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Re: Pioneer For the people who have had loads of candida/my experience/EDIT

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Heart Worms?
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IvanDrvaric Views: 3,257
Published: 11 years ago
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Re: Pioneer For the people who have had loads of candida/my experience/EDIT


I feel more confortable when you talk about the Candida albicanis not as cause but as the result of the cause.

I feel unconfortable when demonizing Candida and all mighty problem of the pH of the body. I would rather talk about the destroyed process of maintaining pH buffering process.

I also feel unconfortable about Dr. Simonchini's treatment with baking soda. Even the results would be confirmed through some official scientific protocols the shor ways in some concetrated and extreme remedies like baking soda ( based on some hypotheses which was not enough prooved or considered in all aspects ) this frighten me. It makes me unconfortable to my belives in nature and needs on green diversity of our sorroundings whether it is food, whether it is movement whether it is living in appartments or working conditiions.

Quick and concetrated solutions frightened me because I considered them as continuiation of the causes that results in today western countrie's problems ( that are easily migrating to east and undeveloped countries through contaminating side effects of globalization which also had positive impact on health, intenral conflicts in local communities in health, social relations ).

Candida Albicanis is typical and very good model where we all curious people that came into this subject because of our unexplained problems or our loved one's that touched many aspects of our life that we used to relate only to physical conditions:
- social problems
- brain fog, cronic tiredness, passive and optimistic
relation to the world, to the economy,
- physical activity
- no will for doing something for myself
- problem of public access to the green reousrces
for example some knowledge worker in bug urban
megalopolis where he has no access to daily movement
in fresh foroests, green lively food
Steve Meyerowitz and Ann Wigmore done tremendous work
for such people when initaiting the energy that
also in such condition urban man can be effective
for creative work as for himself as for community with
energy getting when grow by himself green super food

Today we are in temptation to relate all these challenges to
Candida and in backyard of this with raised carbo food
- sugar, soda drinks, and excess of risks that forced us
to produce dead tissues ( auto-immunity problems, .. ).

Even more we're temptated to relate with previously solely
genetic sourced ( or longterm exposure to some source of toxicity to heavy metals or other antropogenic chemical toxins ) ilnesses like autism, multiple sclerosis, even senior people problems like dementia or alzheimer to Yeasts infection.

This is where I find inconsistency. Then we just have solution in some few remedies ( like baking soda of Dr, Simonchini or some other remedies ) and neglect the need for action in our daily life style ( green food, movement, breathing, working without pressure, competition but in symbiosis ).

I was thaught that our human ( animal cells ) - classified as eukariont contain mitohondria. That are organelles in our cells reponsible for energy produced from ATP ( phosphates ) in the process of using oxygene. that Mitohondria used to be bacterias that in evolution succeeded that hostile eukariont cell live in symbiosis with bacteria that was already capable of using oxygene from the athmosphere. So coexistence.

Candida in evoultionary mission supposed to be scavenger on cell level. Right there where you started your interesting dialogue. It was designed not to fight but as cleaner of our body of dead organic material. It totally different question why our cells ( enzymes and imunic system ) was not capable to clean that material so the raise of Candida cultures was necessary. If there is such term as invasive mission of the Candida that initiate health problems and this way accept the term INFECTION than this inconsistent with primary entry point of cohabiting of human being whether he live in urban city or rural farm or green confortable and peacefull suburb...with the growth of living environment not dead environment.

So what was my point:
Heterogenic steps to healing where you have no need to ask yourself what kills Candida or any other pathogene. You just live to God and Wisdom of the nature how will organize and maintain equllibrium of the microflora, maintain pH buffering, removing dead tissues and strengthen immune system. Yes it is the true this is not giving the immediate answer on some genetic sourced problems since demuthagenesis through green conditions of life style
( food, work, living or cohabiting, familly and social relations ) is not scientifically prooven ( or is it ) or even showed as model on cells that are higher on tree of life than bacterias?

So heterogenic...what do I mean under that:

Using green food, organic vegetable, fruits, super food as tool ( sprouts, juices from sprouts ), super food rich with middle chain fats, essential unsaturated fats ( omega-3 omega-6 ) but from nature sources ( organicly grown seeds ).

This way the economy also has benefits. Chain food production is becoming more pleasant for envrionment, people got aditional jobs, investment become more effective-new employments, and life cycle of the economy is becoming close to nature life styles - what is primary message from this economy global crisis related to the green sources and climate.

Quick Remedies are distracting us from the roots of our needs to be in contact with nature even if I work as Stock Market intemrdediary in center of financial district of some megapolis I need contact with nature source...

And green food enzyme enriched is not just ocasional remedy
is is urgent pre-condition for getting rid of Candida but not just Candida but for the cause of overgrowth of I stated I am so happy that you also considering that appearance of Candida cultures on surface of cancer tissues is explainable by amount of dead cells that body immune system could not remove it and nature by itself helped with natural law manifested with the help of yeast scavengers.

So If I can contribute to the answer:

- green wheatgrass ( fresh not powder fresh grown ) or
barley juices
- combination of pine apple juice, green part of celery and
green part of parsley, green part of carrot
and some moucus forming seeds that contains fats
middle chain fats ( ground and added to juice )

Any other combination of green juices or smoothies are wellcome it is most important that it is regular procedure
( whether it is fasting form with enema or regular daily
style where obvious contaminating food is removed:
addictive sugars and other carbos, fast food, soda drinks,
any sugar bottled drinks in the phase of healing or
first phases of detoxing ).
In the winter when there is not enough green food I would
grow at home green sprouts, green barley and eat a lot of fermented vegetable ( broccoli, cauliflower ) with squesed garlic in fermentation process. I would use also a lot of herbs in food and for chewing after the meals ( basillica,
thymian, parsley, mentha, herbs in raw form or at least frozen when it is not available in winter ) for better mouth odour, cleansing mouth cavity and for detoxing or combinating in food adding to vegetable soups as raw or any other dishes. Herbs are excellent kelating agent for heavy metals that are also related to feeding Candida. So Candida is feeding on heavy metals. It is sign to us that we should remove heavy metals not Candida.

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