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I don't like soy, you do, and never the twain shall meet (EDIT)
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Published: 11 years ago
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I don't like soy, you do, and never the twain shall meet (EDIT)

As I noted earlier, I like the reported benefits of soy, but have seen enough information about dangers associated with GMO soy and nonfermented soy to convince me to try to steer clear of anything of most soy items.  Besides the issue of fermented versus non fermented soy, it has been reported that about 97% of soy products come from GMO soy. A very great portion of the GMO soy is the "Roundup ready" GMO soy. The introduction of soy and concurrent rise in stomach cancers in northern Africa MAY have been coincidental, but I don't think that it was a coincidence that soy allergies increased by 50% in the UK shortly after the introduction of GMO soy.   In the case of "Roundup ready" GMO, at least one study found that a portion of the transgene from ingested "Roundup ready" GMO soybeans, along with the promoter that switches the gene on, transfers into human gut bacteria during ingestion.  That might well explain the allergies, as it might also explain stomach cancers if the body is recognizing the transferred material as foreign.  I don't want any transfer of GMO transgenes in my gut and neither do I really want any GMO content in general.  We are seeing more and more health problems and potential problems associated with GMO foods and, like the overuse of vaccines, unnatural drugs and environmental toxins, I think GMO foods is a health nightmare we and our children will come to regret.

I have seen you label the Weston A. Price foundation as a shill for the beef and dairy industry.  I disagree.  Simply because they have accepted sponsorships for their annual conferences from beef and dairy groups, among many others, does not make them shills.  In addition, while they have extolled the benefits of healthy beef and dairy, which is in line with their promotion of healthy nutrient dense foods in general.  They also recommend grass fed organic beef and dairy that is free of growth hormones and antibiotics, both of which may be small and healthier niche markets in the beef and dairy industries but certainly are not in line with the positions of the large majority of those industries.

H, you are well known as a fan of soy. Likewise I am known to be an opponent of soy.  We are BOTH known to get involved in lengthy debates, though I tip my hat to you on that one - lol.  Now, we could lock horns and post handpicked studies, article quotes and even Yahoo Answers (as I noted in one instance) that support our own views ad infinitum, this thread has already reached epic proportions in a support forum and if we were to lock horns and bring all the rest of the folks who have strong opinions one way or another about soy into the discussion this could go on for pages and pages.  And, when all was said and done, I sincerely doubt that either of us would change our minds.

I don't like soy and you do.  Enough said.

Past my bedtime - think I'll have a glass of half organic milk/half almond milk and catch some Z's.


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