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Re: Have used Chlorine Dioxide daily for 26 years
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Published: 13 years ago
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Re: Have used Chlorine Dioxide daily for 26 years

Thanks for your insights. The point being made about the FDA and EPA i could have made clearer, sorry. The point is that they know about it, approve of it's use, it is common and used all over the world in millions of places including hospitals. The FDA knows it is not a "potent industrial bleach" used is this manner. Why would they say this?

I did mention about the CLO2 produced from Sodium Chlorite was a different conversation. (in part). If everyone that has survived cancer and ????? by using alternative methods waited for "scientific" research to be done most of us would be dead.

Both the Chinese and Indians (Vedic Period) have documented use of plants/animal parts used successfully for medicinal purposes for 5000 years. Modern medicine is 100 years in the making or so. We think we are brilliant? Saving lives in accidents etc, yes absolutely, a blessing.

In healing, to them we would be m*o*o*ns, idiots that have no clue about how the bodies innate intelligence works and is integrated with life on our planet.

The hundreds of thousands of people that have now used Miracle-Mineral-Supplement safely and successfully to help their bodies overcome a myriad of challenges is enough for many. Opinions about the Science is great, shall we discuss the Science behind the 1000's of drugs on the market with lists of side effects off this page that are legal and approved for use by the FDA?

Drugs that KILL millions every year? Drugs that have "research" behind them "proving" they are safe? Tell that to one of my best friends that died of a heart attack after taking Avandia last year. It has killed people for 11 years before a "warning" was just issued. Not pulled yet. Lets go after Miracle-Mineral-Supplement , it makes some people dizzy!

No one is being forced to use Miracle-Mineral-Supplement . Some people would like to have the choice. Especially people who were given up for dead like me by the medical establishment but who are healthy now.

I wonder how much Oxidative Stress a portion of french fries causes? White Sugar ? White Flour? Merck's anti-inflammatory drug Vioxx, pulled from the market in 2004 for increasing patients' risk of a heart attack? Chose your poison.

An MD wrote that It damages DNA? More than drugs? More than chemotherapy? More than trans-fats? More than Sodium Flouride, EPA approved Rat Poison merrily put in your water for your "health".

Ever asked yourself why on this one? This is very relevant here because it is about what is done to the public in the name of health, and who is trying to control what you have access too right now, along with the FDA:

The Codex, Fluoride, Auschwitz, Monsanto, Connection
By Barbara H. Peterson |

MMS is just a sideline to the bigger unfolding picture.

Calcium Hypochlorite? Didn't feel right for me, never tried or studied it, therefore can not comment intelligently.

Liberty can be regained by forcing politicians to act on behalf of you rather than big business. Ron Paul is the only politician I have ever heard mention that Health Freedoms are not protected in the US. A lone voice. We need more voices.

You might join the mailing list at
This organization could be critical to health freedoms in the coming years.

It will take time as the medical establishment is a huge part of the economy. However you don't have to be a victim, or accept that there is no cure for what ails you outside of the allopathic world's view.

Tip: do a google search for MMS and FDA. Then at the bottom of the page create an alert. Post your success story at the media sites. Articles by supporters will show up in the mix daily. Connect with them, tell your story, get the word out.

In 30 years experience living without drugs and using natural remedies of all kinds, CLO2 was by far the single most important thing I wanted to have around always. Small amounts taken consistently not only boost immunity but helps detox the entire body over time.

In this world that is critical to survival.

The Oxidation process does not stop with viruses and pathogens, it continues with any substance with an acidic Ph, like metabolic waste, chemicals, drugs, heavy metals etc.

Fat is there in part to store these toxins that the body is not able to throw off. Over time most everyone I have ever known using MMS/Cl02 as directed loses weight, trims down as the garbage is removed. This is one reason why people consistently report they feel better and better over time. (again, using small amounts as directed for maintenance).

To me, sometimes people have to say "no more."

I think this is one time, having free access is worth fighting for.

Thank you Curezone.


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