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Image Embedded SANJEAN: Super Post on Parasite Tests & Strongyloides!
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Published: 11 years ago

SANJEAN: Super Post on Parasite Tests & Strongyloides!

Hey Cat*Sass ~~
Your Post:  Conventional Diagnosis of Parasites (
Great research!!!  What a fabulous article on the wide variety of parasite testing methods used in other countries!
It clearly illustrates the caveman mentality that most doctors in North America still suffer from in the ultra-scientific 21st century!
Why aren't ALL doctors everywhere taught these basic parasite testing techniques in medical school?!?
At the bottom of the article, the info on Strongyloides is very interesting:
"Even though S. stercoralis is an intestinal helminth, strongyloidiasis is a systemic infection that can affect, beside the gastrointestinal tract, lungs, CNS, liver and biliary tract, pancreas, genitourinary tract, and skin. The great majority of cases are asymptomatic, having a chronic and benign course. Among the symptomatic subjects, the gastrointestinal and pulmonary symptoms prevail.  For unknown reasons, strongyloides infection may result in severe, disseminated disease."
As I state in the Ivermectin protocol, Strongyloidiasis is a lifelong disease.  A person can be asymptomatic for decades until a hyperinfection stage is reached.  Also, Ivermectin treatment doesn't guarantee a 100% cure. 
That's why I continue to take a weekly dose to prevent reinfection from straggler cysts leftover from my infection w/these beasts.  I don't want to be so deathly ill w/this parasite ever again! 
If you ever wondered why I suggest taking Ivermectin before bedtime in the protocol, this article points out the reason:
"The most straightforward way to diagnose parasites with exposure to the blood is with microscopic examination. A sample of blood is taken at regular intervals, preferably every 4-6 hours for 72 hours around the clock, since some parasites only "come out to play" in the middle of the night. As with any microevaluation of body samples, as with feces, this also relies on someone happening to pick out the needle in the haystack by finding filaria, eggs, or other manifestations of parasites with blood exposure."
Strongyloides are nocturnal beasts that date, mate, & dine in wild orgies that start after the body falls asleep.  Their frenzied activity peaks around 2am (or 4 hrs after bedtime).  So taking Ivermectin before bedtime is the best time to serve them an M&M (Meds Molotov) cocktail. (lol)
The only thing the article doesn't point out is that all parasites are strongly influenced by lunar cycles.  The ideal time to test for them or start parasite meds is at night during the 3-days around the full moon when their activity in the body is in full swing.  
I don't mention the full-moon cycle in my treatment protocols because it's difficult for most people to schedule starting their meds to jive w/lunar cycles. 
Also since most treatments last several days or weeks, I fear that some people would be confused & take their meds only during the full moon!  (After posting this, watch how many people post questions about whether they should just take meds during the full moon & not at other times?#!) 
There are so many other details & tips I've trimmed out of my protocols in order to keep them as simple & basic as possible for the average person.  As it is, the protocols are very long & detailed already!! 
And I've had to keep updating them because so many questions about meds & dosing are raised by forum members ~~ like your sheep drench & horse paste stuff, for example! (hee hee)
So the next time you start a new treatment cycle w/any med, try to schedule the 3 days around the full moon.  Also, always take Ivermectin before bedtime.  It's worth the extra planning effort to really blast the s*ckers when they're partying hardy in your body. (lol)
Cheers ~~ ICU    cat smiley #6118
PS:  My editorial staff, Tom Kat & Pussy Cat, say "Meowy Wowy!  Keep up the good work, gal!"  (hee hee)
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