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Re: "face reading_figure it out"
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Published: 11 years ago
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Re: "face reading_figure it out"

hello there rala...

Of interesting note worth mulling over is that someone recent on the forum was undergoing all avenues to find the route of his EC problem and was informed by a dr he had an inflammed stomach. Surprising as he had not registered any pain here. This reflects that the stomach can be included in the equation and linked to EC? Certainly my stomach was tender...but i could register this myself, it was very sensitive. another person less than a year ago under the the title "ec cure!!!" by aceman concluded the same thing and it was picked up by an aurvedic dr..he neither felt pain...but in conclusion the stomach was involved...

basically if you aren't regular in the bowel department( up to 2-3 times a day!!) and it isn't the standard length and consistency of a healthy stool...your digestive system is out of whack! simple!your bowel motions are telling you a story..listen to it! it might be complaining! LOL

...all i know is that on my journey to cure another ailment of mine which required a programme of organ cleanse in a particular lips suddenly bounced back to health in the process and as a consequence?!!!

It came about after the parasite and bowel intestinal cleanse and it wasn't the lips i was doing it for but for another concern in the throat area and related to a stagnant liver. A cleaner diet was run in tandem with this along with cats claw, vitamin b,omega 3+6, and probiotics supplements. ideally i'd like to be independent of any supplements and just maintain health via a healthy complete diet.

I wonder why your "careful controlled diet" came to nothing then? Perhaps if your digestive tract is under par and there is a myriad reasons for this, it's no wonder your view point is the way it is.

Over eating, under eating, excessive sport and excessive stress/worry..even over zealous use of laxitives, slack digestive tract, lazy peristalsis through lack of fibre, can effect the physical condition of the tract adversely as does allergies which aggrivate and inflame the stomach and tract: guts that leak, imbalance of bacteria etc etc. we are talking about the physical condition of the gut before a diet is considered..

Lets not rule out the emotional and mental effects and their part in health which is "not new" either and proven. Eg stress,worry, OCD seems to come up quite often at this forum and can only imagine rigid thinking inhibits progress, block new ideas from being explored, even making matters worse, constant licking lips, checking in the mirror??

I don't have this condition myself but those that have may be interested in looking up solar plexsus imbalances..this imbalance has many symptoms, ocd and digestive disorders included and is "old hat" but no reason to dismiss the validity of them.

In my quest i came across bespoke diets addressing stress, Depression including OCD which maybe combined with one for EC may result in something positive?

I haven't had a peel now..for 8 months...and have left well alone no balms even...I'm actually very happy with my own personal progress and the methods i have chosen. not only are my lips no longer peeling they have resumed their and also the blockage in my throat has cleared up too..thank goodness! Also my motions are approaching text book standard shape and consistency, a real novelty!!!LOL

I'm sorry this course and route of a "controlled diet" didn't work for whatever unknown unclear reasons, but slapping up concrete road block comments to suggest a healthy Diet is ineffective.. is deeply irresponsible and short of sabotage for anyone new out there who is earnest to find a potential solution?!

I hope you understand the reason for my reply and my limbo shimmy number under it's barrier to carry on...For me this particular route has prooved VERY successful and am happy to acknowledge in the same breath other avenues of successess by different means given by other people...

..the more avenues and routes to achieve the same end in the relief from this condition is all equally good and valid as one another. Heres to your own healing and health and I hope the sign posts and direction for your own recovery become clearer, free and unhindered of road blocks and obstructions for that wider more encompassing vista and point of view?.


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