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Hveragerthi Views: 9,563
Published: 12 years ago
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Re: Information about my protocol(s)

 Yeh, know sometimes people complicate things.

Yes, like people claiming that someone said that DMSO raises peroxide levels when that was not was said int he first place.  Reminds me of how attorneys make up statements to mislead juries

You know,...I am disease free and people want to comment on how wrong I am. HAhahahaha!

I have learned one thing from this whole experience.
I have learned that the best knowledge is first hand knowledge.

Not always.  Too often people overlook other factors because they have a strong belief in one thing.  For example there are people who really think that chemotherapy cured them of cancer even though this is rarely if ever the case.  They fail to take in to consideration that they made changes in their diet, reduced stress in their life, added supplements and herbs to their daily regime, etc.  This is why we have studies to see what the effects are of individual things.  This helps to keep people from assuming so much.

I have learned that people will try to contradict your first hand knowledge with second hand knowledge, and that
usually there are ulterior motives to do so.

Actually some people rely on facts, not fiction.

Peroxide lasts about 2.7 seconds in the blood stream.

This is misleading since the peroxides form singlet oxygen in the breakdown process.  The singlet oxygen is highly reactive and can form secondary peroxides including hydrogen peroxide and lipid peroxides.  We see this with ozone therapy for example, which produces both lipid and hydrogen peroxides.  Since the topic has been cancer the ozone reacts with the lipids in the cell membrane forming lipid peroxides. These peroxides enter in to the cancer cell and swell the cancer cell until it bursts since the cancer cells lack the enzymes needed to decompose the peroxide.  As the peroxide itself is decomposed it releases a singlet oxygen that then reacts with the lipids of the cancer cell membranes again forming a lipid peroxide and the cycle continues.  This chain reaction is why a little peroxide goes such a long way in destroying such a massive amount of cancer cells.  This is also why ozone or peroxide therapy is so effective in cleaning out the arteries.  The singlet oxygen atoms react with the lipids of the arterial plaque forming lipid peroxides.  As these peroxides are decomposed they form new singlet oxygen atoms that react with the plaque lipids and the chain reaction cleans the plaque out of the arteries.  So yes the peroxide molecules themselves are short lived but they create new peroxides in the process of being broken down.

Almost all pro oxidants cause buildup of peroxide.

When broken down into oxygen and water, a portion of that oxygen forms additional peroxide.

Yes, as explained above.  It is not the diatomic oxygen though, but rather the monotomic oxygen.  Diatomic oxygen is primarily formed by the breakdown of peroxide when the monoatomic oxygen does not have anything else to react with.

Cancer builds up peroxide inside. This may be cancers way of dealing with reactive oxygen species, converting it to peroxide,...and it's been proven cancers live with a little peroxide in their cytomplams,..however, as the concentration increases,..atopsis may actually be cancer's last chance to rid itself of excessive peroxide,...atopsis is a processes where pieces of the cell membrane bud off, possibly carrying things cancer does not like,...this budding process continues until it leads to death,..looking like suicide.

Aptosis is cellular suicide.  And there is a lot more to the peroxide thing.  For example it is also the peroxides of cancer cells that allow for the growth of cancerous tumors through angiogenesis and the spread of cancer cells.  On the other hand as I pointed out before natural killer (NK) cells use peroxide to kill cancer cells.

But so what,..who the heck care why or how!

When all is said and done, I stand with a death sentence that never was. Here i am for the world to see.
Alive, well, and spunkier than ever.

Put that in your pipes and smoke it.

Someone appears to have some anger management issues.


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