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Re: 'If the taxpayers only knew': County attorney decries costs of illegal aliens
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Published: 11 years ago
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Re: 'If the taxpayers only knew': County attorney decries costs of illegal aliens

You seem to assume that illegals
are only colored brown. This is
not true as illegals come from
all over the globe, as it is
clearly evidenced that Mexico's
border is a revolving door.

I was stopped a couple of years
ago for a traffic stop when my
brake light was out. I would not
have been offended if the officer
had asked me to prove I was a
legal citizen. If carrying papers
to prove that would help solve
this mess, I would do it. When I
was growing up, every adult HAD
to carry ID on them. I have a
birth certificate handy at any
time, replete with seal (which
is more than Obama can show)
and would show it if asked.

Of course, sort of like letting
the Gulf of Mexico spew oil
without much comment, Obama is
content to let Mexico spew
ILlegal aliens into our country.
There is no WILL on the part of
this administration to stem the
flow and now that enough of the
flow has crossed our country
and is damaging our culture and
economy and infrastructure, there
is still no acknowledgment of
this issue in terms that portray
the reality as it is. Instead,
Obama sees it as a chance to
effect NAFTA and globalization
since he is not a Constitutionalist
by any means, but a fascist who
is held up by agendas which do
not support the growth of our
country, but the dismantling
of it. That the country of Mexico
was even ALLOWED to sue the state
of Arizona is a travesty and an
outrage. Go live on the border
and see with your own eyes the
damage the La Raza movement is
causing, relative to Hispanic
unwillingness to assimilate and
then come back and get on your
high horse again and tell me
what you saw. I live in Texas
so I see the effects it is having
where I live. Oh, and by the way,
my best friend is Hispanic so do
not think that I am a racist. My
friend says it is wrong to think
that Hispanics are not for LEGAL
immigration. A large number are
but of course, their numbers are
generally discounted. Also, a
large amount of American dollars
go to prop up Mexican economy. If
it was so important for you to
support the rights of illegal
immigration, why not work hard
to make things better inside their
country so they would not want to
leave in the first place??

Tell me you know how difficult it
is to legally immigrate to Mexico.
Illegal immigrants to Mexico rot
in jail, are kidnapped and held
for ranson, or tell me
that there is a standard that
demands that I be magnanimous
and allow someone to come into
my country, by breaking in, and
I MUST feed, clothe, house, and
provide for them into old age, as
well as all their children and their
children's children. Oh, and if I
am unable to understand their language,
provide a translator so they can tell
me how they plan on bleeding my
assets until I die...

Alrighty then, you got it, right?
I am anti-ILlegal. I am second
generation American, legal immigrant.
I did not steal anyone's country.
My great-grandparents did the legal
route coming through Ellis Island.
They obeyed the laws of this country.
My family worked hard to raise me
and educate me as an American, not
as a citizen of the country they
came from, living here in America.

I AM an American...period...



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