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Re: wow!! can it be????

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Mira528 Views: 2,583
Published: 11 years ago
This is a reply to # 1,676,207

Re: wow!! can it be????

"I agree, although respect is earned, not something anyone is automatically entitled to."

Spud, you got me thinking and I've heard that line before and I disagree, so it looks like we have a difference of belief systems here. I think that everyone deserves respect. I think that when respect isn't present, meaningful discussion ends. Am I perfectly respectful all the time? No. Are you? Unlikely. What's really bothering me is the frequent use of the word "conspiracy". I think it's been used a lot here as a label with negative connotations. If someone wants to believe in so-called conspiracies, so-called politburo, or the oil industry as hand-in-glove with the feds, to me that's fine and it's also fine if someone chooses not to believe in those things. I don't think that one report from 2 fishermen rules out any or all of those so-called "conspiracies" from existing.

"I'm sure that those predictions and Conspiracy theories caused a lot of unnecessary fear and worry for those directly effected by the disaster.

Again, to me, the phrase "Conspiracy theory" is a label being used, and this label has negative connotations. I don't know whether it's true that so-called "conspiracy theories" caused people unnecessary fear and worry - I hope not, and it would be interesting to hear an answer to that from people being directly affected by the disaster. I see it as a 2-sided coin, the two extremes of believing the worst of everything versus pretending everything is now fine and "normal". The fact of the matter is, none of us knows the full truth of what's happening and I'm sure you'll agree, this is very far from being over. I think that the people reading this forum can think for themselves and won't believe every so-called Conspiracy theory they read, any more than they will believe every government/BP study or press release they read. I guess I give Curezone readers credit for enough intelligence to think for themselves. Somehow I think that the reality for those living in the Gulf area is worse than any "theories".

Why do I tend to believe that there are a lot of cover-ups etc. going on? Because those in charge are motivated by money and power and perhaps there is also an agenda, and that's my belief system. Was this disaster planned? I hope not. Were unsafe practices used during drilling and were there major crimes committed after the disaster began? I think so. Is the Gulf area very far from being cleaned up and will there be far-reaching effects for a very long time? I think so.

"You in turn were ridiculing the opinion of the poster by trying to police what people here post.

"(129589 -you've got to be kidding!!!!! Or trying to push people's buttons????? Or - are you actually serious? I have to wonder, what is your motivation for taunting others, some of whom are actually living in the middle of this mess????? "

this looks like ridicule to me."

Sorry you see it that way. Actually, I was reacting to this post (below), not trying to police. Perhaps I did over-react a tad. I read it as he/she is making fun of anyone who believes that there might be cover-ups (so-called Conspiracy or politburo) and what's really bothering me is those labels being tossed around. That was my perception, and I reacted to it, in a way that you see as ridicule and "policing". I want people to feel free to post any video or article of interest because I want to see them and form my own opinions, and I don't want people to hesitate from posting because they might be made fun of or labelled as "conspiracy nuts", etc. You call that policing, I call it expressing how I feel and trying to protect freedom of speech.

(Post that I was reacting to)
"Things getting back to someplace, at least, that APPEARS normal?
Where are all the subs, where are all the feds, where is the politburo, where have all the conspiracies gone??????
Boy, I'm disappointed"

Now, I feel that every statement in this post has been respectful; I've used "I" statements and "my opinion is", etc. Just stating my opinion.



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