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The "wholesale" and "discount/affiliate" inquiries we're getting. (edit)
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Published: 11 years ago
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The "wholesale" and "discount/affiliate" inquiries we're getting. (edit)

In the past months we've had many inquiries regarding wholesale prices, discounts, and 'affiliate credit programs'...but in the past 4 weeks the amount of inquiries has been overwhelming.  So, to save myself from typing the same information over & over & over & over, the following will provide an explanation and an answer.

First, in the business world, "wholesale" is typically a 30-40% discount off the retail price, that is offered for bulk quantity purchases.

While we thank everyone very much (and most sincerely!) for recognizing and appreciating the quality of our herbal products, we are NOT a retail operation!!!

In fact, we even thank the two individuals that had the audacity to inquire and let us know that they would love to recommend our high quality herbal products to their clients that were seriously ill, but they wouldn't do it unless we'd give them an 'affiliate kickback' or a discount large enough they could buy our products, rebottle/relabel them and sell them themselves...even if it meant recommending a known, lower quality, non-organic product from the major companies that have such a high mark-up they can afford to give 10-20% affiliate kickbacks.  How's that for altruism, ethics and genuine concern for our fellow human brothers & sisters?  (As in: "I know your products are most effective, but unless I can make some money off of them I'm not going to tell people")  :::sigh:::  Still, we do thank you for recognizing our products are top-quality.

In fact, let's look at how much of a retail operation we are not, by looking at a true retail vendor (with similar quality products).  I'll use Dr. Schulze's retail website as an example.

Dr. Schulzes Echinacea Plus tincture retails for $30 for 2oz  - $15 per ounce.

Our Echinacea tincture (if you want Echinacea Plus rather than regular Echinacea, we will mix/send that for no added cost):

$18 for 2oz - $9 an ounce (a 40% discount off of retail)

$30 for 4oz - $7.50 per ounce (a 50% discount off of retail)

$52 for 8oz - $6.50 per ounce (a 56.7% discount off of retail)


Dr. Schulzes Super Tonic retails at  $22 for 2 oz - $11 an ounce

Our Super Tonic is $25 for 8 ounces - $3.12 per ounce (a 71.2% discount off of retail)


Dr. Schulzes Cayenne Powder retails at $22 for 2 oz -  $11 an ounce

Our Cayenne Powder is $12 for 4oz - $3 per ounce (a 72.8% discount off of retail)


Dr. Schulzes Cayenne Tincture retails at $22 for 1 oz -  $22 an ounce

Our Cayenne Tinctures:

$18 for 2oz - $9 an ounce (a 59% discount off of retail)

$30 for 4oz - $7.50 per ounce (a 65% discount off of retail)

$52 for 8oz - $6.50 per ounce (a 70.5% discount off of retail)


Our herbal teas are 33% off retail

Our Superfoods are 50% off retail

Our IF#2 is 50% off retail (figured by 'days' worth' not by ounces)

Our IF#1 is 32% off retail


Uhhhm, wholesale enterprises ALREADY have wholesale pricing!  So, as you can surmise, it's highly unlikely that we (a small apothecary that already sells almost everything WAY BELOW retail), will find it possible to offer wholesale discounts or kickbacks for referring people to our site.  Of course, we certainly appreciate it if you do recommend our products (as will those people that receive the healing benefits).  If you're someone that has acknowledged the quality and caliber of what we create as superior to others offered on the market, and you won't recommend them unless you can grease your wallet...???...well, you have a much higher power to answer to for your shameful greed than us.

It is true if you do a quickie 'cost/sale' analysis, you'll be led to believe this is a 'high profit business'.  However, I can assure you, reality presents a totally different picture than a spreadsheet when accomplished with "high/quality caliber" integrity & ethics.

Healthiest of blessings -

Unyquity & Rocky53



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