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More on Dr. Christopher :) Re: Whoops! I posted it in the wrong forum
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Published: 11 years ago
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More on Dr. Christopher :) Re: Whoops! I posted it in the wrong forum

HAHAHA!  Ruh-roh, Rastro, now you've gone & done it (lol) - yep, that was definitely a "whoops, wrong forum", lol.   Now it's likely (or typical anyway) you'll get "oft-repeated message #187890234328790-27349-0.B" that plods along something like this: Christopher/Schulze and their ilk are "old school" - usually followed by - they use/d 'berberine herbs' (such as barberry, goldenseal, oregon grape root), and these kill gut flora, cause high bp, damage intestinal lining and the anthraquinone herbs cause 'laxative dependence' quickly; then a mention of how they need to "update" to more modern/scientific herbal knowledge...and maybe something about tinctures and all the scientific faults of tinctures (and don't forget how the hot water in teas destroys the chemicals in the herbs) - and maybe how overrated (and even dangerous) cayenne is.

Call me a dinosaur, but I understand that science IS a paradigm (what's true today, won't be tomorrow, and vice versa), but these healers cured thousands of people that had terminal prognosis over many decades.  They weren't just a 'flash in the pan' or using a trendy diet, "new" herb, or therapy based on 'the scientific paradigm du jour'.  Many of their therapeutic modalities were learned from great healers whose protocols had stood the test of time for decades/centuries prior to them being in clinical practice. Their tinctures and teas worked as they were intended to work; if the berberine herbs had damaged the intestinal tracts and/or raised the blood pressure of those who were SO compromised that they had a terminal/incurable prognossis, they wouldn't have been healed, they would have died.  As for the anthraquinones - ditto the previous statement  :::eyeroll::: This forum's only been a forum for a bit over a year, and I can name quite a few people on this forum that have improved and healed their constipation issues with the very herbs others claim cause dependence.  All the native cultures throughout the world have used herbal teas successfully; for over a century herbalists & healers have been utilzing tinctures with great success...even those that are 'scientifically proven' to be unstable.   Water is the universal solvent - alcohol is a much stronger solvent.  Yet someone so compromised that  they can't even digest and assimilate 'soft' fruits & veggies effectively, has a digestive tract/system capable of extracting the vital constituents from powdered/dried 'hard' herbal roots & barks?  Have we been so conditioned that "science" overrides simple logic and basic common sense?

Uny-dinosaur had an prof. (Ph.D chemistry) when Rocky n' I went back to college (5 years ago); both he and our Biology professor pounded two words into our heads for 2 years... empirical evidence.    For those that don't know what empirical evidence is - it's reality.  Not theories; not hypotheses; not tests and studies done in petri dishes and test tubes; not data based on 'how things should work' in a human body when every organ is functioning optimally (when virtually none of them ever are); and not studies done with a select group of people for a few weeks (taking nothing into account about their biological terrain).  It's what is tangible, what we can see, what happens in the real world in realy human bodies over decades of time and tens of thousands of people.  You know, right?...the actual Truth.

Definitions of empirical evidence on the Web:

'Doing no harm' is the baseline of any true healing process, so please don't think I'm 'making fun', being sarcastic, or that I dismiss 'modern' warnings quickly or easily.  Of all of the formulas we've chosen to create and offer, the only one that contains berberine or anthraquinones (that would come into contact with the intestinal tract) is the IF#1...and we know there were tens of thousands (if not more) that have used it safely and effectively as part of a healthy healing protocol.  Plus, we're not talking "isolated use" here (of any herb).  The tinctures that do contain berberine herbs are 'one of several' in the same tincture blend, and maybe most importantly, we're all doing (or should be doing) supportive therapies, herbs & protocols.  Slippery elm provides mucilage and is a prebiotic (on top of having incredible healing power for the intestinal tract) - it's in the IF#2 (along with marshmallow root, which as similar qualities), and we always recommend slippery elm gruel daily (and many take aloe gel, too).  And more and more we're getting into the various ways/foods to natural replenish microbiota...water kefir, kombucha, fermented goods  - and yes, even dairy kefir.  By the way, I've made my first milk-kefir this week (and I'm brewing my first batch of kombucha, too) - so soon I'll have more healing goodness to share with everybody :)

Me all done that lil' rant :)

So I was reading about Dr. Christopher, and his whole theory is based on mormon "word of wisdom!" I grew up in Utah, and was in the word of wisdom culture. No coffee, no tobacco and the food stuff. LOL!  Actually, not all of Dr. Christopher's theory is based on the Mormon Word of Wisdom (although some of it is).  I was delightfully surprised when I first started studying Dr. Christopher to find how totally "open" he was to ALL kinds of spiritual believes and 'energy work'.  On his videos, he starts by talking about low/high vibratory energy (me ---> WHOA!  I thought he was a "Mormon"!).  These videos seem to have been made in the late 70's, and he even mentioned (gasp) L.Ron Hubbard & Scientology.  We can tell from his later writing that he pretty-much dismissed that bunk, but it was SO IMPRESSIVE to see that he was constantly searching for "more complete truths"...there he was, looking like an 'old grandpa' (with students that looked mostly like, well, the late 70's) and he was opening their eyes to new concepts!  It gives me goose-bumps every time I think about how 'spiritually connected' Dr. Christopher was...I am honored (and humbled) as I strive to follow in his footsteps!  I've occasionally been criticized for "adding to" the works of Christopher and/or Schulze...and it's occasionally 'set me back'.  That is, until I thought of Dr. Christopher's many imprisonments and his striving to learn even more as he aged (not sitting back lazily &relying upon only the wisdom and empirical truths he'd already gained along his rocky life pathways).  

No coffee/caffeine, no tobacco/drugs, and no alcohol either.  So there's a lot of people that think that because Dr. Christoper was LDS (Latter Day Saints) that he didn't utilize alchohol/tinctures.  But that's not the case!  Although he did utilize a LOT of teas, he has hundreds of formula recommendations for various blends & herbal tinctures in his book "School of Natural well as giving instructions for making tinctures (both alcohol & glycerine) - stating that oily & resinous herbs must be tinctured in alcohol. He also informed us when certain constituents of the herb needed alcohol, like this reference to Black Cohosh: Preparation: Fluid extract, infusion, powder, solid extract, syrup and tincture. Alcohol is the best menstruum to extract the antispasmodic properties.   His famous Hawthorn Syrup contains brandy; he says this about tinctures when instructing how to make & use  them: When administering a tincture internally, you may evaporate the alcohol from the solution by putting it into hot water, or it can be taken as it is.  Dr. Christopher was a very spiritual man, but he didn't fall prey to "anti healing dogma", even if it was the tenets of his chosen religion.  In healing the body from the effects of unnatural toxins and chemical poisons and metals, we must be aggressive and as effective as the ways that are most natural to our natural bodies.  'Tis true that herbs soaked in alcohol are not 100% natural...but a few teaspoons of tincture daily to effectively deliver healing herbs to a sick & dis-eased body, is a FAR cry from cheez-puffs, pizza & a sicks-pack.  Dr. Christopher knew the difference.

I read the book of mormon once. Well, flipped through it really. But I did read the dietary advice and it talks about seeds and veggies and grains, and that meat is to be used sparingly when needed.  Once upon a time, I read it, too! :)  But I don't remember much of it...I think 'once upon a time' was around 1979 :::grin:::

Also, did you know the book says that herbs are created by god for the healing of man? (I assume that meant women too) But now I totally understand the basis of schultz's work. And Dr. Christophers!  There are a LOT of "scriptures" throughout many religions that indicate this same healing truth.  Hippocrates? And the Hippocratic Oath?

Definitions of hippocratic oath on the Web:

Likely the most famous quote of Hippocrates: "Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food".

I married a Mormon. He doesn't follow the word of wisdom, well he doesn't do coffee alcohol or tobacco, but he doesn't eat like the church teaches. No alcohol, caffeine or tobacco is super! He's all about grocery store steak and potatoes.He probably has no IDEA how toxic and chemically laden 'meat & potatoes' from the grocery store truly are! I always tell him his church taught him better than that. Maybe after I am all better he'll get it huh? I'm sure it will have a MAJOR impact - how could it not!?! I will tell him I healed becasue of mormon advice word of wisdom and maybe he'll take his diet seriously. lol  Hey, he was smart and discerning enough to marry you, right?  So you already know he's got AWESOME potential!!  You just focus on getting yourself healed (evidence of what you're saying), then maybe you, me and Willowley can have a 'conference call' and we'll give you all the "old gal" tips about how you can help him to see things the right way...when he'll be thinking he's seeing it his way.  There's a lot to be praised about the 'art' of being a wife...and like any other art, we become more artistic with time & experience :)




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