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Audio Embedded Re: Gulf oil whistleblower, renewable energy guru Matt Simmons R
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Published: 11 years ago
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Re: Gulf oil whistleblower, renewable energy guru Matt Simmons R

Lots of free mp3 downloads on the Gulf oil disaster, including one mp3 of Matt Simmons.

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Science Friday

Science in the Gulf — 20 Aug 2010 — Are researchers being shut out of gathering valuable data in the wake of the Gulf oil disaster? Linda Hooper-Bui, an ecologist in the Gulf, says that BP and the federal government are hindering independent research into the effects of the oil spill. Also part of the discussion is Cary Nelson, head of the American Association of University Professors.
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Rick Steiner Vets the Oil Spill Happy-Talk — 13 Aug 2010 — Steiner discusses what the mainstream press have gotten right and wrong in talking about "the end of the leak."
Go to page | Download/Listen 8:32

PBS NewsHour, 11 Aug 2010
As They're Cleaning Up the Gulf Oil Spill, Where Do They Put the Trash and Gunk?
Watch | Download/Listen 6:36
Free Speech Radio News, 12 Aug 2010
BP Compensation Fund Draws on Future Offshore Drilling Profits
Go to page | Download/Listen 4:29

Most Gulf Oil Is "Out Of Site"—But Not Out Of Mind — 06 Aug 2010 — The government and BP claim that "static kill" is working and that 3/4 of the spilled oil has "disappeared." Uncle Gov says things weren't so bad after all. Independent scientists aren't so sure.
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Democracy Now

Jerry Cope: What BP and US Government Don't Want You to Know — 04 Aug 2010 — Environmental activist Jerry Cope has spent the last few weeks traveling along the Gulf Coast, examining the contamination in the air and water. Cope argues that instead of celebrating the alleged vanishing of the spilled oil, we should be concerned about the disappearance of marine life in the Gulf and the ongoing human health effects.
Watch | Download/Listen 17:35

Flashpoints, 04 Aug 2010
EPA Whistleblower Hugh Kauffman: Update on BP and Gov Obfuscations and Machinations
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By Hiring Gulf Scientists, BP May Be Buying Silence — 31 Jul 2010 — For months now, local scientists have been out on Gulf waters, advising the cleanup operation and measuring the damage. But there is growing concern that some of the best minds are being sidelined when they sign on as paid consultants to BP, which, by contract stipulation, gives BP the right to muzzle scientific findings.
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Living On Earth

Gulf Oil and Gulf Restoration — 30 Jul 2010 — The road to recovery for the Gulf of Mexico starts with the wetlands. Conservationists and state officials say a long-term, large-scale plan to restore Louisiana's marshes is the way to heal the damage. But are all concerned ready to face the hard choices ahead?
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Carl Safina: What's It Oil About — Jul 2010 — Safina reports some astonishing observations from his flyover and on-site inspections of the Gulf region. He believes BP's massive use of dispersants has been done to hide the size of the spill; but their use has made the overall situation inestimably worse. He says the biological effects of the disaster will be "hemispheric." (The visuals are helpful but if you can't watch, the MP3 is still worth listening to. --GP)
Watch | Download/Listen 20:03

Related resources:
Reference page for this interview at TED site

Earthbeat Radio

Gulf Coast Update + Whistleblowers Blast Carbon Offsets — 27 Jul 2010 — Three months into the BP Deepwater Horizon disaster, people are seeing the face of unchecked corporate power and are beginning to ask what sort of lasting reforms can make a difference to make sure a disaster like this never happens again. ~~ Also in the show, Congress throws in the towel on cap and trade provisions in the climate and energy bill, while two EPA enforcement attorneys claim that the proposed federal carbon offsets contain "unfixable flaws and waste, fraud and abuse as dangerous as those that nearly brought down the financial system."
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NPR / Morning Edition

Pricing Non-Human Cost Of BP Spill — 30 Jul 2010 — BP has spent more than $4 billion cleaning up the oil spill. But what about the non-human cost. How much should BP pay for dead and injured animals?
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Living On Earth

NOAA Signed Off on Gulf Drilling Plans — 23 Jul 2010 — In 2007, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, charged with protecting marine life, approved the federal offshore drilling plans for the Gulf of Mexico that would lead to BP's disastrous oil spill. Some say NOAA cut corners.
Go to page | Download/Listen 7:09

Oil in the Air — 23 Jul 2010 — The oil in the Gulf isn't just poisoning the water. It's also poisoning the air. The EPA has been monitoring air quality along the Gulf coast widely since the spill began, but a local advocacy group, the Louisiana Bucket Brigade, says its data has gaps.
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Coast To Coast

Oil-Eating Microbes and the Gulf
28 Jul 2010 — David Blume discusses the possibility of oil-eating microbes cleaning up the oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico.
Get full clip for this show at C2C
Download/listen to Blume clip on Gulf 7:33

Free Speech Radio News

Tribe Fights for Survival As BP Oil Spill Ravages Gulf Coast — 27 Jul 2010 — Like the rest of the Gulf Coast population, the United Houma Nation faces what could be an end to its sea-based way of life.
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Jim Williams
(musical artist)
"Black Blood"
Jim Williams does a nice acoustic song about oil in the water—and on the birds. Originally written during the oil spill in the Shetlands around 1990, it's still very relevant in this time of disaster in the Gulf.
Download/Listen 5:11

Democracy Now — 20 Jul 2010
Hugh Kaufman, a senior policy analyst at the EPA, says his agency and BP have covered up the dangers of the massive application of the oil dispersant Corexit. He says the primary reason for the heavy use of Corexit was to hide the true size of the spill and minimize the fines BP faced. He also traces the political connections of the owners of BP.

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Free Speech Radio News

BP Halts Work on Well Due to Storm — 22 Jul 2010 — BP halted most of its work on the damaged well in the Gulf of Mexico today due to an approaching tropical storm. Clip includes brief updates on other aspects, including new regulations and air quality near the leak.
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Democracy Now

Gulf News Headlines for Friday — 23 Jul 2010 — Cleanup and plugging operations suspended due to hurricane; criminal investigations launched involving BP and TransOcean employees; BP relying on prison labor to clean up spill.
Watch all headlines | Download/listen to Gulf-related segment 2:04

Simmons: Cap Cannot Succeed — 21 Jul 2010 — Matt Simmons says the new cap is a distraction---it cannot work because it's not addressing the real problems.
Watch or Read Transcript (at ZeroHedge) | Download/Listen 7:04
King World News
Simmons: BP Has Lied From the Beginning — 17 Jul 2010 — Simmons recounts how he knew BP was lying about the Gulf oil leak right after it happened and how they have continued to mislead the government and the public. He says BP needs to be removed as the lead on the solutions team and they need to lose the PR platform the have via the mainstream media.
Go to page | Download/Listen 20:56
Coast To Coast

19 Jul 2010 — Mitch Battros: Gulf Update — Battros explains why he thinks that BP cap will not work, and more broadly, why there is no approach that will totally seal the leak. He also discusses the rumors of FEMA preparing for evacuations in the Gulf Coast area.
Download/Listen 1:00:00

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Gulf Coast Clean Up Operations---A Second Disaster? — 21 Jul 2010 — Mike Parr of the American Bird Conservancy discusses a report that reveals the pitfalls of cleanup operations in the Gulf, especially when it comes to coastal bird habitat.
Go to page | Download/Listen 17:31

Living On Earth

The Need for Seaweed — 16 Jul 2010 — Sargassum seaweed is a critically important habitat for hundreds of marine species. The plant originates in the Gulf of Mexico and is carried by ocean currents to the Sargasso Sea off the East Coast. Scientists are concerned that oil in the Gulf is killing the sargassum and marine life with it.
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NPR / Morning Edition

New Cap Stops Gulf Oil Leak, BUT... — 16 Jul 2010 — Tests are being conducted on a new cap that has been placed over the broken oil well in the Gulf of Mexico. Engineers want to make sure it can contain the geyser of crude. So far, no oil is spewing from the well. But a BP official is warning that the flow of oil could resume. (And after all the lies of the last three months, do we really believe the leak(s) are completely stopped? --GP)
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NPR / All Things Considered

Louisiana Oil Industry Reacts To New Drilling Ban — 13 Jul 2010 — The Interior Department has announced a new, narrower moratorium on offshore drilling. A variety of perspectives are offered.
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C-Realm Podcast

Technogenic Catastrophe — 14 Jul 2010 — KMO and Dmitry Orlov discuss whether the Gulf oil spill may turn out to be the "American Chernobyl." ~~ Also in the show, Orlov explains why working for reform of the current political establishment is not a credible or worthwhile activity, and why collapse is the optimistic scenario.
Go to page | Download/Listen 59:47

Democracy Now
Cleanup Worker Health Effects + Media Clampdown — 07 Ju1 2010 — People working to clean up the BP oil spill are getting sick. Merle Savage, a general foreman the Exxon Valdez cleanup, says this is not surprising—it happened 20 years ago too, and the health damage was permanent. ~~ A discussion of the BP and government clampdown on reporters and photographers trying to cover the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and on shore.
Watch | Download/Listen 18:06
Dmitry Orlov book:
Reinventing Collapse: The Soviet Example and American Prospects

Coast To Coast

David Sereda: The Oil Spill and Toxic Rains — 12 Jul 2010 — Sereda evaluates the potential for problems with toxic air pollution and rainfall in the Gulf Coast region.
Download/Listen 59:51

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The Real News Network

Is Any Deepwater Drilling Safe? — 10 Jul 2010 — Given the magnitude of the problem in the Gulf of Mexico, are we really proficient enough at deepwater drilling to allow it?
Watch | Download/Listen 11:49

NPR / All Things Considered

Skimming The Surface For New Tar In Louisiana — 14 Jul 2010 — Tar balls showed up in Lake Pontchartrain recently—a shock to local officials who were initially told they wouldn't be as vulnerable to the leaking oil as coastal areas closer to the Gulf. But almost three months after the oil started leaking, St. Tammany Parish finds itself on the front lines of cleanup efforts.
Go to page | Download/Listen 4:29

Explorations / KPFA

Michio Kaku: The Science of the Leak — 06 Jul 2010 — Michio Kaku gives a Science review of the Gulf oil leak, discussing some of the physics involved. ~~ In the second part of the show, Peter Ward discusses the process of sea level rise, and the impact it will have on coastal cities, transportation systems, food production, and freshwater supplies.
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Referenced book: (on
The Flooded Earth: Our Future In a World Without Ice Caps

PBS NewsHour

Heavy Surf, High Winds Affect Cleanup as Weather Continues to Strike Gulf — 06 Jul 2010 — Many ships, including a new "super skimmer ship," were prevented from cleaning shorelines and oil slicks as rough conditions persisted this weekend in the Gulf of Mexico. Greg McCormack, director of the Petroleum Extension Service at the University of Texas, discusses the continuing efforts on the Gulf cleanup.
Watch | Download/Listen 7:24

NPR - All Things Considered

Bleak Holiday For Gulf Beach Towns — 05 Jul 2010 — What should have been a big weekend for businesses along the Gulf coast brought more bad news. The oil spill continues to cause profound economic damage to a number of industries, including those that depend on tourism.
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Fresh Air

How Endangered Species Are Faring In The Gulf — 30 Jun 2010 — Any species suffering from the Gulf oil disaster is a tragedy. If the species was already at low population numbers, which is the case with sea turtles, the effects are catastrophic.
Go to page | Download/Listen 17:02

Living On Earth

Methane and the Health of the Gulf — 25 Jun 2010 — Along with oil, huge amounts of methane gas are flowing into the Gulf of Mexico from the destroyed BP well. What are the impacts on the Gulf?
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Download/Listen 6:02

Freedom News Hour
BP's Unresolvable Conflict of Interest — 24 Jun 2010 — Petroleum geologist David Lincoln gives his analysis of the BP oil spill. He says BP has a fatal conflict of interest—between maximizing the cleanup effort vs. maximizing profits. He also thinks most of the worst-case scenarios are implausible. ~~ In the first part of the show, the hosts discuss how the New Orleans police appear to be taking orders from BP.
Go to page | Download/Listen 59:37
Coast To Coast

The Gulf Disaster and Broader Environmental Issues — 25 Jun 2010 — Larry Schweiger, head of the National Wildlife Federation, reports his on-the-scene findings from the Gulf region and talks about broader environmental trends, including a review of the evidence for climate change.
PART 1: Download/Listen 1:00:00
PART 2: Download/Listen 1:00:00
PART 3: Download/Listen 1:00:00

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PBS NewsHour

Uncertainty Over Health Effects of Oil Cleanup Worry Some Along Gulf — 23 Jun 2010 — Some coastal residents and cleanup workers are concerned that the oil, gas, and chemicals from the Gulf disaster are affecting their health.
Watch | Download/Listen 7:45

Offshore Oil Drilling Moratorium's Aims, Effectiveness Debated — 22 Jun 2010 — The Obama administration vowed to appeal a federal judge's ruling, blocking the president's efforts to impose a six-month ban on deepwater oil drilling. We get two points of view on the environmental and economic consequences of halting oil exploration in the Gulf.
Watch | Download/Listen 11:28


On-Scene Reports from the Gulf — 23 Jun 2010 — Two reports, from the Florida Keys and from New Orleans, where activists are confronting BP's wall of secrecy.
Go to page | Download/Listen 36:01

Rense Radio

Clif High: Oil Volcano—An Ill Wind This Way Blows — 24 Jun 2010 — Three months ago, prior to the start of the Gulf oil disaster, the Web Bots predicted coming trouble in the oceans—an upwelling from the ocean floor, "ocean death," and a great increase in public awareness of the importance of ocean health. Clif discusses this "hit," the likelihood of toxic air pollution increasing, and many other issues related to the oil volcano and how things will play out in the future.
Download/Listen 1:51:22
More Rense Radio

Gary Null Show

Ruppert on the Oil Leak — 24 Jun 2010 — Mike Ruppert provides an analysis of the details of the oil leak(s), the BP and government cover-ups, and the hopelessness of the current strategies. He also talks about how the Gulf disaster fits into to the larger meme of peak oil and collapse. The first part of the show features health news.
Go to page | Download/Listen 1:02:26

Coast To Coast

Worst-Case Scenarios — 19 Jun 2010 — Scientist Peter Ward discusses a few worst-case scenarios for how the Gulf oil spill might play out over the foreseeable future. Oh-my-gods include lightning bolts igniting a methane cloud over Miami; and, in a wicked twist, oil turds making it all the way to the beaches of Britannia, BP's homeland.
PART 1: Download/Listen 1:00:00
PART 2: Download/Listen 1:00:00

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Veritas Radio (via Project Camelot)
Journalist James Fox Discusses Media Lockdown in Gulf — 13 Jun 2010 — These clips are is a bit dated at this point, but they serve as a reminder of the high degree of spin control that is being exerted on this story.
REF PAGE: Go to page
#1 (08 Jun): Download/Listen 18:00
#2 (13 Jun): Download/Listen 14:47
Radio EcoShock

Danger Deep in the Gulf — 25 Jun 2010 — Some are warning that the Gulf will explode into a tsunami, killing millions. Tea Partiers fear the Gulf spill will lead to forced evacuations and FEMA camps. Alex Smith examines why Americans are reaching a state of panic over the BP disaster, bringing things back down to reality with a couple of scientists.
Download/Listen 1:00:00
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Fresh Air

The Science Behind Deep-Water Oil Drilling — 24 Jun 2010 — The BP disaster has raised questions about the oil industry's ability to manage the risks and challenges involved in drilling thousands of feet below the ocean floor. New York Times science reporter Henry Fountain explains how deep-water drilling is supposed to work—and what may have gone wrong in the Deepwater Horizon operation.
Go to page | Download/Listen 39:40

Living On Earth

Let the River Work — 18 Jun 2010 — Geologist Paul Kemp says increasing the volume of the Mississippi River flowing into the Gulf could help push back the oil from sensitive tidal areas.
Go to page | Download/Listen 5:13

The Ixtoc Precedent — 18 Jun 2010 — Even as the situation in the Gulf of Mexico worsens, some pundits have been saying that wildlife there will eventually recover just fine, citing the case of Ixtoc well that suffered a 3-million-barrel blowout 31 years ago. But a scientist who was studying the sea life at that time says not all the parallels may hold true.
Go to page | Download/Listen 6:42

Science Friday

Parallels Between Exxon Valdez and BP's Deepwater — 18 Jun 2010 — Alaskan journalist Charles Wohlforth, who covered the Exxon Valdez at the time and since, discusses the parallels that can be found between the Exxon Valdez oil spill in Alaska and the current environmental crisis in the Gulf of Mexico.
Go to page | Download/Listen 17:58

Referenced books: (on
The Fate of Nature: Rediscovering Our Ability to Rescue the Earth

Democracy Now

Hayward Grilled + Temporary Nationalization of BP — 18 Jun 2010 — (1) On Thursday, after hours of tough questioning before the House Energy and Commerce Committee, lawmakers accused BP CEO Tony Hayward of stonewalling. ~~ (2) Robert Reich, former Secretary of Labor under Bill Clinton, says BP should be put under temporary receivership, which would allow the US to take over its operations until the spill is stopped.
Watch | Download/Listen 27:07


Matt Simmons: 400-Meter Deep Oil Lake May Cover 40% of Gulf Floor — 15 Jun 2010 — Matt Simmons says the oil leak has created a 400-meter-deep "oil lake" that is spreading out on the floor of the Gulf of Mexico, covering up to 40% of it. He says the relief wells will not work. The situation is so disastrous, he thinks eventually the only realistic option will be to try to seal the leak(s) by melting the rock strata with nuclear devices.
Watch | Download/Listen 5:40

Russia Today / The Keiser Report

Mike Ruppert: Gulf Oil Disaster the Trigger Event for Collapse? — 15 Jun 2010 — Mike Ruppert talks about the Gulf Oil disaster in the context of peak oil and as a possible trigger event for overall collapse happening sooner rather than later. ~~ Max and Stacy also discuss the "Seize BP" campaign and how the big money players are flip-flopping on inflation-deflation.
Go to page | Download/Listen 26:43

Referenced DVD: (on


Gulf Disaster Really a Hazardous-Waste Situation — 18 Jun 2010 — After C-Spin's weekly unwinding of journalistic hoo-hah, Riki Ott and Tim Dickinson provide on-the-scene reporting on cleanup efforts in the Gulf and BP's bizarre behavior.
Go to page | Download/Listen 28:00


Deep Water Horizon and the Campaign to Sustain the Unsustainable — 17 Jun 2010 — JHK examines the tragic oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and the fog of incomplete information that surrounds it. Kunstler sees this incident as further proof that the peak oil story is real—to feed the oil beast, we're now taking on projects that present high levels of risk. But will the disaster force America to rethink its lifestyle and the campaign to sustain the unsustainable?
Go to page | Download/Listen 32:50

Radio EcoShock

Dark Conspiracies of the Gulf — 18 Jun 2010 — Along with oil and methane pouring out of the Gulf gusher, rumors, myths, and assertions of Conspiracy are permeating the issue. Alex Smith investigates. Is it possible this leak can never be contained? Plus Stanford Research's Jack Alpert explains "time blindness"—why many of us can't mentally process big problems like peak oil and climate change.
Download/Listen 1:00:00
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Living On Earth
Scientists Stymied by Lack of Samples — 11 Jun 2010 — More than a million gallons of chemical dispersants have been dumped into the Gulf of Mexico in an attempt to respond to the BP oil disaster. Yet scientists say they got stonewalled when they asked the manufacturer for samples so they could run tests to determine if its dispersants are helping or hurting the fragile environment.
Go to page | Download/Listen 6:04

John Rubino: Deepwater Politics — 17 Jun 2010 — John Rubino discusses the politics of the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico and how it will play into broader agendas.
Go to page | Download/Listen 14:09


"Stanley the Fixer" Pops Up at BP + Reports on Gulf Oil Impact — 18 Jun 2010 — After headlines... ~~ (1) Catherine Austin Fitts discusses judge Stanley Sporkin, who has held various positions in dark-agenda operations of The Powers That Be. Hey, look who's at BP now! ~~ (2) Reports on cleanup efforts in the Gulf and the cultural devastation that BP's oil gusher has unleashed on Gulf communities.
Go to page | Download/Listen 1:00:00

Coast To Coast

Lindsey Williams: Insider Info on Gulf Oil Crisis — 13 Jun 2010 — Williams provides information on the Gulf disaster he claims was given to him by sources deep inside the petroleum industry. The news is not good. ((Williams seems sincere, though it's fair to ask if he's being duped into serving as a mouthpiece for TPTB propaganda. That said, this is still fascinating stuff. --GP)
Download/Listen 1:00:00

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New Orleans Oyster Processor Runs Out Of Oysters — 11 Jun 2010 — The fallout from the BP oil spill continues to ripple through the Gulf economy. This week, P&J Oyster Co. in New Orleans—the oldest continuously operating oyster processor in America—announced it has no oysters to process.
Go to page | Download/Listen 4:15

As Oil Moves East, Anger Rises — 10 Jun 2010 — Oil has slinked into the inland waters of Perdido Bay, a body of water on the Alabama-Florida state line. There weren't enough skimmers or boom to corral the brown, gloppy goo. This has infuriated local officials who knew this was coming, and they blame BP and the federal government for not doing more to prevent it. As the oil from the spill has moved east, it's been a familiar story.
Go to page | Download/Listen 5:07

Sea Turtles Among Oil Spill Victims — 10 Jun 2010 — Sea turtles are among the wildlife victims of the Gulf oil spill. Now, a group of rescuers is trying to save the endangered reptiles.
Go to page | Download/Listen 4:05

Democracy Now

NASA Scientist: Leak Could Be 100,00 Barrels/Day — 09 Jun 2010 — Ira Leifer, part of a NASA investigative team, provides a scientist's perspective on BP's dishonest information campaign on the size of the oil leak, the problem with the "bomb it" solution, and approaches to better preventing future disasters.
Watch | Download/Listen 13:30

Years of Internal BP Probes Warned that Neglect Could Lead to Accidents — 09 Jun 2010 — The investigative news organization ProPublica is reporting a series of internal BP investigations over the past decade warned senior BP managers that the oil company repeatedly disregarded safety and environmental rules and risked a serious accident if it did not change its ways.
Watch | Download/Listen 8:04

MSNBC / Dylan Ratigan Show

Matt Simmons: Horrible Choices — 07 Jun 2010 — Energy expert Matt Simmons says we basically have two options to address the Gulf oil leak: Let the well run dry (taking up to 30 years and probably destroying the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean) or nuking the well (hoping to melt the rock and seal the holes). If we decide against those horrible choices, the best move would be to use supertankers to suck up as much oil as possible ahead of hurricane season, when the oil will be picked up and will paint the Gulf Coast black.
Watch | Download/Listen 6:28

GoldRadio FM

Gulf Area Real Estate—Kiss Of Death? — 04 Jun 2010 — Bob Campbell explains why the oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico is likely to hammer real estate values in the region.
Go to page | Download/Listen 9:10

Living On Earth

Eureka, They Found It—Unfortunately — 04 Jun 2010 — LSU researcher James Cowan talks about the globules of oil permeating the sub-surface Gulf and why the use of dispersants was a terrible mistake that will lead to huge dead zones.
Go to page | Download/Listen 4:38

Radio EcoShock

Paint It Black — Oil Activism — 04 Jun 2010 — Round up of anti-BP protests in US ~~ Offshore drilling halted in US and Canada ~~ Ideas and songs for your activism ~~ Funny speech by The Yes Men ~~ Andy Bichlbaum on media activism and punking the US Chamber of Commerce, Exxon/Mobile, the Canadian government, and Copenhagen
Download/Listen 1:00:00
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ABC News

BP and Feds Withheld Videos Showing Massive Scope of Oil Spill — 03 Jun 2010 — New videos show how BP, with little resistance from the Coast Guard or other federal agencies, kept the public in the dark about just how bad things were beneath the surface of the Gulf of Mexico.
Watch | Download/Listen 2:28

PBS NewsHour

BP's 'Cut and Cap' Attempt Moves Forward — 03 Jun 2010 — BP made new progress on the Gulf oil spill Thursday as undersea robots managed to cut the main pipe on a damaged wellhead, which may allow engineers to cap the gusher.
Watch | Download/Listen 4:28

Jane Lubchenco on Prognosis — 02 Jun 2010 — A report on the saw that got stuck during attempts to remove a damaged pipe; plus NOAA head Jane Lubchenco gives her take on what recent setbacks mean for stopping the flow.
Watch | Download/Listen 12:20

Louisiana's Oyster Industry Crippled by Oil Spill — 02 Jun 2010 — A report on how one Louisiana parish is coping with the oil spill and the growing threat to its oyster industry.
Watch | Download/Listen 5:34


Catherine Austin-Fitts on Broader Economic Impact — 03 Jun 2010 — Fitts says the likely level of economic impact of the Gulf oil leak across the southeast and eastern US states has yet to be fully appreciated.
Go to page for full show | Download/Listen to Fitts excerpt 10:48

Democracy Now

Shrimper Dean Blanchard on Local Impact and Politics — 02 Jun 2010 — Dean Blanchard, owner of one of the largest shrimp businesses in southern Louisiana, gives the local perspective on the oil leak and the history of both oil operations and seafood businesses in the Gulf region.
Watch Full Clip | Download/Listen to MP3 Excerpt 11:50

C-Realm Podcast

Mycoremediation—Mycelium Running ... on Oil-Soaked Beaches — 02 Jun 2010 — Frank Aragona discusses the potential for using specialized mushrooms to help remediate the coastal damage in the Gulf states. ~~ Also in this clip, a discussion of the potential for big agriculture—which is highly dependent on debt, fossil fuels, and chemical inputs—to collapse. If that happens, what will fill the food void?
Go to page | Download/Listen 58:41

Financial Sense NewsHour

Matt Simmons on Just How Serious the Gulf Leak Is — 29 May 2010 — Simmons gives an insider's perspective on the multiple oil leaks in the Gulf of Mexico, efforts to solve the issue (including bombing the area), as well as what it means now and how it could impact the future.
Download/Listen 17:29
More FSN audio here

PBS NewsHour

Status Overview — 27 May 2010 — Obama extends drilling moratorium, defends administration's spill response; Gulf oil disaster surpasses the Exxon Valdez spill
Watch | Download/Listen 13:01

Crews Scramble to Protect Louisiana Wildlife from Oil Leakage — 26 May 2010 — A report on the implications for the wildlife along Louisiana's fragile coast and the attempts to protect the ecosystem from heavier oil.
Watch | Download/Listen 5:03

Heavier Oil Flow Threatens Louisiana's Sensitive Barrier Islands — 25 May 2010 — A report from Louisiana, where the oil has begun to damage delicate barrier island ecosystems.
Watch | Download/Listen 10:19

Democracy Now

Oil Cleanup Crew Falls Ill + Carl Safina on the BP Oil Spill's Global Impact — 27 May 2010 — At least seven fishermen involved in oil cleanup were hospitalized after reporting nausea, dizziness, headaches and chest pains. As a precautionary measure, the Coast Guard ordered all 125 commercial ships helping with the cleanup to return to land. ~~ (2) Renowned marine biologist Carl Safina discusses the BP oil spill's ecological impact on the Gulf Coast and worldwide.
Watch 1 | Watch 2 | Download/Listen 38:59


Obfuscation and Devastation — 26 May 2010 — (1) An update on the maneuvering and obfuscations of BP and the various government agencies releasing information to the public about the oil spill. (2) Catherine Austin Fitts thinks the coming economic impact of the Gulf disaster will far exceed current projections. She also comments on the Wall Street banks, who are now fighting over the carcass of the bailout money.
Go to page | Download/Listen 31:02

NPR / All Things Considered

The Economics Of Deepwater Horizon — 27 May 2010 — Peter Coy of Bloomberg BusinessWeek magazine discusses the financial aspects of BP's now infamous Gulf oil project.
Go to page | Download/Listen 5:08

Sniffing Out Oil-Tainted Seafood — 26 May 2010 — How do the pros sniff out oil-contaminated seafood?
Go to page | Download/Listen 3:01

Senate Looks Into Oil Company Liability Cap — 25 May 2010 — A Senate panel looking into liability issues arising from the Gulf oil spill has turned its attention to a liability cap that some lawmakers worry might be used by BP to get out of paying the full cost of the cleanup and damages.
Go to page | Download/Listen 4:00

NPR / Talk of the Nation

The Miracle-Mineral-Supplement —Sex and Drugs and Rock & Roll ... and Oil Leases — 25 May 2010 — An Interior Department IG report describes the inappropriate behavior and lax approach of federal regulators overseeing offshore drilling during the 2000s.
Go to page | Download/Listen 30:19


BP's Oil Spill Estimates Improbable ... and Other Stories — 20-21 May 2010
(1) An independent scientist says there may be as much as 100,00 barrels per day flowing out of the broken oil well. (2) Politicians, locals, and experts are of mixed minds on a Louisiana plan to create a sandbar as a barrier to the approaching oil. (3) The oil disaster has shed a harsh light on the Minerals Management Service's foibles and cozy relationship with the oil industry. (4) A Mississippi tour boat captain has put his oil-soaked frustrations to song.
CLIP 1: Go to page | Download/Listen 3:59
CLIP 2: Go to page | Download/Listen 4:38
CLIP 3: Go to page | Download/Listen 4:18
CLIP 4: Go to page | Download/Listen 2:41

PBS NewsHour

Updates on the Gulf Oil Spill — 18-19 May 2010 — (1) U.S. in talks with Cuba over containing oil leak ~~ (2) Fisheries hit by spreading oil and contamination-related closures in Gulf ~~ (3) Tar balls raise concerns for Florida coastline, Atlantic Ocean
CLIP 1: Watch | Download/Listen 6:09
CLIP 2: Watch | Download/Listen 4:05
CLIP 3: Watch | Download/Listen 4:31

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Andrew Gause: Halliburton's Amazing Coincidence — 15 May 2010 — Gause explains how the $1 trillion EU bailout is being partially funded by the US via the federal reserve. He also comments on the interesting coincidence that one week before the oil catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico, ultra-connected Halliburton bought one of the world's most prominent oil-disaster response firms. Hmmm....
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Living On Earth

Deepwater Horizon - Deep Doodoo — 14 May 2010 — In clip one, huge amounts of chemical dispersants are being used to break up the Gulf oil leak/spill/slick, despite limited knowledge about their ecological effects. In the second clip, scientists explain the value of the ecosystem services that are now at risk because of the underwater oil gusher in the Gulf of Mexico.
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Oil Spill in Loop Current + Criminal Investigation — 21 May 2010 — (1) As the BP oil spill enters the Loop Current, researchers along the coast are bracing for the impact upon wildlife and ecosystems. (2) U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer is calling for a criminal investigation into BP's handling of the Gulf oil disaster.
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EarthBeat Radio

As Gulf Oil Disaster Continues, More Drilling Moves Forward — 18 May 2010 — Jackie Savitz of Oceana discusses Senate plans to support even more offshore drilling ~~ Elinor Ostrom talks about the economics of protecting the environment by focusing on "the commons"
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Mike Ruppert: LATOC Q & A — 10 May 2010 — Will it be China's faltering economy that finally ignites a global financial blow-up? Or maybe it will be the fallout from the Gulf oil leak or the still-gurgling pool of toxic derivatives. Ruppert also discusses... the advisability of home gardens and seed saving; the return of the robber barons; the unlikelihood of martial law in the US, in spite of the likelihood of increasing civil violence and gang activity; why the never-ending-growth paradigm must die.
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Gulf Oil Spill: In Depth — 12-13 May 2010 — Four stories... (1) The difficulties of measuring the oil spill ~~ (2) How defects may have contributed to oil spill ~~ (3) Despair is grouwing among those living in the Gulf region ~~ (4) But one reporter says the impacts may not be catastrophic
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Containment Operation Continues + Government Exempted BP from Environmental Review — 07 May 2010 — Clip 1 has headlines on the oil-spill containment efforts and impact on the Gulf. Clip 2 discusses the newly-released documents that show government regulators exempted BP from a comprehensive environmental review of the now-leaking project.
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BP Better on Lobbying Than Safety — 05 May 2010 — Tyson Slocum of Public Citizen discusses BP's safety record—the worst of any oil company operating in America. Antonia Juhasz, author of The Tyranny of Oil, joins in to talk about how BP uses millions of dollars in lobbying money to influence regulations and re-brand its image.
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History of BP Includes Role in 1953 Iran Coup After Nationalization of Oil — 06 May 2010 — Oil company interests have long been aligned with those of The Powers That Be and their empires. Sixty years ago, BP had a role in the 1953 CIA coup against Iran's popular progressive Prime Minister Mohamed Mossadegh. Access to Iran's oil was part of the beef.
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Referenced books: (on
-- All the Shah's Men
-- The Tyranny of Oil

Radio EcoShock

From the Deepwater Horizon — A Gulf Oil Spill Special — 07 May 2010 — Riki Ott, a marine biologist, fisherwoman, and spill expert, reports from New Orleans. ~~ Peak Oil guru Richard Heinberg talks about big-picture implications. ~~ Former Shell Oil executive Anita Burke gives the inside track.
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PBS NewsHour

In Gulf of Mexico, Oil Containment Device Poised to Help Slow Leak — 06 May 2010 — A series of officials, mostly from the US government and industry, give the official view of the situation and the effort to cap the leak.
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Prison Radio / Mumia Abu-Jamal

Oil on the Waters — 04 May 2010
...OR... Be outraged, forget, repeat.
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Louisiana's Gulf Coast Braces For Oil's Arrival — 30 Apr 2010 — Oil spilling into the Gulf of Mexico is very close to the coastline of Louisiana. The US Coast Guard and other emergency responders are gathering in five areas along the Gulf Coast to try to protect land and wildlife.
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Why It's So Tough To Stop The Gulf Oil Leak — 29 Apr 2010 — More than a week after an explosion destroyed an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico, killing eleven workers, 200,000 gallons of oil continue to flow into the Gulf each day. The spill will soon hit the coastline. David Biello, associate editor of energy and environment at Scientific American, explains the origins of the of the oil leak, puts the size of the spill in historical context, and talks about the tools available to clean it up.
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The Oil Spill and Coastal Wildlife — 30 Apr 2010 — Melanie Driscoll of the Louisiana Coastal Initiative, an environmental group, talks about the potential impact the Gulf oil spill could have on birds in the region.
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Puru Saxena: $300/Barrel Oil — 25 Apr 2010 — Puru Saxena gives a great 5-minute overview of peak oil as he explains why he thinks the price of oil will hit $300/barrel in a few years. He says there is no question that 10 years from now we are going to be using a lot less oil than we do today.
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