 0.125 mgs a day. Taking your recommended dose of 12.5 mgs is a 100 times more than that and would surely poison me !!!"

The RDA dose of 0.125 only accounts for the needs of the Thyroid gland only. But the most recent research from Dr Abraham and Brownstein from their Iodine Project(Google it for more info) has found that other areas of the body need and use iodine in much larger daily doses. These areas include every single gland in the Endocrine system, most major organs and every single mucus gland -- including the lachrymal glands(eyes), the salivary glands, throat, lungs, stomach, intestines, cervix, prostate and breasts(women). And the human skin alone takes up 20% of the body's need for iodine. Through their research, The Iodine Project advises that your own iodine daily maintenance dose should be found by you -- this will lie between 12.5mgs and 50 mgs -- and will represent the daily dose necessary for your whole body needs. For acute conditions, the iodine project recommends dosages of 50mgs to 100 mgs per day and for chronic conditions they recommend upwards of 150mgs per day.

Now, with this new knowledge of iodine body use, which one now sounds like the more realistic iodine daily dose -- the 0.125 mgs RDA or the 12.5 mgs recommended by Abrahams and Brownstein?"











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