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Have used Chlorine Dioxide daily for 26 years
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Published: 13 years ago

Have used Chlorine Dioxide daily for 26 years

Since I started in 1984 having found it in use at a clinic in Mexico I have never been ill for more than a day and never have taken a drug or antibiotic. In 80 I was given a few months to live, could not walk without falling over, severe migraines and arthritis, totally dependent on powerful pain killers. With no idea about health or nutrition or supplements, an ND taught me how to heal myself using all, and turned me around. CD helped to really put it all behind me and stay healthy. Since then thousands of others around the world have used it successfully long before it was made popular on the web.

It is popular because it works well, is cheap, and non toxic when used in an educated manner. CD is EPA approved for water purification and is in use today in 10's of thousands of municipalities globally. It is superior to chlorine used globally as well because it breaks down to NaCl in the body, salt. Our blood and lymph are salt water based, it is a non issue.

Chlorine (CL) is a proven carcinogenic, but is still used, and EPA approved.

If it was a potent industrial bleach why would there be millions of people using it now by word of mouth success stories being shared with friends and family? Why wouldn't it cause kidney failure and death which is exactly what would happen if you drank chlorox bleach every day.

Why do the "side effects" listed go away if one takes less and then increases slowly in a manner their body can handle? Would they "go away" if drinking Industrial Bleach? No, they would worsen.

According to the U.S. Council Of Environmental Quality, ďCancer risk among people using chlorinated water is 93% higher than among those whose water does not contain chlorine.Ē

Numerous studies show that when chlorine mixes with natural organic substances, dangerous cancer causing organochlorines, called THMs (trihalomethanes), are created. They can be inhaled from the vapors in your shower, absorbed through the skin from the paper products we use, or ingested in the water we drink.

In laboratory studies THMís are known to damage the thyroid gland, cause cancerous tumors, and affect the nervous system, liver and kidneys, and cause reproductive disorders.

However be careful about being drawn into a conversation about apples when you mean oranges. Is C Dioxide Bleach?

Bleach is a verb, not a substance but an *_action _*of oxidation.

Chlor-ox is a bleaching agent. So is dioxychloride a bleaching agent, but a totally different chemical.

One is a hypochlorite, the other is a hypochoride. The primary effect of both is the oxygen, not the secondary chloride, chlorite nor chlorate by products.

We are not talking about ClO2 with Miracle-Mineral-Supplement , but Sodium Chloride nascently bonded to oxygen. Nascent means "loosely bonded" so the oxygen can be easily liberated.

Dioxychloride breaks down into NaCl, salt which is then broken down into the mineral Na and Cl is used to make HCL, and other chlorides for the cerebral spinal fluid, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, '
free oxygen as O1 and O2.

The oxygen raises the levels of O2 in the blood, thus attracting white blood cells which take it up and use it in the production of H2O2 (Hydrogen-Peroxid) to kill bacteria. Any free radical O1 coming in contact with a pathogen will attach to it and tear a hole in the bacteria's membrane, either killing it or making susceptible to the WBC.

So the correct response is that Chlorine Dioxide is not Bleach, but a bleaching agent, but a different, non-toxic molecular form than commercial Bleach (noun).

The Science is clear, well established for decades and is being badly misrepresented in the media and by the American FDA that also approves CLO2's use sprayed directly on food and food preparation surfaces in some cases not requiring a clean water rinse afterwards. Would they allow a potent industrial bleach to be used as such?

Well, actually they probably would as they approve drugs on a regular basis that are proven injurious, and lethal after years of use and systematically pulled from the market. Do your research, it is not hidden.

Who is attacking it's use then? And why. People who have no experience with it, have not used it correctly, organizations that protect drug company profits and have no interest in the public knowing about simple, cheap alternatives are a few. If it indeed was proven harmful used responsibly, if it was indeed the same as chlorine (CL) bleach then yes it should be avoided.

Unfortunately it is neither, and people's freedom to chose how they deal with their own health is what is being attacked here.

If every product that had the potential for "taking too much" was banned there would be no drugs on the market, nothing. 15 liters of water will kill most people. What is really going on here?


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