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Re: I don't like soy, you do, and never the twain shall meet
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Published: 11 years ago
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Re: I don't like soy, you do, and never the twain shall meet

  I note that besides the issue of fermented versus non fermented soy, there is the fact that about 97% of soy products come from GMO soy. A very great portion of the GMO soy is the "Roundup ready" GMO soy. I don't think that it was a coincidence that soy allergies increased by 50% in the UK shortly after the introduction of GMO soy. 

I am not a fan of GMO either.  But I also don't like false propaganda such as the stuff the Weston Price Foundation has put out or unsubstantiated statistics like 97% of soy being GMO or an increase of soy allergies by 50%.  Anyone can make up or manipulate statistics like this, and is is very frequently done.  For example in the Jupiter Study conducted on the effectiveness of a statin drug the drug companies claimed  a 44% decrease in heart disease.  Yes the difference was 44% from placebo, but it was also less than 1%.  The placebo group showed 1.36% of the people had a cardiac event after 2 years.  In the statin group only  0.77% had an adverse cardiac event.  So they claimed a 44% reduction in cardiac events, which  is technically true, but this is only a 0.59% difference between the two groups, which worked out to 53 adverse events out of 18,000 people in the study.  So percentages can be viewed or manipulated in many ways to reach whatever conclusion one wishes to reach.  This is why propaganda sites rely so heavily on statements of percentages without showing the actual proof.  They can manipulate the findings any way they want to make something sound dangerous or beneficial depending on what they want to show.

I have seen you label the Weston A. Price foundation as a shill for the beef and dairy industry.  I disagree.  Simply because they have accepted sponsorships for their annual conferences from beef and dairy groups, among many others, does not make them shills. 

You are forgetting how much false propaganda they have posted about soy, the biggest threat to the beef and dairy industries.  And regardless if beef and dairy are organic or not they still carry risks.  So why has the Weston Price Foundation refused to post these risks?  Yet again they continue to post bogus information about soy even though they could easily verify is false.  So you can disagree all day long, it is not going to change the facts!  To say that the Weston Price Foundation is not supporting the beef and dairy industry is like saying the FDA is not supporting the pharmaceutical companies!!!

In addition, while they have extolled the benefits of healthy beef and dairy, which is in line with their promotion of healthy nutrient dense foods in general, they also recommend grass fed organic beef and dairy that is free of growth hormones and antibiotics -

Again this does not make them safe.  So where are all the warnings about the dangers of beef and milk consumption by the Weston Price Foundation?  I see all the false propaganda about their biggest competitor, which is soy.  But if they were really in to healthy foods I would expect safety warnings about beef and dairy consumption as well as some real research on the benefits of soy such as those against cancer, for bone heath, for hormone balance..........

both of which are not the positions of the beef and dairy industry.

Who says?  You don't think that the organic farms and ranches are part of the beef and dairy industry?  Again if we want to see why the Weston Price Foundation has been so active in posting false propaganda about soy all we have to do is see who is buttering their bread.


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