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Re: BP's oil now oozing out from Beach sand in Louisiana
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Published: 11 years ago
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Re: BP's oil now oozing out from Beach sand in Louisiana

Just tried it and it worked fine for me.

I've attempted to copy and paste the whole article here:

Allison KilkennyRadio host, journalist,
Posted: July 1, 2010 05:23 PM
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Allegations Emerge BP Is Dumping Sand To Cover Oil

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Yesterday, I contacted a friend of mine, C.S. Muncy, who is a photojournalist currently raising all kinds of hell down in southern Louisiana.

C.S.'s original goal was to gain access to some of the areas being guarded by BP contractors and deemed "off limits" to reporters, but yesterday he, along with Save Our Shores's Judson Parker, made an unexpected discovery.

They believe that BP has been dumping sand on the beaches in order to cover up oil. You can view some video Judson shot of the beach over here.

I called C.S. to ask him about the alleged cover-up.
AK: Is it true that BP has been covering some of the oil on the beach with sand?
CM: Yeah. Yeah, this is interesting...We went down onto the beaches, and we started inspecting them. There were tar balls, tar residue, and there was some oil on the beach. Apparently, the day before there was a lot of tar balls, and BP was working in the area pretty heavily, and we started noticing there was a different consistency in the sand.

Closer to shore, there was this grainy, very rough shell-filled sand, and then you could see almost like a border where it just spilled over onto the beach sand, which is a very fine-grained sand. And it looked as if it was dumped. I mean, you could dig a few inches down, and you could see that it was a different type of sand beneath that, you know, without all the shell and grit, and what not. It looked very much like that. Our first assumption was, yeah, that they were dumping sand to cover up the tar balls.

You know, when I first said me, it sounded conspiratorial - more so than I usually think. But then, soon after, we were stopped by some local sheriffs - actually, scratch that, they weren't local sheriff - they were working for the local sheriff, but these guys were bussed in from... (C.S. asks Judson if he remembers where they were bussed in from) ...from Jefferson Parish - from way up north - he was a city guy, and there were two of them that stopped us, and they weren't unpleasant about it - they weren't mean - but we could hear them talking on the radio, and their job was to run us off. So they told us, no more pictures - at least no more pictures of them. In fact, they stopped me from going out onto the beach a little bit further, and taking more pictures. But, you know, we got to talking with the guy, one of them, and he said, 'Yeah, they came here, and just dumped a bunch of sand on the beach.' They were just shoveling it on.

We could see the erosion and where the tar still was, and there was a total separate point from where the sand was dumped on.

Update: Shannyn Moore has more on the cover-up (along with some photos from C.S.) here.
Update 2: If you would like to support C.S.'s work, you can send him cash through PayPal to - Click the link here.

Update 3 I've been updating my blog with responses from the Coast Guard, and today BP dropped their official explanation, which is virtually identical to the previous statement (or I should say, the Coast Guard is parroting the BP line):

There is a long-term treatment plan for Grand Isle which includes the collection and washing of oiled sand including buried oil. Part of this plan includes collecting and storing oiled sand in piles for later cleaning. At no time has clean sand been used to cover or bury oil or oiled sand.
Beaches naturally pass through a series of growth and degradation depending on the sea conditions. Storms that have passed through the area have deposited sand on the beach and eroded it again exposing oil buried by sediments brought in by the weather.

Now that the bad weather has moved through the cleanup area, crews are able to return to the water and beaches and renew the process of removing the oil.

As you might imagine, it's impossible to secure a BP official right now for an extensive interview about this, but I keep emailing their offices with my questions. The sand in the videos don't appear to be in piles, but rather matted down. Of course, that could very well be from the ocean washing against the piles, and flattening them, as BP says in this latest release. But in that case, how does BP discern what areas are "clean" and what areas are "contaminated?" There are no visible markers anywhere (at least that are clear in the videos).

Journalists have been forced to speculate about this stuff because of BP's 65-feet rule in which a private corporation has banned the press from coastal beaches, and local law enforcement has been behaving as an extension of the company responsible for the worst environmental catastrophe in US history.

The Coast Guard lifted the 65-feet for a special One-Day Only bonanza in which the press were allowed to investigate Grand Isle. Of course, after that very special day, everything went back to business as usual.

Correction: An earlier version of this article linked to, which is a separate group in California. Judson Parker is a representative from

Cross-posted from Allison Kilkenny's blog

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Dan Bradford 06:58 AM on 7/06/2010
3 Fans
I am not certain why this is an issue, except to note that the reporter says the sand-covered oil is hard, "almost like asphalt." This means it has been stabilized. It is not going to move readily. It is not going to endanger wildlife. While covered with sand, it is not going to disturb people on the beach. Actually, this idea of covering the oil with sand might be good; if it helps to control and eventually clean up this mess.
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auntnoree 06:55 AM on 7/06/2010
17 Fans

Check this article out.
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Judson Parker 10:43 PM on 7/05/2010
125 FansFollow
If there was any doubt about where the sand came from, let it be laid to rest:

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vidyadhara 10:13 PM on 7/05/2010
31 Fans
Why are hard-working middle income people protecting the criminal ruling elite class? Why?
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oldandcold 10:12 PM on 7/05/2010
0 Fans
I find it very difficult to understand why we become so upset when we should be attacking the root causes of problems. We complain about the symptoms of the disease but fail to attack the real issues that give rise to the problem. In our country we send some of our best and brightest off to college and do our best to teach the the fine art of "politics" . There in lies the problem. Politics is the fine art of lying to the public by putting a favorable spin on issues and yes lie if necessary by bending the truth a bit when necessary, If we take such pains to teach our young students to lie then what is it we have a problem with? They are just doing what they have been taught and might I say they are doing a dam fine job of it. Then we put them in charge and place them as advisors and spokespeople in key areas. They did a fine job this week of telling us the Republicans were actually the founders and leaders of the Civil Rights movement of the 60's. How long will we support the root problem and continue to endorse teaching the fine art of lying to our young. How long will we allow corporations to hire professional liars and place our stamp of approval by granting a degree in lying. Politics by any other name is still lying and the practicing of unethical behavior.
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Joe Cohan 09:46 PM on 7/06/2010
2 Fans
Erm, what? College does not teach the "art of lying" as you call it. In fact, there is an emphasis on academic honesty and integrity. Have you ever been to college?
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Stacey Chamberlain 10:16 AM on 7/07/2010
1 Fans
What he is trying to say is that when people become politicians they generally adopt the art of lying. Usually people go to college before becoming serious politicians. Thus, he is saying that is where they art taught the art of lying. Yeah, school's usually promote honesty. He's not talking about the school's policy. Going into politics you know that it's a dirty business. It might be productive for all of us to choose our battles more wisely.
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ReedYoung 01:50 AM on 7/05/2010
770 FansFollow
In addition to suing corporations, the individuals responsible for these criminal acts of fraud against the federal government, and violence against all residents of the Gulf, must be prosecuted and imprisoned as the felons that we all know they are. Until they are held fully ACCOUNTABLE for their actions, only the angels among us will behave in a fully RESPONSIBLE manner, and we who choose to be responsible will continue getting cheated and abused by those who choose to get away with as much as you let them.
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Curbrunner 04:37 PM on 7/04/2010
57 Fans
The first and only thing you have to know before listening to any response from BP or any U.S. government agency including the Coast Guard, that has anything to do with providing information about the status of the gulf oil leak, is that none of them are telling the truth...
It's all lies, zero, zilch, nada truths. Deception and propaganda is the only message.
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lomamonster 11:01 AM on 7/04/2010
3 Fans
When a corporate police force can interfere with the freedoms of ordinary citizens of the United States, a review must be conducted to ascertain the legality of such actions. We are not talking "black helicopters" here, but real instances of bullying, posturing, and outright dissemination of fear under the pretense of legal authority.

What authority?
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bmike 10:51 AM on 7/04/2010
36 Fans
oil has been repub business, so whats their plan to clean-up their spill.they are trying to make people think it was obama saying drill baby drill.repubs have been the mouth piece for the oil industry and they shouldn't stop now.repub should have the best idea to clean the gulf and how to pay for it.
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WILLIEMOJORISIN 05:32 PM on 7/05/2010
2 Fans
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superchevy72 10:49 AM on 7/04/2010
0 Fans
Our government is as corrupt as any other government. How many of these government officials have their hands in on the dirty money? I would like to say ALOT! Just as the said US SUPREME court judges who have been bought off by BP........All I have to say is PROVE YOU WANT TO STAY IN THE WHITE HOUSE, DO WHAT IS RIGHT! LOOK OUT FOR THE BETTER OF THIS COUNTRY AND NOT YOUR POCKETS AND BILLFOLDS!
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jdcapshew 12:12 PM on 7/04/2010
13 Fans
You sound like a crazy person.
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jdcapshew 12:15 PM on 7/04/2010
13 Fans
I was a bit harsh, I apologize.
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zeeshan809 09:36 AM on 7/04/2010
106 FansFollow
These greedy corporations should face justice once and for all.

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JniBGood 02:36 PM on 7/04/2010
71 Fans
And,pray tell us, How will you force them to face justice?
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MidwayShipmate 04:45 AM on 7/04/2010
6 Fans
If this is true and BP is dumping sand on the beaches to cover up the oil then the executives of BP should go to Jail and stay there until this mess is completely cleaned up and not be allowed to be involved in any further criminal actions. This is a plain Conspiracy on the part of BP and whatever Obams/Bush says it's criminal.
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Razakel 08:12 AM on 7/04/2010
0 Fans
Why do I doubt that you said the same about the Bhopal disaster?

But that was only affected brown people, so the US spent a lot of effort stopping anyone from being prosecuted over it.
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WILLIEMOJORISIN 05:34 PM on 7/05/2010
2 Fans
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glennwarne 03:12 PM on 7/05/2010
0 Fans
I would like to say that this is not the way the pile-ing up of oil over sand works, but it might!
However as I have gone to the beaches in the southern Calif areas, in the 1970, this sort of shape of the sand will occur by itself. Take a wad of tar(which is what oil becomes floating away in the Saltwater) roll it in sand and keep rolling, add more sand, more tar it will get heavier and then the waves wash it on the shore. It settles, waves wash more sand on the tar-sand ball and it compresses the tarball flat and more sand gets washed up, it becomes a pancake.
Then the public show's up walking all-over the place pressing on the Pancake,making it harder, more firm, now you have a layer of tar, heavy as a rock and it will not be washed away by the waves anymore. The sand that does not stick to the tar, it goes back out with the tide and the Island of tar is now revealed so the News people can say LOOK SAND DUMPING!
This does not forgive the insult of the damage by the oil, but on the other hand lets not make this tarball into a mountain!
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tessalenore 04:15 AM on 7/04/2010
0 Fans
my thoughts

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Beatcomber 01:06 AM on 7/04/2010
14 Fans
There are numerous youtube videos of BP contractors covering oil polluted beaches with sand. My guess is some news network is going to make a big story out of it.

It's just too easy and too juicy. They will sell lots of expensive ad time.
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Moxo 12:50 AM on 7/04/2010
49 Fans
hey weren't mean - but we could hear them talking on the radio, and their job was to run us off. So they told us, no more pictures

Where's an Edison Carter and Network 23 when you need 'em!
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JWKessler 11:11 AM on 7/04/2010
7 Fans
I assume this is a public beach. In fact, anything below the high tide level is considered to be public. If it was public, then you have the right to be taking photos there.

Photography and The Law: Know Your Rights

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pooka 10:27 PM on 7/04/2010
11 Fans
Thank you for this. This informative link helps us to know the parameters and our rights. It also helps boost confidence to stand your ground when you know you are doing nothing illegal and are being wrongfully harassed. There have been a lot of incidents of people being denied access to public beaches or being told they cannot film or take photographs during this monstrous environmental disaster. This is an event from which we must learn as much as possible. The more documentation the better. The MIB stuff is creepy.
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